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(1)REALLY AND SINCERELY DEAD. [Item by Bill.]Harry Houdinidied 92 years ago today:

The Official Houdini Seancewill be held this year in Baltimore at the Jewish Museum of Maryland.The event will feature talks by Houdini experts and performances by magicians.The museum is currently home to the exhibitionInescapable: The Life and Legacy of Harry Houdini.Note: This event is SOLD OUT.

Although his fame was based on his magic and escapes,he was genre-adjacent:

  • His movie serialMaster Mystery(1919) featured Q the Mechanical Man,one of the first robots on film.

  • In his filmThe Man from Beyond(1922),he plays a man frozen in ice in 1820 and revived in 1922.

  • He had a couple of pieces of fiction published inWeird Tales(ghost-written by H.P.Lovecraft).

(2)WEAR YOUR HALLOWEEN COSTUME TO WORK.This won the Internet today:

(3)CANDY CONVERTER.Here's what you all are going to be looking for later tonight – fromAdweek,"Reese's Halloween Vending Machine Lets You Exchange Trash Candy for the Good Stuff".

According to theFood Network,the machines had their maiden voyage on October 27 in Tarrytown,New York,birthplace of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow,at the town's big annual Halloween parade.And on Halloween,October 31,Reese's will set up a Candy Exchange Vending Machine in New York City,so New Yorkers can ditch whatever candy they're not that into for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

(4)SERIOUS SCIENTIFIC CANDY TALK.FromLAist,"LAist's Ultra Scientific Halloween Candy Ranker Proves Reese's Is The 亚博体育下载appBest Candy Bar Ever".

(5)BLACK PANTHER ON HALLOWEEN.Michael Cavna and David Betancourt in the WashingtonPostask if it's all right for white kids to dress as characters fromBlack Pantherfor Halloween,with many white parents bothered by this but African-Americans such as director Reg Hudlin andBlack Panthercostume director Ruth E.Carter told him,"Yes,any kid can wear a Black Panther costume,say creators who helped shape the character".

SINCE FEBRUARY,when Disney/Marvel's smash "Black Panther" first captured not onlyaudience attentionbut also thecultural zeitgeist,reporters have been asking the question: Which kids are permitted to don the superhero costume from the fictional African nation of Wakanda?

Or as Joshua David Stein wondered in a column at the time forFatherly: "Should I allow my white son to dress as a black superhero?"

Jen Juneau wrote onPeople.comthis month: "Parents of white children may want to think twice before purchasing a Black Panther Halloween costume this year." And Steph Montgomery,writing this month for the online publicationRomper,said: "I don't think it's appropriate for my white children to dress up as main characters T'Challa and Shuri,or the members of Dora Milaje — the badass women special forces of Wakanda.

…But in interviews with The Washington Post,several creators who have helped shape the Black Panther character,along with other prominent authors who have written characters of color,are adamant: Any kid can dress as Black Panther.

"The idea that only black kids would wear Black Panther costumes is insane to me," saidReg Hudlin,the Oscar-nominated filmmaker who has worked on Wakanda-set projects for both the page and screen,including the animated TV miniseries "Black Panther." "Why would anyone say that?"

…Ruth E.Carter,the Oscar-nominated costume designer ("Malcolm X," "Amistad"),created the beautifully intricate attire for Ryan Coogler's "Black Panther," drawing inspiration from not only the comics but also from real-world designs in Africa.

She says the point in creating such Afrofuturistic art is to build not barriers but,rather,cultural bridges — and so fans should embrace that the world of Black Panther is "taking its royal place in the vast Comic-Con and cosplayer universe."

So why are people posing this question over T'Challa now,Carter says rhetorically.

"The only reason we're asking that question now is because the Black Panther is a black man.And I think that's what's wrong with people — that's what's wrong with parents," Carter said."Because I see kids far and wide embracing the concept of a superhero.I believe they see him as someone who is majestic and powerful and doing good,and has a kingdom and a legacy and is pretty cool.I don't think they see a black guy — I think they see the image of a superhero," she added,and "it happens to be the Black Panther just as it happens to be Superman."

(6)FUTURE TENSE.Each month in 2018,Future Tense Fiction—a series of short stories from Future Tense and ASU'sCenter for Science and the Imaginationabout how technology and science will change our lives— is publishing a story on a theme.

This month's entry in the Future Tense Fiction series is: "Burned-Over Territory" by Lee Konstantinou.

I'm halfway through a plate of soggy risotto,giving my opinion about the Project Approval Framework,when my phone buzzes.I thought I'd muted notifications.I'm tempted to check the alert,but 30 faces are watching me,all Members,some from Zardoz House,the rest from other Houses around Rochester.We're at a table made from reclaimed wood,which is covered with food and drink.It's freezing.Everyone's wearing sweaters,hats,coats,scarves,mittens;I'm in a blue blazer over a T-shirt,jeans,and leather boots.My hair is buzzed into a crew cut,and even though it makes me feel like an ass clown,I'm wearing makeup….

It was published along with a response essay,"What Problem Is Universal Basic Income Really Trying to Solve?",by UBI advocate Sebastian Johnson.

…Manypolicy advocates and technologistshave promoted universal basic income,or UBI,as one way to cope with the specter of joblessness wrought by advances in artificial intelligence.UBI would provide each individual with a no-strings-attached payment each month to cover basic needs and prevent individuals from falling below the poverty line.The benefits of UBI,according to proponents,would include the elimination of poverty,the fairer distribution of technologically generated wealth,and human flourishing.Critics are less sanguine,variously seeing in UBI a Trojan horse fordismantling the welfare state,an ill-considered policy that will sap humans of the self-actualization and pride derived from work,and awholly inadequate responseto the structural problems with late capitalism….

(7)WATCH THE WATCH.Deadlinereports"Terry Pratchett's ‘Discworld' Adaptation ‘The Watch' Lands At BBC America".

The U.S.cable network describes the show as a "punk rock thriller" inspired by the City Watch subset ofDiscworldnovels.The character-driven series centers on Terry Pratchett's misfit cops as they fight to save a ramshackle city of normalized wrongness,from both the past and future in a perilous quest.

The Watchfeatures manyDiscworldcreations including City Watch Captain Sam Vimes,the last scion of nobility Lady Sybil Ramkin,the naïve but heroic Carrot Ironfoundersson,the mysterious Angua and the ingenious forensics expert Cheri together with Terry Pratchett's iconic characterization of Death…

(8)KEPLER OBIT.Phys.orgbids farewell to an exoplanet pioneer:"Kepler telescope dead after finding thousands of worlds".

NASA's elite planet-hunting spacecraft has been declared dead,just a few months shy of its 10th anniversary.

Officials announced the Kepler Space Telescope's demise Tuesday.

Already well past its expected lifetime,the 9 1/2-year-old Kepler had been running low on fuel for months.Its ability to point at distant stars and identify possible alien worlds worsened dramatically at the beginning of October,but flight controllers still managed to retrieve its latest observations.The telescope has now gone silent,its fuel tank empty.

"Kepler opened the gate for mankind's exploration of the cosmos," said retired NASA scientist William Borucki,who led the original Kepler science team.

Kepler discovered 2,681 planets outside our solar system and even more potential candidates.


They were out there on Halloween 1936 to try what few people at the time had tried: lighting a liquid rocket engine.It took them four attempts to get a rocket to fire for a glorious three seconds — though an oxygen hose also broke loose and sent them scampering for safety as it thrashed around.

  • October 31,1962The First Spaceship On Venuspremiered at your local drive-in.


[Compiled by Cat Eldridge and JJ.]

  • Born October 31,1923 –Art Saha,Writer,Editor,Conrunner,and Member of First Fandom who is credited with coining the term "Trekkies".After becoming an editor at DAW books,he edited 8 volumes ofThe Year's 亚博体育下载appBest Fantasy,and,with Donald Wollheim,19 volumes ofThe Annual World's 亚博体育下载appBest SF.He also edited the souvenir program book for the 1977 Worldcon and was a co-editor of the fanzineParnassus.He was president of First Fandom and the NY Science Fiction Society (the Lunarians),chaired a number of Lunacons,and was named to the First Fandom Hall of Fame in 1992.
  • Born October 31,1930 –Michael Collins,88,Astronaut and Test Pilot who was the Command Module pilot for Apollo 11 while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin descended to become the first astronauts on the moon.He later served as U.S.Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs,then went on to be director of the National Air and Space Museum,before becoming undersecretary of the Smithsonian Institution.
  • Born October 31,1937 –Jael,81,Artist,Illustrator,and Fan whose work has appeared in books,magazines,and calendars.She became interested in producing speculative art after attending a symposium on contact with aliens and meeting writers C J Cherryh,Larry Niven,and Jerry Pournelle.在50年的职业生涯中,she has created more than 38,000 paintings and images,many of which are housed in public and private collections.She has received eight Chesley Award nominations,and has been Guest of Honor at numerous conventions.
  • October 31,1941 –Dan Alderson,Rocket Scientist and Fan who worked for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory,where he wrote the navigation software for Voyagers 1 and 2,as well as trajectory monitoring software for low-thrust craft which was used for decades.He was a member of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society,an Official Editor of the comic book APACAPA-alpha,and an early member of gaming fandom.He died of complications of diabetes at the far-too-young age of 47,but has been immortalized as "Dan Forrester" in Niven and Pournelle'sLucifer's Hammer.
  • Born October 31,1950 –John Franklin Candy,Actor and Comedian from Canada 亚博体育下载appbest known in genre circles for playing Barf in Mel Brooks'Spaceballs,as well as appearing in Frank Oz'sLittle Shop of Horrors,Splash,Heavy Metal,Boris and Natasha,and the hilarious alt-historyCanadian Bacon(one of JJ's favorites).He was the narrator of "Blumpoe the Grumpoe Meets Arnold the Cat/Millions of Cats" for Shelley Duvall'sBedtime Stories.His talents were lost to the world far too early when he passed away in his sleep at the age of 43.
  • Born October 31,1959 –Neal Stephenson,59,Writer and Game Designer who is well known for doorstopper-length,award-nominated science fiction novels,includingThe Diamond Age,Cryptonomicon,Anathem,theBaroque Cycletrilogy,Snow Crash,and the hotly-debatedSeveneves.His works have been translated into numerous languages and have won Hugo,Clarke,Prometheus,Premio Ignotus,Kurd Laßwitz,and Prix Imaginaire Awards.This year he was recognized with the Robert A.Heinlein Award,which recognizes authors who produce exceptional works promoting space exploration.
  • Born October 31,1961 –Peter Jackson,57,Writer,Director,and Producer from New Zealand whose most famous genre works are the spectacularLord of the RingsandHobbitmovies,as well asThe Frighteners,King Kong,The Lovely Bones,and the upcomingMortal Engines.His use of the NZ-based Weta Workshop for his films has helped turn that firm into a computer graphics and special-effects powerhouse now known for their work on many Hollywood blockbusters.
  • Born October 31,1982 –Justin Chatwin,36,Actor from Canada who was the principal guest star in the rather delightful 2016Doctor WhoChristmas special "The Return of Doctor Mysterio".He's also been inWar of The Worlds,Dragonball Evolution,andThe Invisible;had recurring roles in theOrphan BlackandAmerican Gothicseries;and appeared in episodes ofThe Listener,Lost,Smallville,Mysterious Ways,andNight Visions.
  • Born October 31,1979 –Erica Cerra,39,Actor from Canada who is 亚博体育下载appbest known for her portrayal of Deputy Jo Lupo on theEurekaseries,but has extensive genre credentials which include recurring roles onBattlestar GalacticaandThe 100,and guest parts in episodes ofSupernatural,The 4400,Smallville,The Dead Zone,Warehouse 13,iZombie,Reaper,Dead Like Me,Special Unit 2,andSanctuary.You get to guess how many were filmed in Vancouver,BC…
  • Born October 31,1994 –Letitia Michelle Wright,24日,Guyanese-born British Actor who,in just 8 short years,has built a substantial genre resume including a recurring role in the TV seriesHumansand guest parts in theDoctor Whoepisode "Face the Raven" and theBlack Mirrorepisode "Black Museum",for which she received an Emmy Award nomination.Her genre film credits include a Saturn-nominated role as Shuri inBlack Panther(a character which will be the subject of a new comic book series by Hugo winner Nnedi Okorafor),Ready Player One,Avengers: Infinity War,and the upgomingAvengerssequel.

(11)WIMPY BOOK TOUR.Christina Barron in the WashingtonPostsays thatDiary of a Wimpy Kidauthor Jeff Kinney,rather than a traditional book tour,is having "Wimpy Kid Live: The Meltdown Show," with "costumes,cartooning,and the chance to stump the author onWimpy Kidtrivia:"Jeff Kinney puts on a show to launch new ‘Wimpy Kid' book".

Considering "The Meltdown" is Number 13 in the series,you might expect Kinney's next book to be "Diary of a Weary Writer." But instead of slowing down,the author is changing up what he does when he meets his many fans.He's doing a few typical talks and book signings,but Kinney is also putting on a show.

"We thought it would be really fun to change the idea of what a book signing is," Kinney said in a recent phone conversation.

(12)AGITPROP. The Hollywood Reportertakes note when a"'Rehire James Gunn' Billboard Appears Near Disneyland":

On Monday,a digital billboard popped up in Garden Grove,California,at an intersection just over four miles away from Disneyland in Anaheim.The billboard,which reads "Save the Galaxy: James Gunn forVol.3," was paid for via aGoFundMecampaign that has raised nearly $5,000 since launching last month.The campaign sprang from the minds of a group of fans who organized online soon after Disneyfired Gunnas director ofGuardians 3on July 20,after conservative personalities resurfaced old tweets in which the filmmaker joked about rape and pedophilia.

(13)SUMMER SCARES.The Horror Writers Association announced its"Summer Scares Reading Program".

The Horror Writers Association (HWA),in partnership with United for Libraries,Book Riot,and Library Journal/School Library Journal,has launched a reading program that provides libraries and schools with an annual list of recommended horror titles for adult,young adult (teen),and middle grade readers.The goal is to introduce new authors and help librarians start conversations with readers that will extend beyond the books from each list and promote reading for years to come.

Each year,a special guest author and a committee of four librarians will select 3 recommended fiction titles in each of 3 reading levels (Middle Grade,Teen,and Adult),for a total of 9 Summer Scares selections.The goal of the program is to encourage a national conversation about the entire horror genre,across all age levels,at libraries all over the country and ultimately get more adults,teens,and children interested in reading.Official Summer Scares designated authors will also be available to appear,either virtually or in person,at public and school libraries all over the country,for free.

The committee's final selections will be announced on February 14— National Library Lover's Day.Some or all of the authors of those titles will appear on kickoff panels during Librarian's Day at StokerCon each year.

(14)CIXIN LIU ADAPTATION.AtThe Verge,Weekend Editor Andrew Liptak seems to be taken with the teaser trailer for the Chinese filmThe Wandering Earth,an adaptation of a Cixin Liu story.("The Wandering Earth could be China's breakout sci-fi blockbuster film") The movie appears to be the first in a proposed six-film franchise.

China isn't typically known for its science fiction blockbusters,but a new trailer for an upcoming film calledThe WanderingEarth has all the hallmarks of a big,Hollywood-style genre movie: it features a dramatic story of the Earth in peril,complete with eye-popping scenes of spaceships escaping Earth.

The Wandering Earthis based on a story by Cixin Liu,the author 亚博体育下载appbest known forThe Three-Body Problem, and,more recently,Ball Lightning.In the original story,scientists discovered that the sun is on the verge of turning into a red giant,and when it does,it'll expand beyond the orbit of Mars,incinerating all of the solar system's potentially habitable planets.They concoct a desperate plan to move Earth out of the solar system to a new star,Proxima Centauri.

(15)NOT GOING AT NIGHT.Popular Scienceraised a cheer because"NASA's Parker Solar Probe just smashed two all-time records on its way to the sun".The Parker Solar Probe has broken records as the fastest moving manmade object (relative to the Sun) and the closest manmade object to the Sun.Over a series of orbits,the perihelion will get progressively closer to the Sun,until the PSP dips into the solar corona.

The coronaparadoxically burns millions of degrees hotter than the surface of the star itself,despite extending millions of miles into space.NASA expects that Parker will directly sample this unexplored zone on its 22nd orbit,which will take place in about six years.

