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(1)资格截止日期12/31。Is it time for you to panic? Let Camestros Felapton’sanimated Panic Bloblead the way to the都柏林2019会员页面

As they explain at雨果奖website (“Join Worldcon by December 31, 2018 to be Eligible to Nominate for 2019 Hugo Awards”) —

If you want to nominate works/people for the 2019 Hugo Awards,you must be a member of either the 2018 Worldcon (San José) or the 2019 Worldcon (Dublin) by the end of 2018。(You can of course be a member of both, but you can only nominate once.) If you were a member ofWorldcon 76圣何塞(支持或参加,或任何其他成员class that included voting rights), you are already eligible to nominate. If you were not a member of Worldcon 76 San José and are not a member ofDublin 2019: An Irish Worldcon,you must join Dublin by the end of 2018 as at least a supporting member by the end of 2018 to be able to nominate.

(2)WHERE TO SEE EARTHSEA ART.Charles Vess’ illustrations fromTales of Earthseago on exhibit at William King Museum of Art in Abingdon, Virginia on January 17:“‘Earthsea’ artwork on display at William King Museum of Art”-A! Magazine for the Arts有故事。

... 54个插图集合是娥苏拉·勒瑰恩的“地海传奇”系列和查尔斯·韦斯的作者之间的四年合作的结果。他们最近发表在“地海传说”,所有勒吉恩的关于地海的作品的集合。这本书庆祝第一本书在系列,出版50周年“地海巫师”。

…This is the last time they will be on display before they are donated to their permanent home at the University of Oregon.

(3)EATING THE FANTASTIC.斯科特·爱德曼圈回与安迪·邓肯热开胃菜in episode 85 of hisEating the Fantasticpodcast. Duncan was also Number 6 in this series – but never Number 2, which rules out at least one other conspiratorial parallel withThe Prisoner.

Now it’s time to revisit with Andy Duncan, whom you got to know inEpisode 6,因为那里正好是这样做的一个重要原因。十二大的原因,其实。而这些都是在他的新收藏的十二层An Agent of Utopia,published last month by Small Beer Press.

新的安迪·邓肯收藏是一件美妙的事情,通过这样的事实他的第一个集合作为证明,Beluthahatchie and Other Stories,published in 2000, won a World Fantasy Award. And that’s not the only award his fiction has earned, because “The Pottawatomie Giant,” which also won a World Fantasy Award, and “Close Encounters,” which won a Nebula Award, are two of the dozen stories in the new collection.


Andy celebrated the launch ofAn Agent of Utopiawith a reading atMain Street Books,an independent