Until then it will continue to 亚博体育下载appbest its own speed and closest approach records,which McDowell says is a fitting update to the largely overlooked legacy of Helios 1 and 2."The great 1970s space probes,the really ambitious ones,there were three pairs: Viking, Voyager,and Helios.You've heard of Viking and Voyager,but you've never heard of Helios," [astrophysicist Jonathon] McDowell says.Its measurements of the solar wind and magnetic field didn't capture the public's imagination in the same way as its camera-bearing cousins did,he suggests,but its speed record stood for nearly 42 years nonetheless.

(16)THE OLD EQUATIONS. Geek Tyrantcan't wait:"Anna Kendrick Heads To Mars in a New Sci-Fi Film Called STOWAWAY".

Anna Kendrick is set to star in a new sci-fi thriller from XYZ Films calledStowaway.We've never really seen Kendrick in a sci-fi film before,so it's cool to see her try something new.

Stowawayfollows "the crew of a spaceship headed to Mars that discovers an accidental stowaway shortly after takeoff.Too far from Earth to turn back and with resources quickly dwindling,the ship's medical researcher (Kendrick) emerges as the only dissenting voice against the group consensus that has already decided in favor of a grim outcome."

(17)WOMEN OF THE GALAXY.A new book shows off badass female characters from theStar Warsuniverse (Polygon: "New art showcases the badassest women in theStar Warsuniverse").The hardcover is a 30 October release from Chronicle Books and features a foreword by producerKathleen Kennedy.It lists for $29.95.

Women of the Galaxy,a new art book examining female characters from every corner of theStar Warsuniverse,is exactly the kind of thing I would have read cover to cover twice in one sitting if you'd given it to me when I was nine.

From Jedi Master Aayla Secura to bounty hunter Zam Wesell,each alphabetical entry features art from a group of 18 women illustrators,as well as an explanation of the character's history from Nerdist andStarWars.comwriter Amy Ratcliffe.And with more than 70 characters in the book,there's bound to be someone in here you've never heard of,but wish you had.

(18)DINO SUIT.Here's our chance to test who are the most ferocious predators,Jurassic Parkdinos or Hollywood lawyers:"‘Jurassic World' Campaign to "Save the Dinos" Sparks $10M Lawsuit"

TheJurassic World: Fallen Kingdomcampaign to "Save the Dinos" has sparked a $10 million trademark infringement and breach of contract lawsuit against producers.

Frederick Zaccheo of The Dinosaur Project claims filmmakers breached their contract with him by using the slogan on merchandise.

According to the complaint filed Tuesday in New York federal court,lawyers for Universal and Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment contacted Zaccheo requesting his consent to use his trademarked phrase.They paid him $50,000 for the right to use it in advertising for the film and promised not to use it in connection with clothing or to promote any charity,specifically animal rights,endangered species and environmental causes.They also agreed that the slogan must always be used withJurassic Parkfranchise branding.

"In the months leading up to the release ofJurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Defendants launched a multi-faceted advertising and marketing campaign centered around the theme of saving the fictional dinosaurs on the fictional island from the fictional volcano," writes attorney Hillel Parness in the complaint."To that end,Defendants created the ‘Dinosaur Protection Group,' a fictional organization run by the character of Claire Dearing from the firstJurassic Worldfilm and portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard."

The campaign included a Dinosaur Protection Group website and social media sites and featured an Adopt-A-Dinosaur contest which offered Save the Dinos merchandise as prizes.(See the complaint below for screenshots.)

(19)ORLY?Camestros Felapton was surprised to hear the founder of Infogalactic touting it as a success:"Voxopedia Again".

…What had caught my interest was that much of the content was actually about Voxopedia,the vanity Wikipedia project that's just like Wikipedia but out of date and with nonsense attached.I was curious because manifestly as a project it has failed and clearly at some point it will be abandoned.I had assumed that it had already slipped into a zone of lack-of-interest as newer,shinier projects competed for attention*.But it seems not.rather Vox was holding up Voxopedia as a shining example of how he has all the experience he needs to run a social network.

Now note,currently Voxopedia has about 6-10 active editors or whom only two really are doing any work,two of whom are just feuding conspiracy theories maintaining their own separate (and incompatible) conspiracy pages,one of whom is engaged  in a personal campaign to document all things about Englebert Humperdinck (and nothing else) and one of whom is doing nothing but write hate pieces about transgender people….

(20)VIDEO OF THE DAY.In "Halloween: John Locke vs.The Zombies" on YouTube,American Enterprise Institute fellow Jonah Goldberg explains why political philosopher John Locke would support killing zombies during a zombie apocalypse.

[Thanks to Bill,John King Tarpinian,Joey Eschrich,Mike Kennedy,Chip Hitchcock,JJ,Cat Eldridge,Martin Morse Wooster,Carl Slaughter,and Andrew Porter for some of these stories.Title credit goes to File 770 contributing editor of the day Lise Andreasen.]

Pixel Scroll 10/18/18 Last Week I Went To Pixeldelphia But It Was Scrolled

(1)EATING THE FANTASTIC.Scott Edelman,inEpisode 79 ofEating the Fantastic,invites podcast listeners to join him for lunch withRebecca RoanhorseatZona RosaMexican restaurant.

Rebecca Roanhorse

Roanhorse's short story "Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience (TM)," which appeared inApexmagazine,won the Nebula Award earlier this year,and was also nominated for this year's Hugo Award,an amazing feat for a writer's first published short story.Plus she was also nominated for the John W.Campbell Award for 亚博体育下载appBest New Writer.And the following night after she and I dined,she was thewinnerin both of those categories.(By the way,she was the first writer since 1980 to win the Hugo Award,the Nebula Award,and the Campbell Award for 亚博体育下载appBest New Writer the same year.It's only been done once before,by Barry B.Longyear with his novella "Enemy Mine.")

Roanhorse's debut novel,Trail of Lightning,was published this summer by Saga Press,about which theNew York Timeshad this to say: "Someone please cancelSupernaturalalready and give us at least five seasons of this badass indigenous monster-hunter and her silver-tongued sidekick." It's the first book isThe Sixth Worldseries,and will be followed next year byStorm of Locusts.

We discussed the spark without which her award-winning short story would never have been written,the differing reactions her tale garnered from inside and outside of the Native American community,the compelling reason she chose to write it in the second person,what she learned as a lawyer that helped in writing her first novel,how she upped her game when she decided to be a writer for real,why she fell out of the reading habit and how a Laurel K.Hamilton novel drew her back in,what it was like to hear Levar Burton read her award-winning story,and much more.

(2)亚瑟纯粹主义者。James Davis Nicoll tellsTor.comreaders these are"The 亚博体育下载appBest Arthurian Novels for Fans of Actual History"

I suspect a lot of people's minds ran in the same direction mine did at the news thata girl named Saga had pulled a fifteen hundred-year-old sword from a lake.Not all swords are Excalibur,of course,and the lake in question was in Sweden,but Britain could do worse than seeing if Saga has any interest in becoming Prime Minister.

All of which reminded me of Arthuriana,and my first and favorite Arthur novel,Rosemary Sutcliff'sThe Lantern Bearers(1959)….

(3)NEUKOM TAKING ENTRIES.Tor.comreports"Neukom Institute Literary Arts Award Opens Submissions for Second Year Honoring Speculative Fiction".

The three award categories are —

1 •The Neukom Institute Literary Arts Award for Speculative Fiction

2 •The Neukom Institute Literary Arts Award for Debut Speculative Fiction(for a first book)

3 •The Neukom Institute Literary Arts Award for Playwriting

…The submission window recently opened for the second year of the Neukom Institute award.问他们是如何接近第二季,Rockmore responded,"We are not just award judges,we are readers.We can't wait to read the next crop of speculative fiction that is being submitted for the second Neukom season.We are hoping that we can build on the success of the inaugural year of the Neukom Institute Literary Arts Awards to gather an even stronger and broader collection of submissions for this year.We continue to welcome speculative fiction in all of its many forms and look forward to continuing to bring greater attention to this important genre."

Eligible books include any works published no earlier than June 1,2016 or under contract to be published no later than December 31,2018;the submission deadline for all three awards is December 31.More detailed submission guidelines here.The awards will be announced in spring 2019.

(4)MORE ABOUT EREWHON.The press release from Liz Gorinsky's newErewhon Booksfills in more details:

Erewhon's founder,President,and Publisher Liz Gorinsky came to Erewhon after nearly fifteen years at SF&F publisher Tor Books,where she edited a list that included acclaimed and award-winning speculative fiction authors Liu Cixin,Annalee Newitz,Cherie Priest,Nisi Shawl,Catherynne M.Valente,and Jeff VanderMeer.She was part of the team that founded Tor..com and has won multiple prestigious awards for editing,including the Hugo Award for 亚博体育下载appBest Editor,Long Form.Gorinsky remarked,"I started to learn about science fiction and fantasy at Tor Books as an intern,but I've loved those genres ever since I started reading.I've been honored to publish many beautiful SF&F books that have been 亚博体育下载appbestselling,award-nominated,critically acclaimed (or all three!),and I'm thrilled to carry on my work with the many great authors in this genre and build the special attention and individual approach that a boutique independent publisher can provide."

The rest of the Erewhon team includes Editorial Assistant Jillian Feinberg and business advisor Peter Burri,who is the co-founder of the successful independent press The Experiment and has twenty-five years of experience in publishing operations and financing.Erewhon also has substantial financial backers who come from families with over fifty years of publishing experience and are committed to the long-term growth of the company.

Erewhon is pleased to have signed on as a distribution client of independent publisher Workman Publishing,which has fine imprints including Algonquin Books and Artisan Books and a select distribution group that includes The Experiment and duopress.Previously,Workman has had very little presence in the speculative fiction world and is excited to be expanding its offerings in that direction.Workman's Chief Executive Officer Daniel P.Reynolds commented,"It's exciting to be part of the talented team starting up Erewhon Books.Many years ago,Workman had a 亚博体育下载appbestseller with Good Omens – our first and only SF&F title,so it's about time we got back into this category.We can't wait to help Erewhon develop their own list of 亚博体育下载appbestsellers."

Erewhon opened its New York City office in June 2018 and is starting to build its list with the aim of debuting its first season of new titles in 2020.

(5)ALL BRADBURY ALL THE TIME.Mallory O'Meara,in"10 Great Horror Books for Wimps"onVulture,selects books for people who think Halloween is a good time to read a horror novel,but would want to read "books that won't keep you up at night." Her good taste is evident because one of the books she picks isSomething Wicked This Way Comes,and she mentions Bradbury in connection with another choice —

Get in Troubleby Kelly Link

Kelly Link is the literary heir to Ray Bradbury's short fiction throne,and her latest collection is filled with fantastic,genre-melding tales.These stories incorporate various horror elements,like vampire boyfriends and creepy faeries,but they fascinate instead of scare,making it the perfect book to test the spooky waters with.Also notable:Get in Troublewas a national 亚博体育下载appbestseller and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

(6)USING SFF TO TEACH COMPUTER ETHICS,Teachers at the University of Kentucky and theUniversityof Chicago have been using science fiction to offer students a way to cultivate their capacity for moral imagination.In the recent edition of the Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery,they write: " Teaching ethics to computer science students is a pressing responsibility for computer science faculty but also a challenge.Using fiction as the basis for an ethics course offers several advantages beyond its immediate appeal." —"How to Teach Computer Ethics through Science Fiction"atCommunications of the ACM.


  • Born October 18,1924 –Vol Molesworth,Mathematician,Editor, Publisher,and Fan from Australia who led a revival of the Sydney Futurians in 1947,becoming one of the leading Australian fans in the 50s.He played a major role in the three Australian Natcons held in Sydney during the 50s,and founded and operated the Futurian Press.His works includeAn Outline History of Australian FandomandA History of Australian Science Fiction Fandom 1935-1963,and the fanzinesLuna,Cosmos,andTelefan.
  • Born October 18,1944 –Katherine Kurtz,74, Writer who has published sixteen novels in theDeryniseries,which is notable for being one of the first historical fantasy series (as opposed to Tolkien-type high fantasy),has garnered her several Mythopoeic and BFA nominations,and has been a perennial favorite in the Locus Reader's Choice polls.With Deborah Turner Harris,she has co-written the alternate historyTemplar Knightsseries and theAdepturban fantasy series.She has written several standalone novels, of which I strongly recommend bothLammas NightandSt.Patrick's Gargoyle.She also contributed a number of recipes toServe It Forth: Cooking with Anne McCaffreywhich was co-edited by McCaffrey and John Gregory Betancourt (I'm curious – have any Filers seen that work?). She has been Guest of Honor at more than two dozen conventions,including a World Fantasy Convention.
  • Born October 18,1946 –Howard Shore,72,Oscar-winning Composer from Canada who has created the scores for nearly 80 films,many of them genre,including Peter Jackson'sLord of the Ringstrilogy (all of which won Hugo Awards),theHobbitmovies,eXistenZ,Scanners,Videodrome, Dogma,and the Hugo finalistsBigandHugo(which was based onThe Invention of Hugo Cabret,about science fiction film pioneer George Méliès and his automata).
  • Born October 18,1947 –Joe Morton,71,Tony- and Emmy-nominated Actor of Stage and Screen,谁有领导角色Eurekaand a recurring role onSmallville,as well as guest parts onMission: Impossible,The X-Files,and仓库13.He starred in the filmThe Brother from Another Planetand had roles in the Hugo-winningTerminator 2: Judgment Day, Paycheck,The Astronaut's Wife,What Lies Beneath,Dragonfly,Stealth, The Clairvoyant, Batman vs Superman,andJustice League.
  • Born October 18,1950 –Tony Roberts,68,Artist from England who,from the 60s to the 90s,produced more than 100 SFF book covers as well as numerous interior illustrations,many of them for the first editions of books by well-known authors,including Heinlein,Le Guin,Leiber,Dick,and van Vogt;they were distinctive for their spaceships and futuristic architecture,and many of them are still instantly recognizable to long-time SFF readers.His work yielded a nomination for the British Fantasy Award 亚博体育下载appBest Artist;however,in the mid-90s,he mostly left the field to pursue fine art painting.In 2000,he made international news for suing artist Glenn Brown,who hadplagiarizedreinterpreted his 1974 cover for Heinlein'sDouble Starin a painting which became a finalist for the £20,000 Turner Prize.
  • Born October 18,1964 –Charles Stross,54, Computer Programmer,Writer,and Fan from England who has transplanted himself to Scotland.His longest-running series isThe Laundry Files,a sort of Bondian occult pastiche that can only truly be appreciated if read from the beginning.HisHalting StateandRule 34series novels might, I think, be his 亚博体育下载appbest work,butThe Merchant Princesseries got much better when they were released by Tor in their second incarnation.His Heinlein-homageSaturn's Childrennovels are a quick,fun read.His works have racked up an impressive array of more than 50 Hugo,Nebula,Campbell, Sturgeon,Tiptree,Sidewise,Prometheus,Skylark,and Kurd Laßwitz Award nominations including 7 wins (his novelAccelerandoalone being responsible for 7 of those nominations).He has been Guest of Honor at more than 20 conventions,including a Eurocon.
  • Born October 18,1987 –Nicola Posener,31, Actor from England with an amazingly prolific resume of genre films of which I don't recognise a one:Lab Rats,House Of Anubis,Dawn Of The Dragonslayer,The Crown And The Dragon,Survivor,Mythica: A Quest For Heroes,Mythica: The Darkspore,Mythica: The Necromancer,Mythica: The Iron Crown,Mythica: The GodslayerandMagellan– which,trust me,is not a complete list.
  • Born October 18 –Filer NickPheas (who is welcome to provide his own capsule bio if he is so inclined; photos of credentials are also welcome).


  • A super inept job interview atBizarro.

(9)IF YOU'RE NOT CHEATING YOU'RE NOT TRYING.Some cheating video gamers have been hauled into court —

A YouTube gamer who posted videos of himself cheating at Fortnite is being sued by its developer Epic Games.

Brandon Lucas has attracted 1.7 million subscribers to his Golden Modz channel,where he plays modified or hacked versions of Fortnite and other games.

He also runs a website where he sells cheats,such as automatic aiming,for more than $200 (£150).

"Defendants are cheaters.Nobody likes a cheater," Epic Games said in its legal filing.

"Defendant Lucas not only cheats,he also promotes,advertises,and sells software that enables those who use it to cheat," the document states.

The publisher of video game Grand Theft Auto V has been granted the right to search the homes of five people accused of making cheat software.

The court order allowed Rockstar Games and its parent company,Take-Two Interactive,to search two properties in Melbourne,Australia,for evidence related to a cheat known as Infamous.

The Australian federal court has also frozen the assets of the five,who have not yet filed a defence.

The cheat went offline six months ago.

(10)ABOUT ALT COMICS.A transcript of last month'sReveal"Never meet your (super) heroes"interview with Vox Day and Chuck Dixon is available online.

Al letson: So how does this book become a 亚博体育下载appbestseller?

Amanda Rob: Well it's possible that a lot of people are really reading it,and it's possible that Vox is taking advantage of something that Amazon does which is called micro-categorizing.So right now,one of the issues of Alt-Hero is the number one new release in Superhero Graphic Novels.That's a pretty small category,but it is number one in that category.

Al letson: Is there a way to game the system?

Amanda Rob: Sure.There's a way to game the system.You have your fans and followers click on the book.If you have Kindle Unlimited,it's free.


Chuck Dixon: See,that's the problem.That's where the agenda,putting the agenda … I'm not saying you have an agenda.There's nothing wrong with you wanting to see a character that you can relate to more closely,but,when you put the agenda before the story,that's where the problem lies because then you come up with uninteresting characters for the sake of diversity.

Al letson: Then,I asked the question that brought me all the way down to Florida.Why work with Vox Day?

Chuck Dixon: Well,there's … He approached me.I didn't know much about him,I still don't know a whole lot about him,but this is the first time in my experience that I've gone to work on a job and everybody's concerned with who is publishing it and their background,their beliefs,and everything else because this guy is … Man,is this guy a lightning rod.I don't agree with a whole lot of what he says but he was offering me an opportunity to create our own work.He had a funding thing and he had a distribution deal set up.He admitted that he didn't know what he didn't know,so he wasn't telling me what to do,he was asking me what I should do or what would be 亚博体育下载appbest for me and all the rest of it.

Offering me an opportunity and didn't tell me what to write,and still has not told me what to write,so,to me,it was just an opportunity to be free of the kind of constraints that are put on you at the major companies,the political correctness constraints.I wasn't interested in doing a book that was political.I wasn't interested in doing a message book.

Al letson: So he's not asking you to write anything political,but you understand how just working with him is political?

Chuck Dixon: I've read the "Alt-Hero" thing and I've rejected parts of it I didn't want to do,that I don't agree with.I don't write for that.

(11)SPIDEY SINGS,KINDA.AtThe Verge, Patricia Hernandez gives a strong,if reluctant recommendation for a new music video set in the universe ofSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse("To see this gorgeous new Into theSpider-Versefootage,you must endure Post Malone").

I'm sorry to directVergereaders to a Post Malone song,but the grubby musician has made his latest music video hard to pass up: "Sunflower" is a collaboration with Swae Lee that the pair wrote and recorded to accompanySpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the gorgeous upcoming animated film that follows Miles Morales (andbasically every other Spidey that ever existed).

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verseis in theaters on December 14th.

(12)WE GOT US A CONVOY.Vice brings the news "The Army is preparing to send driverless vehicles into combat'—as transportation,not as fighting vehicles.

The Army is getting ready to drive into war — in driverless trucks.

Next fall,its "Leader-Follower" technology will enable convoys of autonomous vehicles to follow behind one driven by a human.It's a direct response to the improvised explosive devices that caused nearly half the casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The military has been trying to bring robots into wars since the 1950s,a long line of technological innovations that began with a bulky roving platform and carried into bomb-defusing robots.

The same basic idea is always at play: "remoting the lethality," essentially creating a bigger,safer distance between American soldiers and the enemy they are trying to kill.

(13)CHENGDU MIRRORSAT FOLLOW-UP.The Asia Timeshas a followup on the plan announced by Chengdu to orbit a mirrorsat ("Chinese city to launch man-made moon to light up skies"),with a few additional details.

The satellite would be able to light an area with a diameter of 10 to 80 kilometers,while the precise illumination range can be controlled within a few dozen meters,according to the People's Daily,which quoted a developer with the Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute as saying.

…The man-made moon has a highly reflective coating to reflect light from the sun with solar panel-like wings whose angles can be adjusted to realize "precise lighting." The 14,300-square-meter city of Chengdu would be the primal focus of the light from the man-made moon,and astronomers throughout China and overseas should be able to spot the glowing star at night.

…The idea of an "artificial moon" came from a French artist,who imagined hanging a necklace made of mirrors above the earth,which could reflect sunshine through the streets of Paris all year round.

(14)FICTION FEAST.Charles Payseur dishes up a first serving of short fiction reviews fromBeneath Ceaseless Skies —"Quick Sips – Beneath Ceaseless Skies #262 [part 1/2]".

The anniversary offerings continue with a second special double issue fromBeneath Ceaseless Skies.Again,for the sake of my sanity,I'm going to break this out into two parts.The first features a novelette and short story that for me deal very much with narratives and with learning.They both have the feel of engaging with fable,with magic,and with characters learning lessons that they weren't really expecting to.Whether that lesson is about the nature of growing up or of becoming a better person,in both there's a focus on people seeking something that will give them power and answers and then,ultimately,wondering if that's what they really want.Both carry a sense of strangeness and wonder,as well,and are warm and cozy at the same time.Before I give too much away,though,let's get to the reviews!

(15)SECOND OPINION.According to NPR,"Geologists Question ‘Evidence Of Ancient Life' In 3.7 Billion-Year-Old Rocks".

That's according to a newanalysis,published Wednesday in the journalNatureby a different team of experts.

This second group examined structures within the rock that were thought in 2016 to have been produced by communities of single-celled microbes that grew up from the bottom of a shallow,salty sea.A three-dimensional look at these structures shows that instead of having a telltale upside-down ice-cream cone shape — the kind produced by microorganisms — they are shaped like a Toblerone candy bar.

"They're stretched-out ridges that extend deeply into the rock," saidJoel Hurowitz,a geochemist at Stony Brook University in New York and an author of Wednesday's paper."That shape is hard to explain as a biological structure and much easier to explain as something that resulted from rocks being squeezed and deformed under tectonic pressures."

(16)WHAT'S IN THE GIN?Theoretically,this could be yummy —"Not Just For Cows Anymore: New Cottonseed Is Safe For People To Eat".

You probably don't think of cotton as food.

There's a good reason for that.Farmers grow it mostly for the fluffy white fibers that turn into T-shirts or sheets.Cotton plants do produce seeds,but those seeds are poisonous,at least to humans.

This week,though,the U.S.Department of Agricultureapproveda new kind of cotton — one that's been genetically engineered so that the seeds are safe to eat.

The invention promises to open new markets for cottonseed,and it could give cotton farming a big boost.Because cotton plants are prodigious seed producers: Every pound of cotton fiber,or lint,comes with 1.6 pounds of seed.

"You're getting more cottonseed than you are lint," says Greg Holt,who leads research on cotton production and processing at a USDA research station in Lubbock,Texas.

Each seed is the size of a small peanut.In principle,it could be highly nutritious.It contains lots of oil and protein.

(17)PARENTAL CAUTION.Watchers ofEllenfound out"Keira Knightley bans daughter from watching some Disney films".

Keira Knightley says she has banned her three-year-old daughter from watching Disney films whose portrayal of women she disagrees with.

Edie Knightley Righton is not allowed to watch Cinderella or Little Mermaid.

Knightley told Ellen DeGeneres that 1950's Cinderella "waits around for a rich guy to rescue her.Don't!Rescue yourself.Obviously!"

She said of Little Mermaid: "I mean,the songs are great,but do not give your voice up for a man.Hello!"

Presumably on the OK list is the Disney film Knightley is promoting,The Nutcracker and the Four Realms,in which she plays the Sugar Plum Fairy.

(18)VIDEO OF THE DAY.Hedgehogon Vimeo is a short animated film from France about a little boy obsessed by hedgehogs.

[Thanks to Olav Rokne,John King Tarpinian Carl Slaughter,Chip Hitchcock,Cat Eldridge,JJ,Martin Morse Wooster,Mike Kennedy and Andrew Porter for some of these stories.Title credit belongs to File 770 contributing editor of the day Nigel.]

After Bleeding Cool Interviews Vox Day,IndieGoGo Axes Latest Alt-Hero Comic Campaign

Bleeding Coolinterviewed Vox Day about his nascent comics publishing business in"Vox Day: Altered States of America"[Internet Archive link — but see Update].Day's Castalia House imprint Arkhaven Comics has published 22 comic books and graphic novels in the past year,using crowdfunding to generate capital and create sales.

Mark Seifert precedes his interview with a multi-thousand word apologetic seeking to manage fan reaction toBleeding Cool'splatforming of the controversial figure,the kind of response Vox Day anticipated (see"Interview with Bleeding Cool"[Internet Archive link]) when he promoted it onVox Popoli

I expect a fair number of SJWs will be outraged by the fact that Bleeding Cool acknowledged my existence at all,and when they did,failed to devote the entire interview to angrily denouncing NAZICOMICSHATE,but then,birds will fly and fish will swim too.

And,indeed,there was a hostile reaction on Twitter —

ThroughoutBleeding Cool'sinterview Matt Seifert delivers plenty of pitches right into Vox's wheelhouse.For example —

BC:Now let's talk about the other part of your response there — your assertion that major publishers are restricting who they will hire to produce comics based on their political beliefs.One of the elephants in the room there is that Ike Perlmutter,chairman of Marvel Entertainment,is one of the Republican Party's largest donors.He's a man who has President Trump's ear.He is also legendary for his attention to the details,and for the level of control he exerts over those details.There's little doubt that if he thought an ideological course correction in Marvel's output was necessary and/or more profitable,he would be bringing that about with speed.Why hasn't he been doing that?

VD:Mr.Perlmutter's mysterious inaction notwithstanding,it is an absolute fact that major publishers,in both comics and science fiction,restrict who they will hire and who they will publish based on their political beliefs.Two of the writers I publish,Chuck Dixon and Nick Cole,were directly told by editors at Marvel and HarperCollins that they would never be permitted to work with them again.I am a novelist myself and I have been personally told by people who work for Tor Books as well as authors published by Tor Books,the largest science fiction publisher,that I would never be published by Tor due to my ideological beliefs.I also know several illustrators and colorists who have been blackballed by either Marvel or DC.Why do you think it's so easy for Arkhaven to find excellent,experienced artists who are excited to work with us?They understand we aren't interested in policing their thoughts or opinions.

An unexpected consequence of the interview is that IndieGoGo shut down Arkhaven's current fundraiser forAlt-Hero: Q,refunded backers' money,and posted this banner over the webpage —

This campaign has been closed by Trust and Safety due to a violation of our Terms of Use.The campaign will no longer be accepting contributions,and the Campaign Owners no longer have access to the campaign.

The comic had been advertised to be "an incendiary 150-page graphic novel in six parts that explores the mysterious phenomenon of QAnon.The story is written by the legendary Chuck Dixon,who is backed by a first-rate professional art-and-production team."

In a video commentary posted this afternoon,Vox Day said he believesBleeding Coolreaders lobbied IndieGoGo to get theAlt-Hero: Qbook pulled from the crowdfunding site.

And he told readers of his blog ("Indiegogo cancels AH:Q"[Internet Archive link]) —

Needless to say,we're looking into this.We've got everyone's email addresses and so forth,so if we have to set up our own crowdfunding platform,we will do so.However,in light of the fact that Indiegogo has done this retroactively,we are already looking into the legal aspects of their actions.I am not yet aware of any reason,in fact,I do not even know if the scheduled payment for the campaign was delivered on schedule or not two weeks ago.I assume not,but I won't be able to confirm that until tomorrow.

Update: Bleeding Cool Removes Interview and Apologizes:Seifert's interview didn't last to the end of the first day before public reaction promptedBleeding Coolto remove it and issue"An Apology Concerning Vox Day: We Made a Mistake"

Today one of our writers made an error in judgement resulting in giving exposure to viewpoints that we abhor.We will do better,going forward,and that is a promise.The author admits that this was an extreme error of judgement that never should have been made and that other members of the Bleeding Cool writing staff were unaware of the contents of this article.

Seifert has beenBleeding Cool'smanaging editor,however,Kaitlyn Booth,who wrote the apology,announced —

In a first step towards that end we are announcing,effective immediately,I am stepping into the role of Editor-in-Chief and will be implementing new review policies across the Bleeding Cool teams.

Update 10/11/2018:Soon after this post went online Bleeding Cool yanked the Seifert interview.I then changed the link to theWayback Machine's capture of the page,which worked when I first searched it,however,that link isn't working now.No idea what's making it impossible to retrieve.Subsequently Jon Del Arroz posted a different archive link which is working and looks like a valid copy,so I have changed to that.

Pixel Scroll 10/5/18 The Curious Incident Of The Scroll In The Night-Time

(1)LOOKING BACK ON HORROR.FromRocket Stack Rank,here's a new (perhaps the first annual) selection of"Outstanding SF/F Horror"of 2016-2017.

Although horror isn't our focus,we do review horror stories that turn up in our regular magazines,so in honor of Halloween,here are 26 outstanding science fiction & fantasy horror stories from 2016-2017 that were either finalists for major SF/F awards,included in "year's 亚博体育下载appbest" SF/F anthologies,or recommended by prolific reviewers in short fiction (seeQ&A).


(2)WRITING PROCESS.Jonathan LaForce notes it would be a waste to take the popular phrase literally —"Killing off the Darlings"atMad Genius Club.

Perhaps "killing our darlings" is too much the wrong verbiage.  Let us say,instead,"putting them on ice."  That's really all we're doing- setting them aside till we can use them again later.  In this age of incredible digital technology,why worry about where you'll save those scenes,those stories,those parts and pieces?  Anybody take a look at how much space is available to use on cloud servers?  My goodness!

(3)VENOM.NPR's Chris Klimek reports"Tom Hardy Gets His Teeth Into ‘Venom,' Though The Film Lacks Bite".

Eddie's struggles to find a new gig while oily tentacles are shooting out of his body in response to even minor discomforts are the most diverting section part of the film,if only because Hardy is fully committed in a way no other actor here is.Had this thing been greenlit at the 1990s apex of Venom's popularity as a comic book character,it almost certainly would've starred Jim Carrey.So we all dodged a bullet there.

(4)SOUND NUTRITION.While in San Jose,Scott Edelman nibbled naan with K.Tempest Bradford and recorded the results forEpisode 78 ofEating the Fantastic.

K.Tempest Bradford

…I also went out to dinner withK.Tempest Bradfordfor one of the 亚博体育下载appbest meals of that extended weekend in the Santana Row neighborhood atAmber India.

K.Tempest Bradford's short stories have been published in such magazines asAbyss & Apex,Sybil's Garage,Electric Velocipede,andFarthing,and anthologies likeClockwork Cairo,Diverse Energies,Federations,andShadow of the Towers: Speculative Stories of a Post 9/11 World.Her non-fiction has appeared atNPR,io9,xoJane,plusthe Angry Black Woman blog,sometimes — as you'll hear us discuss — going viral.Along with Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward,she teaches theWriting the Otherworkshop,and is on the board of theCarl Brandon Society.She also happens to be one of the funniest people I know.Whenever I'm with Tempest,I can be assured there will be laughter.

We discussed how her Egyptian Afro-retro-futurism idea grew from a short story into a series of novels,the way she used crowdfunding to complete the research she needed,why her discovery of myScience Fiction Agemagazine means I bear the responsibility for all she's done since,how an online writing community gave her the confidence to be a writer,the advice fromSamuel R.Delanyshe embraces the most,why she set aside her goal of becoming an opera singer and decided to become a writer instead,the reason there are so many female monsters in Greek mythology,how she blew up the Internet with her "Stop Reading White,Straight,Cis Male Authors for One Year" challenge,her extremely strong opinions about Steven Moffat's version ofDoctor Who,and much more.

(5)NOT RAINBOWLED OVER.Bowlestreksnarks about that Doctor Who costume,askingwhich is worse,the 6th Doctor Who costume or the 13th Doctor Who costume?

—  "Hipster,Wesley Crusher,Rainbow Brite,Mork & Mindy thrown into a blender abomination."

—  "Like somebody was trolling Doctor Who fans."

—  "I've shown this picture to people who are fashion conscious and the response almost across the board has been,"What the hell is that?"

—  "What's with the earrings,the suspenders,the rainbow shirt,what appears to be Tardis socks,和老人的裤子吗?”

— "She looks like an elf."

(The references to Wesley Crusher and Mork and Mindy are about the rainbow across the shirt.)

(6)FIRST,THE BAD NEWS.This just in from James Davis Nicoll –"Sorry to Crush Your Dreams,But We're Not Colonizing Space Anytime Soon".

Perhaps because some of the early space hype was unconvincing when regarded with any attitude other than fanboy enthusiasm.And perhaps because there weren't any compelling reasons (political,economic,scientific) for significant human presence beyond low Earth Orbit.We don't need to send up squishy frail humans when we can send probes and remote-controlled vehicles .

Some readers might even now be making squinchy faces,maybe even pondering which unflattering cartoon of me to post in protest.


[Compiled by Cat Eldridge and JJ.]

  • Born October 5,1862 –Edward Stratemeyer,Writer and Publisher.Creator of the Stratemeyer Syndicate,which pioneered the book-packaging technique of producing a consistent,long-running series of books using a team of freelance writers,which sold millions of copies,some series of which are still in publication today.He himself wrote more than 1,300 juvenile novels,including theNancy Drew,Hardy Boys,Tom Swift,andBobbsey Twinsseries,Tom Swift being the main character of a series of more than a hundred juvenile science fiction and adventure novels.
  • Born October 5,1917 –Allen Ludden,Actor who became well-known for decades of hosting TV game shows,but who surprisingly had a part in an episode of Adam West'sBatman,played Perry White in the TV movieIt's a Bird… It's a Plane… It's Superman!,and had a cameo – as a game show host – in Hugo finalistFutureworld.
  • Born October 5,1919 –Donald Pleasence,Actor and Writer who famously played the doctor in theHalloweenmovies and the President inEscape from New York.He also had a plethora of parts in other genre properties,a few of which include the main role in the Hugo finalist movieFantastic Voyagewhich was novelized by Isaac Asimov,roles in episodes of theThe Twilight Zone,The Outer Limits,andThe Ray Bradbury Theater,a part in George Lucas' first foray into filmmaking,THX 1138,John Carpenter'sThe Prince of Darkness,and the role of Merlin in the TV movieGuinivere.
  • Born October 5,1949 –Peter Ackroyd,69,Writer,Biographer,and Critic known for his interest in the history and culture of London.His 亚博体育下载appbest-known genre work is likely the Whitbread Award-winningHawksmoor,the story of an 18th-century London architect building a church interwoven with the narrative of a contemporary detective investigating horrific murders involving that church,and is highly recommended.His novelDan Leno and the Limehouse Golemwas recently made into a movie,and he produced a TV miniseries documentary entitledPeter Ackroyd's London.
  • Born October 5,1951 –Karen Allen,67,Actor and Director known to genre fans as Marion in the Hugo finalistRaiders of the Lost ArkandIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,as well as roles inStarman,Ghost in the Machine,andScrooged.She also played Christa McAuliffe in the TV movieChallenger.
  • Born October 5,1952 –Clive Barker,66,Writer,Director,Artist and Videogame Designer,famous for his horror novels.His series includeHellraiser, Book of the Art,andBooks of Blood,as well asThe Abarat Quintetwhich is quite superb.Though not recent,The Essential Clive Barker: Selected Fiction,published some twenty years ago,contains more than seventy excerpts from novels and plays and four full-length short stories.HisImaginerseries collects his decidedly strange art.My personal favorite work by him is theWeaveworldnovel.His works have received many World Fantasy,British Fantasy,Stoker,Locus and International Horror Guild Award nominations and wins,and have been made into movies,videogames,and comic books.He was the Toastmaster at the 1988 World Fantasy Convention,and Guest of Honor at Albacon III in 1986 and FantasyCon 2006.
  • Born October 5,1952 –Duncan Regehr,66,Actor from Canada probably 亚博体育下载appbest known to genre fans for his recurring role as a Bajoran resistance leader onStar Trek: Deep Space Nine,but who also had guest roles onThe Greatest American Hero,Star Trek: The Next Generation,V,and appeared in the filmTimemaster.
  • Born October 5,1958 –Neil DeGrasse Tyson,60,Astrophysicist,Cosmologist,and Writer whose nonfiction workReflections on Carl Sagan's Cosmosis considered genre.He has had cameos in several genre TV shows and films,includingStargate: Atlantis,Ice Age: Collision Course,Bojack Horseman,The Simpsons,andThe Big Bang Theory.Tyson is known for tweeting about inconsistencies and bad science in science fiction films,andAndy Weir famously posted "Someday,Neil deGrasse Tyson is going to either readThe Martianor see the film adaptation of it.When he does,he's going to immediately know that the sandstorm part at the beginning isn't accurate to physics.He'll point out that the inertia of a Martian storm isn't enough to do damage to anything… The knowledge that this is going to happen haunts me."
  • Born October 5,1959 –Rich Horton,59,Writer,Critic,and Editor.He is 亚博体育下载appbest known as an anthology editor – and a damn superb one at that – who has been putting outYear's 亚博体育下载appBest Science Fiction & Fantasyanthologies since 2006,as well as one-off anthologiesSpace Opera,Robots: The Recent A.I.,andWar & Space: Recent Combat.He started out writing reviews forSF Sitein the late 90s,and has been reviewing books and short fiction forLocus Magazinesince 2002.
  • Born October 5,1967 –Guy Pearce,51,Actor and Director from Australia who is known for genre worksMemento,the remake ofThe Time Machine,Prometheus,and the Hugo finalistIron Man 3.
  • Born October 5,1974 –Colin Meloy,44,Musician,Singer,Songwriter,and Writer.Front man of the indie folk rock band The Decemberists,and author of the juvenile fantasy novelsThe Wildwood Chronicles.
  • Born October 5,1975 –Carson Ellis,43,Writer,Artist,and Illustrator whose work graces genre worksThe Wildwood Chronicleswritten by her husband Colin Meloy,The Mysterious Benedict Societyseries,a Lemony Snicket book,andThe Decemberistsalbums.Birthday celebrations must be an intimate affair.
  • Born October 5,1975 –Kate Winslet,43,Actor from England whose genre credits include the TV seriesDark Seasonand the filmsA Kid in King Arthur's Court,the Hugo finalistEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,Finding Neverland,Contagion,theDivergentseries,and the upcomingAvatar 2.
  • Born October 5,1975 –Parminder Nagra,43,Actor from England who appeared inElla Enchanted,had a recurring role onAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,a guest part onTRON Uprising,and a voice part inBatman: Gotham Knight.
  • Born October 5 –Paul Weimer,Writer,Reviewer,and Podcaster,also known as @PrinceJvstin.An ex-pat New Yorker living in Minnesota, he has been reading science fiction and fantasy for over 30 years and exploring the world of roleplaying games for more than 25 years.An avid blogger,he also contributes to the Hugo-nominated fancastThe Skiffy and Fanty Showand theSFF Audiopodcast.He was the 2017 Down Under Fan Fund delegate to the Australia and New Zealand National Conventions,and his e-book DUFF trip report,consisting of more than 300 pages of travel stories and stunning photographs,is still available here.

(8)WAY OUT WEST.LiveSciencepasses the word from the USAF —"US Air Force: Don't Worry About Those Weird Lights and Booms Sunday,It's Just a Space Ship".

Sunday (October 7) SpaceX will try (for the first time) to land a Falcon 9 rocket on the West Coast.

If you're in the vicinity of Vandenberg Air Force Base in California Sunday evening (Oct.7),you might hear some strange booming and see some weird lights in the sky.But the Air Force would like you to know that there's no need to worry;something entirely normal is going on — a rocket that heaved its way up into space will be falling back to Earth,correcting its trajectory with "multiple engine burns," and then (if all goes well) settling comfortably back on its landing struts in the vicinity of its launch site.

(9)OVERSERVED.These avians have found a natural high:"Minnesota Residents Call Police On Rowdy Drunk Birds".

Life lately in the tiny northern Minnesota town of Gilbert has resembled a scene out of an Alfred Hitchcock film.Birds,lots of birds,have been "flying into windows,cars and acting confused,"according tothe city police department,which has been fielding reports from anxious residents.

But these birds aren'tout for human blood.They've just had a few too many — a few too many overripe berries,这是。

"Certain berries we have in our area have fermented earlier than usual due to an early frost,which in turn has expedited the fermenting process," Gilbert Police Chief Ty Techar explained in a statement."It appears that some birds are getting a little more ‘tipsy' than normal."

Yes,having a boozy lark is nothing abnormal among the feathered set.

(10)CASTALIA HOUSE CHANGING STRATEGY.Vox Day will be pulling most of his imprint's books from Kindle Unlimited,and will reduce the number of new fiction authors he publishes —"Why KU is killing ebooks"[Internet Archive link]

I did an analysis of our ebook sales and was surprised to discover that with 7 exceptions,Kindle Unlimited is simply not worth it even without taking potential non-Amazon sales into account.So,we're going to be removing most of our books from KU and returning them to the Castalia House store over the next three months.By the start of the new year,most of our books will be available from all the major ebook platforms as well as our online store.

Remember,every dollar in the KU pool represents about THREE dollars removed from the ebook sales pool.And because the overall market is not growing,it is a zero-sum game.

We're also going to reduce the number of new fiction authors we publish.Because repeated experiments have demonstrated that even the very 亚博体育下载appbest-selling KU novelists don't sell very well in print,and because the success of KU puts us in a catch-22 situation with them regardless of whether they sell well through us or not,we are going to focus our efforts on strategic properties that we create,own and develop rather than those that we merely publish.

Because non-fiction a) sells well in print and b) is not popular on KU,our non-fiction publishing will continue without any change in focus or strategy.

(11)NOT THAT VOX,THE OTHER VOX.AtVox,Todd VanDerWerff asks why this had such an impact:"Russian trolls used Star Wars to sow discord online.The fact that it worked is telling."

Maybe the Russian bots that Bay identified are all extra-governmental,built by trolls with spare time on their hands and a grudge against Lucasfilm.Or maybe Bay's findings are yet another example of how thoroughly Russian intelligence has zeroed in on the idea that white nationalism is central to driving a wedge into American society.

If the latter is true,then what's most unnerving about Russia's intelligence strategy and its connection toStar Warsisn't what that strategy says about Russia,but what it says about us.

Whomever you believe is behind movements like Gamergate and the pushback againstThe Last Jedi,what they reveal about America in the 2010s feels a little hard to swallow at first: At this point in history,a lot of us — and especially a lot of young,white men — are centering their identities and their senses of right and wrong on pop culture artifacts,sometimes with a near-religious zealotry.Call it "fandamentalism."

(12)CREEPY PHONE.In this BBC video,"Feely finger phone crawls across desk".

A touch-sensitive robotic finger that can be attached to smartphones has been developed by a researcher in France.

The MobiLimb finger can crawl across the desk,waggle for attention when messages arrive and be used as an interface to control apps and games.

It can also stroke its owner on the hand,which developer Marc Teyssier said could create more personal connections.

He told the BBC people generally found the finger creepy or weird because it was so unusual,but hoped it would be "accepted" in time.

(13)KEEPING IT OFF THE TIP OF THEIR TONGUE.French language body urgesalternative phrase for "fake news".Somehowinformation fallacieusedoesn't have the sameje ne sais quoi;the Commission offers "infox" among the alternatives,possibly not knowing how "Fox" is Frenched in the US.

Or if that is too long-winded,CELF suggested the abbreviation "infox",formed from the words "information" and "intoxication".

"The Anglo-Saxon expression ‘fake news',which refers to a range of behaviour contributing to the misinformation of the public,has rapidly prospered in French," the commission rued.

"This is an occasion to draw on the resources of the language to find French equivalents."

(14)DRAWN THAT WAY.Comic artist Alex Ross appeared onLate Night with Seth Meyerspromoting his latest book,Marvelocity.

Comic book writer and artist Alex Ross talks about his artistic process,what drew him to the idea of drawing realistic versions of superheroes and explains why he doesn't have an email.

(15)SIGN UP FOR THE ZONE.Rod Serling pitchesThe Twilight Zoneto advertisers back in the day.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian,Eric Wong,JJ,Alan Baumler,Chip Hitchcock,Cat Eldridge,Mike Kennedy,Martin Morse Wooster,James Davis Nicoll,Scott Edelman,Carl Slaughter,and Andrew Porter for some of these stories.Title credit belongs to File 770 contributing editor of the day Edd Vick.]

Pixel Scroll 9/23/18 We Can Pixel It For You Scrollsale

(1)EXTRAPOLATION.AtWIRED,The Geeks Guide to the Galaxypodcast asks Peter F.Hamilton"How Would Teleportation Change Society?"

Hamilton envisions a future in which teleportation portals are used for garbage disposal,irrigation,and carbon sequestration,and in which the now-useless bridges and highways have been converted into parks and shopping centers.He also predicts that cheap teleportation would spell the end of the hotel business.

"If it takes two minutes to walk from where I am [in England] to America,what do I need a hotel for?" he says."There are still fabulous resorts and places like that,but the idea of a businessman needing a hotel for the night?No,that's gone."

Teleportation might also allow humanity to easily explore the galaxy.Hamilton's interstellar starships are propelled forward by exhaust channeled through a portal."You have one part of the portal that you just drop into the sun,and the other half is the rocket engine on the starship," he says."No need for any antimatter or fusion or anything."

Sounds like a recipe for mass unemployment!

(2)STAYIN' ALIVE.Here's somebody else who's looking for work.We learn fromThe Late Late Show with James Cordenthat Predator is desperate for new acting roles:

With "The Predator" now out in theaters,the franchise's famed antagonist,whose name is Howard,is ready for a new chapter.With new headshots and a positive attitude,Howard jumps into the Hollywood grind in search of the next great role.

(3)REMEMBER TO SQUEE.Edmund Schluessel wrote up"Fantasticon 2018 in Copenhagen".(He wants you to know this event was distinct from the Fantasticon SF convention which took place in Indiana this same weekend.)

…The audience at Fantasticon was consistently among the nicest I've encountered.One of the program items I made a point of seeing on Saturday was a talk led by the dauphines of Swedisn and Danish fandom,Fia Karlsson and Sanna Bo Claummarch respectively,titledCome with me if you want to squee!whose thesis was,simply,there should be no guilty pleasures: we should feel free to enjoy what we enjoy,and break down barriers of "you can't like this because you're a girl,or boy,or too old,or to young" and so on.

And this is something we need to keep reminding ourselves of because those barriers are continually being reconstructed for us.Now that I amA Published Authorpeople can read what I write in an "official" way;but part and parcel of that is that the publisher and Amazon will both try to quantify me like census takers because that's as indivisible and fundamental a component of marketing books as carbon is a component of sugar,and we authors and fans are complicit too when we try to promote the work by putting it in a familiar context ("you like young adult romances with aliens,right?").We owe it to ourselves as writers and fans to break down the barriers even as we take part in building them up through how we present our work.

(4)A SAGA OF THE MEXICANX INITIATIVE.Hector Gonzalez has posted two more entries in his account of  Worldcon 76.

I started thinking something showing my traditions as well as the new lessons I've learnt in the US.The choice was simple: gorditas,a Mexican specialty of stuffed fried masa dough.I opted for a smaller version of these,around the size of a mason jar mouth.There would be two versions,one for meat eaters,another one for vegans.The meat option would be filled with carnitas estilo Michoacan,using my grandmother's recipe but adapting it to a modern technique called sous vide.With it you cook the food at a constant temperature to assure more tender and intense flavors.The vegan version would be vegan carnitas,made with mushrooms,using sous vide too.

Now,the science fiction angle.The easiest way would be playing with my specialty: salsas.I opted for making 7 salsas,each spicier than the previous one.The first one that came to my mind was Soylent Verde,because it was an easy pun.My dear Aussie friend Paul CZ came up with a couple of the other names: Picard de Gallo?—?Make It Salsa happened while eating BBQ,while Obi Juan Chipotle was sent over Messenger later that same day.

I though I had everything under wraps and the plan would go without a hitch.However,I tend to think on worst case scenarios when cooking."If this fails,which is your plan B?"I started thinking about options.I was assured by Diane that I would get help in the kitchen but even with an extra pair of hands,catering for over 100 person could be daunting.

(5)A GOLDEN AGE.M M Owen,in"Our Age of Horror"onAeon,interviews Joe Hill,Ramsey Campbell,and Daid J Skal to discuss why horror remains so popular.  Plus he begins his piece by discussing Ray Bradbury's 1955 story "The Next in Line." which he thinks is one of the great horror stories of the 20th century.

Our present era is one in which the heart of culture is blowing hard upon a coal of fear,and the fascination is everywhere.By popular consent,horror has been experiencing what critics feel obliged to label a ‘golden age'.In terms of ticket sales,2017 was the biggest year in the history of horror cinema,and in 2018,HereditaryandA Quiet Placehave been record-breaking successes.In both the United States and the United Kingdom,sales of horror literature are up year over year – an uptick that industry folk partly attribute to the wild popularity of Netflix'sStranger Things(2016-).And the success isn't merely commercial.Traditionally a rather maligned genre,these days horror is basking in the glow of critical respectability.AsThe New York Timesremarked this June,horror ‘has never been more bankable and celebrated than it is right now'.

As any historian of the genre will tell you,horror has had previous golden ages.Perhaps ours is just a random quirk of popular taste.But perhaps not.Perhaps we are intoxicated by horror today because the genre is serving a function that others aren't.Can't.Horror's roots run deep,but they twist themselves into forms very modern.The imagination's conversion of fear into art offers a dark and piercing mirror.


  • September 23,1846— Planet Neptune was discovered.


[Compiled by Cat Eldridge and JJ.]

  • Born September 23,1908 –Wilmar H.Shiras,Writer.Also wrote under the name Jane Howes.Her most famous piece wasIn Hiding,a novella which was published by John W.Campbell,Jr.inAstounding Science Fictionin November 1948 – eventually to be included in theThe Science Fiction Hall of Famenovella anthology — and widely assumed to be the inspiration forThe Uncanny X-Menthat Stan Lee and Jack Kirby would release 15 years later.
  • Born September 23,1920 –Richard Wilson,Writer and Archivist.Though a genre writer who garnered several Nebula and Hugo nominations,I'm going to argue that his major contribution to the field was collecting the papers of many SFF writers for Syracuse University's George Arents Research Library.As Wiki notes,‘the collection eventually included manuscripts,galley proofs,magazines,correspondence and art donated by Piers Anthony,Hal Clement,Keith Laumer,Larry Niven,Frederik Pohl and others,including Wilson himself.' I wonder if that means Niven'sRingworldartwork is there…
  • Born September 23,1936 –Edgar L.Chapman,82,Scholar and Critic.I'm fascinated by genre academics.This one is a specialist on Philip José Farmer – not exclusively,but that's his main area of interest.So let's look at some of what he's published:From Rebellious Rationalist to Mythmaker and Mystic: The Religious Quest of Philip José Farmer,The Magic Labyrinth of Philip Jose Farmer,The Fabulous Riverworld,andOn Philip Farmer.
  • Born September 23,1956 –Peter David,62,Writer.Despite my general aversion to works based on media series,I'm going to single out his巴比伦5号work as most excellent.Among his fiction work of a non-media undertaking,hisModern Arthurseries is very good as is his quite sillySir Apropos of Nothingseries.Let's by no means overlook his very,very impressive work in comics covering series such asDoctor Who,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,Aquaman,Super-Girl,andYoung Justice.He has won a number of Awards including an  Eisner Award for 亚博体育下载appBest Writer/Artist Team with Dale Keown forThe Incredible Hulk.
  • Born September 23,1957 –Rosalind Chao,61,Actor.Perhaps 亚博体育下载appbest known to genre fans as the botanist Keiko Ishikawa O'Brien fromStar Trek: The Next GenerationandDeep Space Nine,she grew up working part-time in her parents' restaurant near Disneyland.Her early genre appearances include guest roles in episodes of the TV seriesThe Amazing Spider-ManandBeauty and the Beastand the TV miniseriesIntruders.She appeared in the 2003 version ofFreaky Friday,and has a role in the upcoming live-action movie version of Disney'sMulan.
  • Born September 23,1967 –Justine Larbalestier,51,Writer,Editor,and Critic.An Australian author of fiction whose novels have won Andre Norton,Carl Brandon,and Aurealis Awards,she is probably 亚博体育下载appbest known for her comprehensive scholarly workThe Battle of the Sexes in Science Fictionwhich was a Hugo,Locus,and Aurealis finalist.Her Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century,an anthology of SFF stories and critical essays by women,won The William Atheling Jr.Award.
  • Born September 23,1975 –Katrina Browne,43,Actor.A New Zealander who has appeared in numerous genre properties includingThe Lion,the Witch and the Wardrobe,Xena: Warrior Princess,Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,Young Hercules,Power Rangers DinoThunder,andPower Rangers Ninja Storm.


(9)TRUE CONFESSIONS.J.W.Ockerkicked off the Halloween seasonby watching the 1983 Disney/Ray Bradbury flickSomething Wicked This Way Comes.Oh,and by the way….

For whatever stupid,random twists that the universe throws at this planet to keep itself entertained,I happen to own the head of Will Halloway.Like,the actual physical prop.It's from the scene where he and Jim are running from the carnival at night and come full stop at a small guillotine that beheads a version of Will right in front of them.The severed head prop was created by Rob Schiffer,a famous Disney make-up artist who was responsible for turning Jonathan Winters into a pumpkin in theHalloween Hall of Fame show and a dog into a monster in the original Tim Burton shortFrankenweenie.He also worked on such properties asThe Black Hole,TRON,andEscape to Witch Mountain,as well as movies for other production houses.I mean,he did themakeup on everything fromThe Wizard of OztoWhatever Happened to Baby Jane?

(10)NPR AND COMICSGATE.NPR's investigative reporting showRevealdevoted an episode to explaining #ComicsGate:"Never Meet Your (Super) Heroes".Because of my bad hearing I haven't listened myself,however,person who emailed me the link says a feature of the show is aRolling Stonereporter interviewing Vox Day,publisher of the comics referenced in the following blurb —

There's a new battlefield in the culture wars: comic books.The alt-right now has gotten in the business,led by a buxom,Confederate flag-waving superhero named Rebel and a white vigilante who turns immigrants over to ICE.

(11)DOLLARGATE.Whatever else #ComicsGate is,Vox Day and Jon Del Arroz hope it's a revenue stream.However,one of Day's moves has offended some people and made both VD and JDA objects of social media scorn.Castalia House apologistBounding Into Comicstries to run interference for them in"Let's Not Turn #Comicsgate into #Dramagate".

Withcoordinated attackscoming from all sides,it's more critical than ever that #Comicsgate members keep their eye on the prize and don't turn into #dramaqueens who favor sniping and infighting over solidarity.Sadly,for those supporting this consumer revolt in the name of good comic books,and for the high profile figures within it,recent history may not be on our side.

On September 3rd,2018,Alt-Hero publisherVox Day announcedhis prospective Comicsgate imprint right here on Bounding Into Comics,and it would be an insult to diarrhea to say that the Comicsgate community understandably lost their crap in response.Whether Vox Day was trying to do something he deemed to be positive for the movement,or he was just trying to co-opt it a la Sad Puppies…or both,is mostly irrelevant;the fallout from his move was quite real,particularly when it came to author and occasional BIC contributorJon Del Arroz.

Over the course of 24 hours,Del Arroz,whose Sci-Fi and comic book work are both published by Day's imprints,was not only taken to task for his friendship with Day,but he would see some of his sociopolitical positions erroneously conflated with Day's.When the accused makes itcrystal clear that they disagreewith someone else's specific politics and yet they are still being taken to the woodshed for them,it's a pretty clear case of reactionary outrage….

(12)RECOVERING FROM A FORMER GOOD IDEA.BBC reports:"France removes toxic tyres from failed reef project".

Teams of divers are painstakingly lifting an artificial reef made of tens of thousands of old car tyres from the seafloor south of France,after it was found to spread pollution from toxic chemicals.

The operation is costing well over a million euros ($1.1m;£898,000) and is part-funded by the tyre manufacturer Michelin as well as the French state.

The divers are supported by a boat with lifting equipment.

Fish had been avoiding the area.

(13)LEGO PORG.SYFY Wire has made note that you will soon be able to buy your own Porg;some assembly required ("LEGO just brought a life-size Porg to Earth").

By now,we've seen just about all the Porg merch in this galaxy—Porg shirts,Porg Funko pops (of course),Porg bobbleheads,furry animatronic Porgs,a borderline terrifyingChewbacca and Porg backpack,and now alife-size LEGO Porg.

Yes,这是真实的,and it's one Porg that Chewie can't slow-roast over a fire.

TheLEGO kitlists for $69.99 and is listed on the company's site as "Coming Soon on Oct 1 2018".Features of the kit,per LEGO,are:

  • Features authentic detailing,an opening mouth and flapping wings.
  • Also includes a display stand with decorative fact plaque and an extra porg mini build.
  • Porg without stand stands over 7" (19cm) high.
  • Display stand measures approx.2" (6cm) high and 1" (3cm) deep,and over 4" (11cm) wide.
  • Relive fun porg adventures fromStar Wars: The Last Jedi.

(14)DISNEY STREAMING.Varietyhas a report ("Loki,Scarlet Witch to Get TV Series on Disney Streaming Service") that the as-yet unnamed Disney streaming service will have exclusive content from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Disney is enlisting Earth's Mightiest Heroes as the company prepares to launch its upcoming streaming service. The entertainment giant is in early development on an ambitious plan for a number of limited series centered on popular characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.These series will likely include shows centered on Loki and the Scarlet Witch,along with other beloved superheroes who have yet to appear in their own standalone movies.

Marvel and Disney had no comment.

There's an important distinction from other Marvel small screen efforts,however.The actors who portrayed these heroes and villains in the Avengers films and their spin-offs,汤姆希德勒斯顿和伊丽莎白·奥尔森等are expected to play them in the streaming shows.Moreover,though sources close to the production are staying mum on the cost of the programming,the budgets are expected to be hefty rivaling those of a major studio productions.Each series is expected to include six to eight episodes.Marvel Studios will produce the shows and Kevin Feige,the guru of all things MCU,is expected to take a hands-on role in their development.

[Thanks to Cat Eldridge,Mike Kennedy,JJ,Martin Morse Wooster,John King Tarpinian,Chip Hitchcock,Carl Slaughter,John A Arkansawyer,and Andrew Porter for some of these stories,,Title credit goes to File 770 contributing editor of the day Soon Lee.]

Pixel Scroll 5/15/18 Pixel sCrola.It's The Refreshing Cola With The Scrolling Taste You Love!

(1)ENCHANTED PORCH.Comics writer Gail Simone found something unexpected with the rest of the deliveries on her porch.Hilarious thread – starts here.

(2)HIDING INSIDE CHUCK TINGLE?The actor,appearing in disguise on a South Korean TV show,let people discover"Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is a surprisingly great singer".

Deadpoolis a natural performer,the superhero that's as good at wisecracking as he is at battling villains.So it shouldn't come as a big surprise that Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds can not only act,he can sing like a rock star.

While promotingDeadpool 2in Asia,Reynoldsentered a singing competitionon Korean TV while dressed liked a unicorn.

(3)DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN THIS.Ansible Linkspointed to the amazing cover design for Oregan Publishing's Kindle edition of Lovecraft'sThe Shadow Over Innsmouth,released May 7.

(4)UNSUBTLE.NPR's Glen Weldon on new releases:"‘Solo' Makes The Jump To Light-Speed … Eventually".

…You get the picture: Should you harbor burning questions about infinitesimal details of Han Solo's backstory that are entirely and hilariously immaterial to theStar Wars传奇更广泛的故事,or if you're prepping for a Han Solo-themed pub quiz,know that fan service doesn't get more serviceable thanSolo: A Star Wars Story.

For everyone else: Donald Glover's Lando is really,really smooth and funny!

Inasmuch asSolois,expressly and unambiguously,an origin story,it contains numerous winks to the more well-versed members of the audience (as when a character demands of Han,"Do you know what it's like to have a price on your head?" har har har).Actually,winkimplies subtlety — which is not,for director Ron Howard and screenwriters Jonathan and Larry Kasdan,a going concern….

(5)IN HOT TRIVIAL PURSUIT.NPR's Glen Weldon has also taken in the weekend's other blockbuster release:"Grim ‘N' Gritty Is Out,Glib ‘N' Smarmy Is In: ‘Deadpool 2′".

…There are,it is only fair to note,actual jokes inDeadpool 2— sincere,crafted,legitimately funny gags that are clearly the product of human thought and loving effort.There's … not alotof those,but they're there if you look,and should you happen across one,it will very likely delight you.

Because what's taking up most of the room that would otherwise be occupied by jokes inDeadpool 2‘s screenplay are those many,many,manyreferences.

It'sFamily Guy: The Movie.

Or,technically I suppose,it'sFamily Guy 2: Here Are Some More Mentions Of Other,Tangentially Related Things You Recognize And Like.

… And it's gonna make a kabillion dollars….

(6)BBC DEADPOOL ROUNDUP.The BBC also finds a mixed bag:"Deadpool 2: What the critics thought".

Many have welcomed the return of Reynolds' wise-cracking vigilante and his X-Force team,but it wasn't all five-star reviews.

Some felt that while the sequel stayed true to its predecessor's style of quickfire edgy jokes and send-ups of the superhero genre,it was starting to feel a bit cynical….

(7)VORKOSIVERSE.The cover was just revealed at Lois McMaster Bujold'sFacebook page.

(8)EARTHSEA.The Verge'sAndrew Liptak,in his art-filled post"This illustrated collection of Ursula K.Le Guin's Earthsea books finally does the series justice",saysThe Books of Earthseawill be in stores October 23.

Saga Press' editorial director Joe Monti tellsThe Vergethat the project was something he wanted to do from "day one," when he joined Simon & Schuster'sSaga Press in 2013.Last November the imprint released severalcollected editions在他的监督下的作家的作品。(Library of America likewise released an omnibus edition of some of her work withThe Hainish Novels & Stories,Volume One and Volume 2last year,as well.) While they had long wanted to tackle a comprehensive volume of Le Guin'sEarthseastories,something in the vein of the many omnibus editions of Tolkien'sLord of the Rings,Monti says that "Ursula was reticent" to the idea,having "been burned over the last several of decades" by creative partners that never listened or accepted her creative vision.


  • May 15,1968Witchfinder Generalwith Vincent Price is released.


  • Mark Hepworth spotted this horrific vision:

(11)CORREIA.Larry Correia expanded on yesterday's Facebook statement in today's blog post atMonster Hunter Nation:"Statement Concerning My Being Disinvited as the Guest of Honor for Origins Game Fair"[Internet Archive}.This included a fresh spin about Sad Puppies:

…Up next,there was much outrage about how I was a Sad Puppy.Correction,I was the original Sad Puppy,and I'm proud of that.Now,the way these people portray it,this was my evil scheme to rig the sainted Hugo awards,to get myself an award,and to also simultaneously keep women and minorities out of publishing.  Which is ironic,since by "rig" they meant I got more fans to participate in the voting,I turned down my nomination,and since the other people I got nominated included a bunch of women and minorities (as well as authors of various sexual orientations and belief systems) I must really suck at this bigotry thing.But keep in mind,the people slandering me over Sad Puppies are the same folks who the year before hailed 14 white liberals and 1 Asian liberal winning as a huge victory for diversity.

In reality,it was my attempt to demonstrate that the Hugo awards were not in fact an award to represent all of fandom,but were actually extremely politically biased,and dominated by a few small insular cliques.They went out of their way to prove I was right….

(12)INDUSTRY INSIDERS.Postedon Reddit,this is reportedly the text of a message sent by John Ward,Executive Director of Origins Game Fair,to the Game Manufacturers Association:

(13)A PIUS FINN.Declan Finn recommended some ideas for harassing Ward in"Correia was Ringoed".

…Though to be honest,I was sort of surprised this even worked once,on Ringo.He's a 亚博体育下载appbestselling author.He doesn't need the PR by going to cons.He goes to have fun and hang out.Larry too is also at the level where con appearances can only help the con,not himself.

But hey,it makes the SJWs feel good.It makes them think that they're getting something done.I suppose that pointing out to people that this will only force Larry to have more free time is a waste of time.

Now,I'm not going to suggest sending an email to GoDaddy about how the originsgamefair.com site is being used by John Ward to defame Larry Correia.

….Though you can email at abuse@godaddy.com,and send something like,oh,I don't know….

(14)CRITICAL CORRESPONDENCE.Jason Cordova's post"Origins"quoted the entirety of his letter to John Ward,which says in part:

…Mr.Correia had always shown grace,been polite,and worked with the concom of every convention he has attended.Those who seek to discredit and destroy him are abusing the rules of your convention in a manner which they were not meant for and raising enough of an outcry that your convention,undoubtedly,feels compelled to respond to.Unfortunately,instead of speaking with Mr.Correia,it appears that you have reacted in a manner which can only be described as "knee-jerk".You have allowed concern trolls to dictate your guest list while alienating you from a fan base which both pays to see their favorite author and supports other commercial endeavors at conventions as well.

Conventions such as Origins are supposed to be for all fans.However,with outward appearance of appeasement to the vocal minority who seek to undermine all of Mr.Correia's hard work as well as alienate his fan base from any future conventions you might host,it behooves me to suggest that you are hurting nobody but yourselves with this move….

(15)VOICE OF VOX.Vox Day's reaction"Larry Correia banned from Origins"[Internet Archive] largely consists of quotes:

This is almost unbelievable.SJWs are running completely amok.

[Screencap of John Ward's FB announcement]

It just goes to show that they will come for you eventually,no matter how minor your offenses against the Narrative may be.

[Text of Larry Correia's original response (without expanded text linked above)]

One gets the impression that Larry is simply too worn out with the Culture War to feel like fighting the SJWs anymore.And,let's face it,like John Ringo,he is too independently successful for their antics to do him any real harm.For now,anyhow.

(16)INTERNET TOXICITY.James Patrick Kelly made these posts at the end of February.I spotted them while doing some Google searches today.

It was possible at the time to read this as a tongue-in-cheek PR stunt that failed,since despite Correia's lobbying,Monster Hunter Legiondid not make the Hugo ballot.However,the next year he returned with reinforcements,birthing the insurgency known as the Sad Puppies.(The self-deprecating name refers to thisASPCA commercialwww.youtube.com/watch?v=IO9d2PpP7tQ.It's meant to compare pulp writers who provide entertainment to the masses,but get no recognition,to abused pets.) Not only did Correia have a new novel to flog,but he also posted aslatewww.monsterhunternation.com/2014/03/25/my-hugo-slateof twelve works of fiction and non-fiction that he urged his Puppy minions to nominate.As an act of provocation,he included a novelette by one Vox Day,a pseudonym for a notoriousinternettrollwww.time.com/4457110/internet-trollsnamed Theodore Beale.As Correia blogged,"...one of my stated goals was to demonstrate that SJWs would have a massive freak out if somebody with the wrong politics got on.So on the slate it went.I nominated Vox Day because Satan didn't have any eligible works that period." What's a SJW,you ask.Wikipedia explainshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_justice_warrior: "‘Social justice warrior" is a pejorative term for an individual promoting  socially progressive views, including feminism,civil rights,multiculturalism,and identity politics."

A follow-up installment,"Troll Bridge",takes a broad look at internet culture:

In 2018,the challenge of internet governance looms large.Last year thePew Research Centerwww.pewinternet.orgissued a report calledThe Future of Free Speech,Trolls,Anonymity and Fake News Onlinewww.pewinternet.org/2017/03/29/the-future-of-free-speech-trolls-anonymity-and-fake-news-online.The researchers asked 1,537 technology experts,scholars,corporate practitioners,and government leaders,"In the next decade,will public discourse online become more or less shaped by bad actors,harassment,trolls,and an overall tone of griping,distrust,and disgust?" Forty-two percent of the respondents said they expected no major change for better or worse in our current troubling online culture,while 39 percent thought that the next decade would see even more negative activity.Just 19 percent were hopeful that online interactions would be "less shaped" by harassment,trolling,and distrust.

These experts were invited to expand on their replies by considering how social media might evolve.Are there technologies on the horizon that might discourage trolling and encourage inclusive behaviors?How might these solutions impact free speech?

Their extended responses are well worth a look,although they fill some eighty pages in the PDF version,and,alas,reach no consensus.They fall into four broad themes.

(17)HOW'S YOUR SPANISH?Morgan Blackhand's Spanish-language blog post"Polémica en la Origins Game Fair"is highly critical of Correia and complimentary towards Origins Game Fair's decision to revoke his GoH invite.

(18)HOW'S YOUR ENGLISH?Meanwhile,Mad Genius Club'sAmanda S.Green defends and praises Larry Correia at length in"It is time to fight back" [Internet Archive.]

…Now,how many problems can you see with this statement by John Ward?I see a number.First,it is all about him.He didn't know.He wasn't aware.He felt it necessary re "recend" Larry's invitation.No mention that he discussed it with the rest of those folks involved with the running of the con.No mention that he did due diligence ahead of time to see who his guest of honor was or what he did.Note also there is no mention of the fact Larry is an avid gamer.Nope,Ward was told Larry was a bad man and knee-jerked his reaction.Now he is running and hiding and refusing to answer simple questions like "exactly how are Larry's views specifically unaligned with the philosophy" of the con?

I find it amazing Ward could issue this statement within an hour or so of first announcing Larry would be GoH and then the revocation of his invite and yet he couldn't be bothered to answer the many questions about why?

Oh,there's more.

Even as the con removed the thread on their Facebook page about Larry,they leftthis threadup.[Now removed] For those not wanting to go there,here's the image you need to be aware of.

Now,if you had seen this yesterday before Larry was uninvited,his name would have been included as one of the tagged authors.In fact,if you look at the book cover,you see him listed as the third author.So the con has no problem making money off of him.He's just not good enough to attend their con.Needless to say,there are a number of folks asking how long before this image is changed as well,possibly with the con organizers blacking out Larry's name or even asking for volunteers to help tear out the pages on which his story is printed.After all,we mustn't risk letting his annoying and dangerous ideas out into the gaming public.

(19)MORE PRO-CORREIA RESPONSE.Victory Girls Blogbegins"Origins Game Fair Caves to SJZ Brownshirts"like so:

The usual purple-haired,hairy armpitted,androgynous,"mayonnaise is a gender," social justice landwhales swung into action,whining about how upset they were that Larry was invited as Guest of Honor.They maligned him as a racist (he's actually a person of color),misogynist (despite the fact that Larry spent years teaching self defense to women),they claimed he was a terrible,awful person who made them feel unsafe (even though Larry has attended numerous conventions,and by every account was charming,bright,funny,friendly,and polite),and they demanded that Origins rescind the invitation,because SAD PUPPIES!

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian,Rev.Bob,Mike Kennedy,Cat Eldridge,Chip Hitchcock,JJ,Martin Morse Wooster,Andrew Porter,and Carl Slaughter for some of these stories.Title credit goes to File 770 contributing editor of the day Camestros Felapton.]

Pixel Scroll 4/20/18 A Fool And His Pixels Are Soon Parted

(1)SF IN NYT.Amal El-Mohtar's latestOtherworldlybook review column for the New YorkTimescovers"Princesses,Priestesses and Time Travel: What's New in Science Fiction and Fantasy"

What does it mean to retell a story?Does it mean dressing up a familiar tale in different clothes?Reading it against its grain?Replacing parts of a story like boards in a ship,until an old story's shape is built of entirely new wood?This month,I'm looking at recent books that are all retellings of one sort or another.

(2)EDITORS YOU RECOGNIZE.Amber Troska pays tribute to two editors in"Shaping the Speculative Fiction World: Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling".

It is difficult to overestimate the tremendous value of editors.The contributions that authors make to their respective fields,and their impact on the readers that encounter their work,can't be overstated either,of course—but it is equally important to remember that no truly great author goes it alone;there are always strong editors behind the scenes,shaping the individual stories themselves as well as the publishing world at large.The Hugo Awards are named for an editor,after all.

Yet I can count most of the editors I recognize by name on one hand.Even with such a limited group to choose from,only two have had an extremely significant,identifiable impact on me as a reader: Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow.I could never hope to cover everything the two have contributed to the publishing world—their careers have stretched too far and are too varied and far-reaching for me to do them full justice.However,there are several projects that are worth looking at in order to appreciate their impact and get a sense of how influential their work has been,and continues to be.

(3)AFRICAN SF EDITORS.FromThe Minnesota Review:"Editor Interview: Mazi Chiagozie Fred Nwonwu and Chinelo Onwualu of Omenana".

Mazi Chiagozie Fred Nwonwu and Chinelo Onwualu are co-founders and editors ofOmenana,a web-based literary magazine dedicated to publishing speculative/sci-fi/fantasy fiction by African writers.In this interview with Uche Okonkwo,Mazi Chiagozie and Chinelo talk African speculative fiction,life lessons,and writing and publishing as a labour of love.

UCHE OKONKWO: This idea that Africans don't write sci-fi/fantasy/speculative fiction is,I believe,part of the reason you startedOmenana.Where do you suppose this idea comes/came from and why did/does it persist?

MAZI CHIAGOZIE:I think it comes from that general misconception that Africa is a backward place that hasn't played any notable role in man's journey to the stars.So even Africans look at Africa as this place whose people only concern themselves with war,famine,dancing,and procreation.It's a view that has been propagated for a long time and has now come to offer a copout for people who don't want to do the work needed to unravel the complexity that is Africa and her varied nations and peoples.We are doing our bit to change the perception,but it continues to persist.And with Wakanda being a fictional place,will continue to persist.

CHINELO ONWUALU:I think the idea that Africans don't write speculative fiction is born out of the rather racist definitions that limit what speculative fiction is to the sorts of things written by white men in North America and Europe.Thus,when Africans write speculatively,it's often dismissed as folklore or fable telling.

I feel many of us have adopted this same attitude as part of the deep-seeded practicality that is common with a lot of oppressed groups.Because our systems are so broken – often by colonialist design – we don't see a lot of value in imaginative endeavours that might divert our energies from the struggle for daily survival.Combined with the devaluation of cultural artefacts like our stories,traditions and beliefs,many of us end up dismissing creative pursuits as wastes of time.

(4)ONCE LESS IN THE BREACH DEAR FRIENDS.David Langford tells about a program Terry Pratchett asked him to write in"The Silicon Critic"at theMilford SF Writersblog

Milford participants often have distinctive personal crotchets when commenting on stories,and John Brunner's (as I remember from the 1980s) was a particular sensitivity to repetition.Sometimes it seemed that the unintended re-use of a significant word too soon after its last appearance pained him more than a gaping plot hole.The "deliberate repetition for effect" card could be played only so often,especially if you hadn't noticed the repetition of "repetition" and the fact that it's now appeared four times in one paragraph.

Terry Pratchett was another author who worried about such things.In 1998 he invited me to write a little Windows application to monitor his own use of favourite words.This,he stipulated,was to be namedBicarbbecause the idea was to stop you repeating….

(5)ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST.The Hollywood Reporterpicked up the con's Twitter announcements:"Universal FanCon Suddenly Postponed a Week Before Event"

The Baltimore convention created to celebrate diversity has not been rescheduled.

A week out from its announced debut,organizers have confirmed that Universal Fan Con,the new convention created to celebrate diversity and inclusivity in fandom,will not take place and has been postponed to an as-yet unspecified date.

In a series of tweets,organizers said that they were "devastated to make this postponement decision," and shared that there is a "contingency plan" for those whose travel to Baltimore next week was already booked and are unable to reschedule their trip.

Although no official reason has yet been given for the sudden postponement — social media accounts for the event were promoting the show as recently as yesterday — a source toldHeat Visionthat the event "has a financial deficit." In January,Heat Vision talked to Universal FanCon executive director Robert Butler,who said that the Kickstarter campaign to fund the show had been "a greater success than we could have imagined," raising twice the amount initially asked for….

One committee member announced her resignation:

One dealer publicized how the cancellation is affecting him financially – start the thread here.

The con committee now has posted a FAQ on their website:http://www.universalfancon.com/.They claim the con will be held at a later date.

Why are you postponing FanCon?

Currently we are in a financial deficit that will not allow us to operate the convention within budget.Accordingly,we have made the decision to postpone and reschedule FanCon so we can put forward the type of event our fans deserve.

Why did you wait so long to postpone the event?

The FanCon team worked really hard up to the last minute to put forward an amazing event.However,it became clear in our last team meeting that we would not be able to deliver the event the fans deserved without more time.

How long will the event be postponed?

Once we are able to fully assess our options,we will make an announcement.

(6)ANDERSON OBIT.Harry Anderson (1952-2018): US actor and writer,died April 16,aged 65.Genre roles includeTales from the Darkside(one episode,1985),Mother Goose Rock ‘n' Rhyme(1990),Tales from the Crypt(one episode,1990),It(1990),Harvey(1996),Lois & Clark(one episode,1997),Nightmare Ned(voice for video game,1997),Noddy(one episode,1998).He also wrote one 1992 episode ofTales from the Crypt.


  • Born April 20,1937– George Takei
  • Born April 20,1939– Peter S.Beagle
  • Born April 20,1964– Andy Serkis


  • Lise Andreasen discovered it's not all play time when you're a werewolf.

(9)EATING THE FANTASTIC.Scott Edelman hopes you will"Share spring rolls with Stoker Award-winning author Elizabeth Massie"in Episode 64 of hisEating the Fantasticpodcast.

Elisabeth Massie

It's time to head to Providence,Rhode Island for the final episode of Eating the Fantastic recorded during this year's StokerCon,following my Italian lunch withPaul Di Filippoand a Portuguese dinner withVictor LaValle.

This episode I wandered off with one of the con's Guests of Honor,Elizabeth Massie,for lunch atApsara,a restaurant which serves up Cambodian,Thai,Vietnamese,and Chinese cuisine.Massie made her first professional fiction sale 35 years ago,and since then has won two Bram Stoker Awards for the critically acclaimed novels and short stories which followed.

We discussed whyBionic WomanLindsay Wagner is the one to thank for her Stoker Award-winning first novelSineater,how reading Robert Bloch'sPsychoat a young age was like a knife to her heart,which episode ofTwilight Zonescared the crap out of her,why you'll probably never get to read herMillenniumandLaw & Ordernovels,her nearly impossible task of writing one spooky book for each of the 50 states in the U.S,whyKolchak: The Night Stalkerwas her favorite franchise to play in,the great-great grandfather who cut off his own head with a homemade guillotine,whichDark Shadowssecret was only revealed in her tie-in novel,and much more.

(10)NO B5."J.Michael Straczynski Says With Current Warner Bros.Execs,Babylon 5 Never Going to Happen"Bleeding Coolhas the story:

During an extended series of tweets on Thursday evening,Babylon 5 creator J.Michael Straczynski expressed at length that the award winning science fiction series' current television rights holder Warner Bros.has no intention of either doing anything with the license themselves,or of letting anyone else do anything with it….

(11)HELP WANTED.Hugo nomineenerds of a featherhas put out a call:"New Contributors Wanted: 2018".

Who we're looking for:we are looking for people who (1) write well and don't need extensive copyediting,(b) appreciate our brand of humor,(c) understand and are ready to abide by our established format and scoring system and (d) are otherwise good fits with our voice and style.We are not,however,looking for automatons who agree with the rest of us on anything and everything.

We would also like to note that one of our goals is to feature a diverse range of voices on the topics that matter to us.As such,we encourage writers of all backgrounds to apply.

Caveat:we know lots of you have awesome projects you want everyone to know about,but since these are regular contributor positions,we would like to emphasize that this would not be an appropriate forum to use for promoting that awesomeness (aside from your blogging awesomeness,of course).

(12)WHAT'S THAT SMELL?Here's a no good very bad article for everyone to disagree with: Olivia Ovenden asks"What's Going Wrong With Sci-Fi?"atEsquire.

"One of the problems with science fiction," said Ridley Scott back in 2012 ahead of the release ofPrometheus,"is the fact that everything is used up.Every type of spacesuit,every type of spacecraft is vaguely familiar.The corridors are similar,the planets are similar.So what you try to do is lean more heavily on the story and the characters."

Great science fiction has always done just that.So why have a recent string of releases shown less interest in the story than the spaceships?Is sci-fi a genre in trouble?

(13)PUNCH BROTHERS,PUNCH WITH CARE.Declan Finn says his personal solution would be what Asimov described as "the last resort of the incompetent" —"The John Ringo and ConCarolinas issue".

I've been scratching my head for a while about whether or not I was going to do a blog post for thewhole ConCarolinas debacle.

You know,howthey told John Ringo that they couldn't guarantee his safety,etc.THEN the announcement they released about his not attending seemed … poorly managed.

To be honest,I'd never heard of them until thisfashlahappened.So they made a great first impression on me.

So much so that they convinced to never attend their convention,as a guest or even as just an attendee.

And no,it's not necessarily "Oh,look what they did to Ringo."

I am doing something radical.I will take them ENTIRELY AT THEIR WORD that they can't guarantee the safety of one of their own guests against the angry hordes of Social Justice Zombies.

On THEIR OWN TERMS,I should be concerned to even walk the halls as a regular attendee carrying a John Ringo book.While I have no problem defending myself,I to go conventions to have a good time.I don't want to spend the majority of the con in cuffs because some dickheads decide "You're a Ringo fan,therefore you're [insert cliche lefty insults here]" and therefore I have to beat them senseless.

(14)ERASURE.Sarah A.Hoyt rehashed Sad Puppy history in"Of Conservatives And Conventions"[Internet Archive link] atPJ Media.

…I went over to John Ringo's page and read about it.  As far as I could tell,a bunch of people on Twitter had been badgering both the con-committee and the other (very leftist) guest about inviting someone who was… what the heck was he?  I don't know.

In the beginning,the accusation against him was that he was "Puppy Adjacent."

For those of you wanting to follow this at home,the score card is this: Five years ago,my friend Larry Correia started a movement called Sad Puppies,which was a half joking attempt to get books not of solid leftist bent (not even right wing,just not preachy left) nominated for the Hugo,which used to be one of the most prestigious fan awards in science fiction.

When Larry tired of the game after two years,my friend Brad Torgersen took it over…

Vox Day was a little offended to find that he and the Rabid Puppies have been erased from Hoyt's version of history —"SJWs in SF: Sad Puppy version"[Internet Archive link.]

I find this rather fascinating for what it omits.The Baen cum Sad Puppies crowd is in an uncomfortable position not terribly different from that of Never Trump and the cuckservatives.They are accustomed to being the sole opposition to the SJWs in science fiction,and viewing themselves as the proper and respectable opposition,so they really don't know what to do about the Rabid Puppies or the considerably less accommodating opposition that is now represented by Castalia House,Arkhaven,and Dark Legion.Nor do they understand how various trends favor the growth of our influence,in part at their expense.

So,they push a narrative to the public in which we don't exist,even though without us,Sad Puppies would have remained what it was prior to our involvement,a minor bump in the road that didn't even require any suppression outside of the usual routine.This is not to say that what they did was not admirable,and indeed,their construction of the Dragon Awards will likely prove to be more significant in the long run than our demolition of the Hugo Awards.I merely observe that their efforts would have been insufficient in our absence.

But unlike the SJW narrative,the Sad Puppy narrative does not harm us at all.I am content to let them push it in peace;after all,they are not the enemy.Right now,we are marshaling our forces and preparing to engage in offensives on multiple fronts,some of which are known and others which will prove to be unexpected….

Let the others trail in our wake at their own pace.As long as they refrain from either attacking us or getting in our way,they are not part of the problem.They are trying to be part of the solution,even if they go about it in different and suboptimal ways.

[Hat tip toCamestros Felapton.]

(15)VIDEO OF THE DAY.inStems,Scottish animator Ainslie Henderson shows how he takes found objects and turns them into stop-motion animation.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian,ULTRAGOTHA,Steve Green,JJ,Cat Eldridge,Martin Morse Wooster,Chip Hitchcock,Mark Hepworth,Andrew Porter,Lise Andreasen,and Carl Slaughter for some of these stories.Title credit belongs to File 770 contributing editor of the day Ky.]

Pixel Scroll 3/17/18 Several Species Of Small Furry Filers Gathered Together In A Scroll And Grooving With A Pixel

(1)DISNEY EXTRACTS HAND FROM COOKIE JAR.Design Taxireports"Disney Redesigns ‘Star Wars' Posters After Getting Called Out For Plagiarism".

Disney has unveileda new set of posters for the upcomingSolo: A Star Wars Storyafter its previous artworks werecalled out by a French artist for plagiarism.

In this redesigned collection,Disney has amended the graphics whilst sticking to a similar color scheme.

Each character remainspaired with a unique color.For instance,‘Han' is matched with an orange-red aesthetic,‘Lando' gets a blue hue,while ‘Q'ira' receives a pink-purple scheme.

(2)SCRYING THE CRYSTAL CLARKE.Ian Mond takes his shot at predicting the Clarke Award shortlist in"Brief Thoughts on the Arthur C.Clarke Award 2018 Submissions List"atThe Hysterical Hamster.

Mark Hepworth did the same in acomment here onFile 770.

(3)MANO-A-MANO.Steven Barnes,while speculating about which characters will get killed off in the next Avengers movie,added aninteresting cultural critique of the martial arts inBlack Panther.

this is petty,and a trivial objection,but another missed opportunity was the battle between T'Challa and Killmonger during the ceremony.It relates to a complaint I had about Civil War (which I loved).This is from a life-long martial artist's perspective,so I'm only partially serious.The problem is this: BP fought like everyone else in Civil War,and his technique looked very Asian.Korean in the kicks.Not what the Prince of Wakanda would use,because African arts are as lethal.But in BP,both T'Challa and Killmonger fought pretty much the same.I find it difficult to believe that Killmonger,never having been in Wakanda,would fight with techniques that look as if he had been trained by the same people who trained T'Challa.They could have had a fascinating clash of styles.But that is really nit-picking.

(4)PANTHER POLITICAL ANALYSIS.AtBlog of the APA: In"Black Issues in Philosophy: A Conversation on The Black Panther",Greg Doukas and Lewis Gordon discuss the politics and ethics of leading characters in the movie.

GREG DOUKAS: I am thoroughly perplexed by the reaction exhibited in some of my friends and colleagues,whose ideas I otherwise ordinarily agree with.The proposition they raise,and which I've been troubled by,is this: Over the duration of the film,our hero T'Challa [the Black Panther] makes a transformation from a nativist into a character representing a liberal politics of amelioration and liberalism more generally,while his nemesis Killmonger emerges as a distinctly Fanonian character in his own politics by presenting a radical critique of colonialism and racism.

LEWIS GORDON: This is far from the case.First,Killmonger is not Fanonian.He is a tyrant.Fanon believed in radical democracy.Wakanda is clearly a republic and possibly a constitutional monarchy in which each member of the society contributes as counsel and skilled citizen.It's clearly a city-state or what in ancient Greek is called apolis,in whichpoliteia(the thriving of citizens through activities cultivated by such a social space) is expected to occur.Killmonger is more like the case studies of colonial disorders in the later part of Fanon'sThe Damned of the Earth.He is a tyrant because his relationship to everyone was asymmetrical,driven by resentment and hate,and his regard for life was nil.Think of how he killed his loyal girlfriend Linda and how he ultimately aimed to destroy or destabilize Wakanda—a functioning African state—with the now faddish Afropessimistic declaration of "burning it all down."  His ego was such that he wanted to bar,through destruction of the special vibranium affected plant,the possibility of future Black Panthers emerging.Bear in mind also that T'Challa was not against fighting/violence.His point is that it should be used only when necessary,and he was doing so always on behalf of justice and a people in whose respect rested his legitimacy.Killmonger didn't care about respect from the people.He also didn't have respect for them.His "legitimacy" was like,say,Donald Trump's: achieved purely from the strict adherence to the imperfect rules,though unlike Trump he actually defeated his opponent in fair combat.The people revolted against him not because he won the ritualistic battle but because his tyrannical rule defied the virtues the battle was to manifest.They fought against him in fidelity to the spirit of the rules.

(5)IMPRESSIVE.Rich Lynch actually came up with video of the Octavia Butler clue from Friday's episode of game showJeopardy!Click here:Jeopardy!Butler clue

(6)WHO AGAINST GUNS.Comics Beatupdates readers:"Who Against Guns raises $16,000".

We've been reporting on the fan-led effort known as Who Against Guns forseveral weeks now. Today,just over two weeks after the start of the campaign which launched February 26,organizers have announced that they'veraised $16,000for these gun violence prevention charities:Community Justice Reform Coalition,March For Our Lives,theBrady Campaign to Prevent Gun ViolenceandMoms Demand Action.

(7)TOLKIEN'S DOG STORY.Middle-Earth Reflectionstakes up J.R.R.Tolkien'sRoverandom.

OriginallyRoverandomwas conceived in 1925 when the TolkiensRonald and Edith with their sons John,Michael and Christopherwent on a family holiday to Filey,Yorkshire.They rented a cottage with the view of the sea and the beach to spend a big part of September there.At that time the Tolkiens' second boy Michael,who was about five years old,had a small,black-and-white toy dog.The boy  was extremely fond of it to the extent that he never parted with it.It was an unfortunate loss of that beloved toy during a walk on the beach one day and unavailing search for it that led Tolkien to make up a story about the dog's adventures to explain its disappearance to the saddened boy.

In 1936,whenThe Hobbitwas accepted for publication by Allen & Unwin,Tolkien was asked for more children's stories,so he sent inRoverandomtogether withMr BlissandFarmer Giles of Ham.However,Roverandomwas not published then: in 1937The Hobbitcame out,proved a tremendous success and the publishers demanded more Hobbit stories from the author.It was only in 1998 that Rover's tale finally saw the light of day.

Just like some other stories written by Tolkien,Roverandombegan as something told to the amusement (or,in this case,consolation was the initial motive) of his own family.But as the story began to grow,it inevitably drew in more aspects of Tolkien's background and interests.From a simple children's story it established connections with Tolkien's own Legendarium,Norse mythology,Arthurian legends,folklore,history and real events which took place at the time when the story was being created and written down.

(8)SPOILER WARNING.In Zhaoyun's"Microreview [TV series]: The Frankenstein Chronicles"forNerds of a Feather,the spoiler isn't what you think.

It's one of the longest-running gags in show business: cast Sean Bean in your TV series and there is an extremely high chance his character will perish by the end of season one.If in a movie,he'll probably die heroically,indeed motivationally,spurring the surviving heroes on to greater successes;in TV series,his specter looms over the remainder of the show,meaning everything that happens from then on occurs in the shadow of his sacrifice (since he is usually innocent of any wrongdoing but is executed/killed anyway).So when I finally watched The Frankenstein Chronicles,I knew to expect a gruesome end for Bean's "John Marlott" at the end of season one.I don't even feel the need to issue a spoiler alert so far,because Sean Bean's near-inevitable death early in projects is a truth universally acknowledged.

(9)TENTH ANNIVERSARY.Kasmaeditor Alex Korovessis offers10 Years of SFas a free download:

10 Years of SF!is an anthology featuring some of the 亚博体育下载appbest stories I have had the privilege to publish over the past 10 years,sinceKasma'sinception in 2009.It is available freely by clicking the appropriate button below.

(10)THE MORE THINGS CHANGE.A fan lamented:

In the few months I have been an active member of fandom,I have found knit into its fabric a conglomeration of ego,hate,progressiveness,overbearing acts,belligerence,perversities,totalitarianism,crack-pot ideas and every good and bad thing that goes to make up the outside world.

Today on Facebook?No,these are the words of Clarence "Sully" Roberds,an Illinois fan writing in November of 1939.Think about that the next time you read a complaint that fandom isn't what it used to be.


  • John King Tarpinian passes alongDrabble'sstfnal St.Paddy's joke.
  • AndBizarro'stribute to the Sasquatch.

(12)2019 HUGO RECOMMENDATIONS.Coffee break's over – back to work!

Click to see Renay's2019 Hugo Sheet(at Google Docs).

(13)OFTEN IMITATED.Inversecelebrated the release ofForbidden Planeton March 15 in"62 Years Ago Today,the Template for All Sci-Fi Movies Was Born".

Nearly everyscience fictionstory you know and love today owes it all to one movie that came out in 1956,a film that set the standard for how sci-fi stories work for the modern audience.Franchises likeStar WarsandStar Trekmight have defined sci-fi for generations,but Fred McLeod Wilcox'sForbidden Planetbasicallycreatedsci-fi as we know it.

There's even an opening scrawl with yellow text more than 20 years before the first Star Wars movie.

(14)BALLS."Ikea Is Developing The Meatball Of The Future"– no,it's not made from ground-up Billy bookcases.

Ikea is the largest furniture retailer in the world.But did you know that it's also likely the largestmeatballretailer in the world?Across its 340 stores worldwide,Ikea feeds people 2 million meatballs each day.Which is why Ikea's high-concept Space10 lab is experimenting with a meatball of the future–one that uses zero actual meat.They call itthe Neatball.

…The Space10 team is careful to clarify that none of these items are coming to market,but it's interesting to see Ikea's thought process on the future of food all the same.After all,Ikea has already given us a veggie version of its famous meatballs that peopleseem to like.And Space10 releasedmeatball conceptsnot long ago that have since gone from art project to fully cooked concept here–because that's what Space10 does: It prototypes the future for Ikea.

(15)AMAZON VS.CONSERVATIVES.Vox Day finds that Amazon's alleged massacre of conservative authors' book reviewsis highly exaggerated[Internet Archive].

Of course,the mere fact that there is a closed alliance of authors with personal relationships who pay very close attention to reviews may explain at least a reasonable percentage of these deletions,given the terms of service.I checked out my reviews and it looks like ten or fewer reviews were deleted across all my various book listings.Not only that,but several of the reviews were one-star fake reviews,so two of my average ratings actually increased.This made me suspect that the deleted reviews were likely in open violation of Amazon's terms of service,whichAmanda Green's investigationappears to have generally confirmed.

He also says in a comment:

Don't get Clintonian.It's not tricky at all.Are they family?Are they close friends?Did they work on your book?

If so,then don't review their books.

That being said,I think Amazon would be well advised to limit reviews to Verified Purchases in addition to whatever conflict-of-interest limitations they see fitting.

Let's face it,the world doesn't need any more reviews on the lines of "I am so-and-so's mother and I can't believe he wrote a whole book!It's really good!"

(16)COMICS RANT.The comics artist Colleen Doran went on an epic Twitter rant about "diversity hires."

It implies things about race,it implies things about sex,it implies things about sexuality.And because I can't read your mind,I don't really know what "diversity hire" means to you.But I know what it means to me.So tread that ground with care.

Start the thread here —

(17)THE FORCE IS WITH THEM.Pacific Standardprofiles"The Jedi Faithful".

Disambiguating real-world practices from the traditions that theStar Warsfranchise established is not so much a passing curiosity as one of the central reasons the group of Jedi has assembled here for the weekend.Belief in the Force here on Earth is ultimately simple enough,a matter of faith that requires no greater suspension of disbelief than praying to any other life-force or deity.However,the practical extension of that belief,as demonstrated in theStar Warscanon—namely,that one can use the Force to exert mental influence on the external world—poses a larger problem: The cosmos,absent green screens,doesn't so easily succumb to the will.

And so,for those following the Gospel of Lucas,life can often seem a battle of approximations.Lightsabers here on Earth aren't in fact shafts of light,but an alloy of plastic and LEDs.Jedi on Earth have downgraded telekinesis fornoetic sciencesand a belief that collective thought can influence external change.And,as their possession of DVD box sets,plastic lightsabers,andStar Warskitsch indicates,they,unlike their fictional counterparts,haven't quite subscribed to an ascetic's denial of worldly attachments

(18)MAGIC SCHOOLS.L.Jagi Lamplighter saysSuperversive SF'sFantastic Schools and Where to Find Themblogis "just a fun thing a couple of us are doing–covering magic schools and schooling in general.We are open to posts from anyone who writes about Magic Schools.It's just a labor of love kind of thing.Nothing big.(Or anyone who has an opinion on either magic schools or schools in general.)"

She penned their most recent post:"Which Magic School Is For You: Roke".

How many of you ever wished you could attend Roke?I bet many readers don't even know what Roke is.

Once upon a time,in the long-ago dream time of the 1970s and 80s,there were three fantasy series everyone read: Tolkien'sLord of the Rings,C.S.Lewis'sNarnia Chronicles,andUrsula LeGuin's Earthsea Trilogy.Everyone who read fantasy had read all three,and they were considered equally great.

I remember the day,some years ago now,when I realized that while Narnia and Lord of the Rings had made the grade,Earthsea had been basically forgotten.Many modern fantasy fans had never heard of the books.They didn't even know that LeGuin had invented one of their favorite concepts: the magic school.

But Ursula Leguin's magic school in Wizard of Earth Sea was the first time a fantasy writer thought "Gee,we see so many wizards in stories.Who trains them?Where do they go to school?"

And what she gave us was Roke.

(19)MUPPETS.Gwynne Watkins,in the Yahoo Entertainment story"Miss Piggy's ‘a mess inside': Frank Oz and puppeteer pals reveal Muppet secrets",interviews several associates of Jim Henson who are promoting Frank Oz's HBO documentaryMuppet Guys Talking.

If I were thinking about,from a viewer's perspective,which Muppet changed the most over time,I would sayMiss Piggy.

Oz:Yeah,probably so.But Piggy is a different situation.I've said this before: Her beginnings were in the women's liberation movement,just by accident.And I don't consciously change things,but the characters don't interact with the world —Iinteract withmyworld.And I don't interact in such a way where I say,"Oh,I've got to put that in my character." I think because of the zeitgeist,it just kind of happens without me knowing it.But Piggy's a little different.Piggy is such a mess inside,that I think as the years go on,she gets more and more emotional baggage.And that's mainly why she changes.She keeps being rejected by the frog.She keeps trying and cannot do the things that she wants to,like tell jokes or dance.So I think she has this emotional baggage that hurts her more and more and more,and as a result she covers more and more and more.That's what I think.

[Thanks to JJ,Mark Hepworth,Andrew Porter,John King Tarpinian,rcade,Cat Eldridge,David Doering,Carl Slaughter,and Mike Kennedy for some of these stories.Title credit goes to File 770 contributing editor of the day Ken Richards.]

Pixel Scroll 2/3/18 As God Is My Witness,I Thought Pixels Could Scroll!

(1)QUEEN OF PULP.Twitter'sPulp Librariantoday did a retrospective of illustrator Margaret Brundage,"the Queen of Pulp," with lots of herWeird Talescovers from the 1930s.Jump on the thread here —

(2)ELLEN KLAGES DONATES CLARION WEST INSTRUCTORSHIP.Clarion West announced Karen Lord is the recipient of"The Sally Klages Memorial Instructorship 2018".

The Sally Klages Memorial Instructorship will be awarded in 2018 in memory of Sally Klages,with love from her sister Ellen Klages….

Ellen Klages' tribute begins —

Sally was a writer.I never heard her say that she wanted to be one;she simply proclaimed,proudly,that she was.She wrote every day in tiny,cramped cursive: working on her autobiography,lectures to her Invisible Friends,instructions about how life ought to be led.

Like many of us,she owned dozens of notebooks and countless pens,and was never without them.She once packed a gallon-sized Ziploc bag of pens and markers into her carry-on bag for a two-hour flight,"in case one runs out." Writing was her joy,her recreation,her solace.

Sally was born with Down Syndrome.As far as she was concerned,that wasn't a handicap — it was what made her special.And she was.She was Valedictorian of her class at Northeast Training Center,and an employee at Columbus State University for 17 years.She was one of the founding members of the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio (DSACO),she was on the board of the National Down Syndrome Conference,and was a featured speaker there in 1989.An active participant in the Special Olympics,she won more than three dozen medals in swimming,diving,track and field,bowling,and cross-country skiing….

[ViaLocus Online.]

(3)PICACIO AT THE MIKE.In"Your 2018 Hugo Awards MC Is…."John Picacio tells why he is proud to be Worldcon 76's choice.

Today,the 76th World Science Fiction Conventionhas announced me as the Master of Ceremonies for this year'sHugo Awardsin San Jose,CA,while also announcing thatthe Hugo Awards' Nominations Period is now open!Having won two Hugos for 亚博体育下载appBest Professional Artist,I know how much the Hugos mean to the sf/f field,and it's a huge honor to serve this stage in front of my colleagues and heroes.Worldcon 76 asked me to be the 2018 Hugo MC last August so it's been fun keeping that under wraps the last five months,even after being announced as this year's Artist Guest of Honor.

There's some history that comes along with this role.

  • I'm the first visual artist to ever be a Hugo Awards MC.I think this could perhaps be a harbinger of Hugo Ceremonies to come.Many of our 亚博体育下载appbest visual creators — such asBrom,Todd Lockwood,Ruth Sanderson,Gregory Manchess,and more — are becoming author / artist / storytellers,conjuring the words and pictures of their own 亚博体育下载appbestselling books and media.Our next generation of illustrators are aspiring to tell their own stories,just as much as becoming hired guns.I suspect there will be more artists following through the Hugo MC door behind me,and they'll likely come from this expanding universe of hybrid,contemporary artists.
  • I'm only the third Worldcon Guest of Honor to also serve as Hugo Awards MC at the same Worldcon.I believeConnie WillisandDavid Gerroldare the only others to do this in the con's 76-year history.We must all be insane.?.
  • I'm especially proud to be the first Mexicanx to ever serve as a Hugo Awards MC.I love being first,but the most important thing is that I'm not the last.With the daily assaults upon our DREAMers,villainizing of our culture by racists,and terroristic threats against our citizens,we're living in an important moment for Mexicanx north and south of the border.I'm looking forward to sharing my spotlight with all of them.

(4)WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT.2016 Clarke Award judge David Gullen discusses what the experience taught him about his own fiction writing:"Things I Learned Judging the Arthur C.Clarke Award"atMedium.

At some point during reading those 113 books it occurred to me what a difficult thing writers are trying to do and just how many different things each author is trying to get right.It's not just character and plot and pace and tension,world-building,good dialogue,effective exposition,setting story questions and keeping story promises,it's also trying to get that motivating vision in your head down onto the page.Even a pretty ordinary book takes a lot of effort.If you assume each of those books took 6 months to write?—?and many would have taken more?—?that is 57 years of effort,not far from the entire productive life of a single person.


(6)READERCON PRUNES PROGRAM INVITE LIST.Several older,white male writers who have participated on Readercon's program in previous years have posted to Facebook over the past month that they have been notified they won't be on this year's program,or simply haven't received the expected invitation.There's no reason they have to be happy about it,and understandable if it triggers a bit of insecurity and resentment.However,the whiff of controversy around this development is not completely unlike Jon Del Arroz' certainty that politics were the real reason he was rotated off BayCon programming.

Allen Steelewrote on Facebook yesterday:

The other convention I've usually gone to in the past,but will no longer attend,is Readercon.I've been an invited guest since Readercon 2 (had to skip the first one because of a schedule conflict),and have attended most of the 36 previous conventions … and then last year,without any sort of notice or explanation,I wasn't invited.I was recovering from last year's pancreas operation,so I probably wouldn't have been able to show up anyway,but I wondered why nonetheless.

This year,I have an explanation … just not a good one.It appears,in an effort to be fair to young new writers,Readercon has been sending out form email letters to older authors such as myself (everyone known to have received the letter is male and above age 50),telling them that they've been dropped from the program participant list and therefore will not be invited guests.

Oh,we're still welcome to attend,if we pay the registration fee.In fact,because of our exalted former status,we're entitled to a 25% discount … if we go to a private registration site and enter the password (get this) PASTPRO.

So not only have we been told that we're not welcome to come as professionals,we're also being told that we're no longer professionals,period.

I haven't received the letter … but neither have I been invited.As I said,I wasn't invited last year either,nor was I ever offered a reason why.To their program chair,I sent a polite letter calmly explaining why the letter is demeaning,insulting,and for the convention disastrously short-sighted;the response I got was a "so sorry you feel that way" blow-off.This pretty much confirms that I've been cast into the outer darkness for being … well,let's not go there.And even if I'm not on the "past pro" list,I won't come to a convention that would treat my friends and colleagues this way.

I mention this because I usually see at Readercon quite a few people who follow this page.Sometimes they bring copies of my books so I can sign them,and they need to know in advance not to use valuable suitcase-space.Sorry,guys … this year,it's Boskone and the Hong Kong SF Forum only.At least those conventions still have respect for senior authors.

A month ago Ian Randall Strocksaid he got the letterand named two others who'd received it:

It seemsReaderconhas begun their apparently new tradition of uninviting past guests.Last year,it wasDarrell Schweitzer.Today,I got the letter,as didWarren Lapine.

Anyone else get the email (under the subject line "Thank you for your service to Readercon") starting out "There's no easy way to say this,so I'll be straightforward: you won't be receiving an invitation to participate in programming for Readercon 29."?

Another thought occurs: are they only doing this to folks who are also dealers,thinking we'll be there anyway?I'll have to run the numbers to see if it's worth attending.

Readercon 29takes place July 12-15 in Quincy,MA.


  • February 3,1993Star Trek: Deep Space Nine在电视联合首映。


  • BornFebruaryJanuary 3,1892– J.R.R.Tolkien [never mind….]


  • Mike Kennedy sendsPearls Before Swinewith an observation that sounds just like the kind of dismal thing Kurt Vonnegut would come up with.So you'll love it,right?(?)
  • John King Tarpinian discovered a horrific satirical cereal box inOff the Mark.(Was that a description or a pleonasm?)
  • JJ admires Grant Snider'sThe Specter of FailureatIncidental Comics.
  • Via RedWombat –

(10)ARE YOU SURPRISED?Mental Flosstempts readers with"16 Surprising Facts About Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451".Some are no more surprising than this —


A popular apocryphal story is that Bradbury hammered outFahrenheit 451in just over a week.That story is wrong: It was the 25,000-word "The Fireman" that hewrotein that time period.The author wouldlaterrefer to the short story as "the first version" of the eventual novel.But over the years,he would often speak about "The Fireman" andFahrenheit 451interchangeably,which has caused some confusion.


Bradbury and wife Marguerite McClure had two children in 1950 and 1951,and he was in need of a quiet place to write but had no money for renting an office.In a2005 interview,Bradbury said:

"I was wandering around the UCLA library and discovered there was a typing room where you could rent a typewriter for 10 cents a half-hour.So I went and got a bag of dimes.The novel began that day,and nine days later it was finished.But my God,what a place to write that book!I ran up and down stairs and grabbed books off the shelf to find any kind of quote and ran back down and put it in the novel.The book wrote itself in nine days,because the library told me to do it."


Bradbury's nine days in the library cost him,by hisown estimate,just under $10.That means he spent about 49 hours writing "The Fireman."

(11)NOT YOUR TYPICAL FLORIDA MAN STORY.FromFuturism,"Florida Man Becomes First Person to Live With Advanced Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm".

Prosthetics have advanced drastically in recent years.The technology's potential has eveninspired many,like Elon Musk,to ask whether we may be living as "cyborgs" in the not-too-far future.For Johnny Matheny of Port Richey,Florida,that future is now.Matheny,who lost his arm to cancer in 2005,has recently become the first person to live with anadvanced mind-controlled robotic arm.He received the arm in December and will be spending the next year testing it out.

The arm was developed byJohns Hopkins Applied Physics Labas part of their programRevolutionizing Prosthetics.The aim of the program,which is funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA),is to create prosthetics that are controlled by neural activity in the brain to restore motor function to where it feels entirely natural.The program is specifically working on prosthetics for upper-arm amputee patients.While this particular arm has been demoed before,Matheny will be the first person to actually live with the prosthesis.The program does hope to have more patients take the tech for a longterm test run,though.

(12)FROM SOMEWHERE BESIDES LAKE WOEBEGONE.Since the firing of Garrison KeillorA Prairie Home Companionhas a new host and a new name – Cat Eldridge reviews"Live from Here,the show formerly known as APHC,hosted by Chris Thile"atGreen Man Review.

… Where Kellior was the sedate,downbeat host who wanted you to be part of the Lake Woebegon community,Thile is more than a bit manic,bouncing around in delight apparently as he gets to interact with musicians and other folk who he obviously admires a lot.APHCput me to sleep,LFHis definitely designed to keep me actively listening.

Shovel & Rope,a really good Americana couple,is dok good a bluesy travel song as I listen this moment.(By now I'd usually have decided to turn Kellior off.) Some minutes later,Gabby Moreno is playing a very lively (I think) a Tex-Mex song.Need I say Thile is really excited like her being onLive from Here?

… I'm an hour in and still not even close to tuning out though the comedy riff just now was meh but I'm not a fan of most such comedy anyways.That segued into a very nice and quite tasty bit of jazzy music by Snarky Puppy which is enhanced by the production team cleverly positioning mics in the audience which is more than a bit raucous all show long which they really demonstrate when Chris musically deconstructs  ‘I'll Be There' in words and music….

(13)FAR SIDE OF THE KERFUFFLE.Most of the post is more abuse,so won't be excerpted here,but Vox Day hastened to say Foz Meadows won't be getting an apology from him:"I'll take ‘things that will never happen'".He adds —

Third,Dave Freer didn't sic me on anyone about anything.I don't recall having any communication with him in years.I just checked my email and I haven't received even a single email from him since I set up my current machine in April 2016.Nor have I spoken to him.

(I'm not creating an Internet Archive page for this one so people can somehow feel okay about insisting on reading the insults.)

(14)COUGH IT UP.Add this contraption to the list of things science fiction never predicted:"When The Flu Hits Campus,The Gesundheit Machine Will Be Ready".

Those sick enough will get sent around the corner to a room with a crazy-looking,Rube-Goldberg-like contraption known as the Gesundheit machine.

For half an hour,the student sits in the machine.As the student breathes,the machine collects whatever virus they've got from the dropletsin their breath.

The researchers will then use the student's contacts to try to figure out how infections spread from person to person: "roommates,study buddies,girlfriends and boyfriends," Milton says."We're going to swab them every day for a week to see if they get infected."

If the student's contacts get infected,researchers will try to pin down whether they got the bug from the original subject or someone else.

"We're going to deep sequence the genetic code of the agent to see if it was really exactly the same thing," Milton explains.He's aware that confirming that your roommate gave you a horrible flu could ruin some perfectly nice relationships,but it's for science.

(15)MELTING,MELTING.BBC tells how"Space lasers to track Earth's ice".

Ice is the "climate canary".The loss,and the rate of that loss,tell us something about how global warming is progressing.

In the Arctic,the most visible sign is the decline of sea-ice,which,measured at its minimum extent over the ocean in September,isreducing by about 14% per decade.

At the other pole,the marine floes look much the same as they did in theearliest satellite imagery from the 1960s,but land ice is in a negative phase.

Somethingon the order of 160 billion tonnesare being lost annually,with most of that mass going from the west of the White Continent.

(16)STAR WARS MEETS PETER RABBIT.Daisy Ridley is still a rebel.And a rabbit.

[Thanks to Cat Eldridge,Bill,JJ,John King Tarpinian,John Picacio,Carl Slaughter,Chip Hitchcock,Andrew Porter,Mark Hepworth,Chris Garcia,Will R.,Vox Day,StephenfromOttawa,Christopher Rowe,and Martin Morse Wooster for some of these stories.Title credit goes to File 770 contributing editor of the day Jamoche.]

Foz Meadows on Other Prospective Apologies

Foz Meadows,who readilyaccepted Lou Antonelli's apologyfor claimingCamestros Felaptonis a pseudonym for Foz Meadows' husband,Toby,said today she has a different policy and expectation for any apologies and retractions that might come from Dave Freer and others who ran with the story because of all the abuse they packaged with it.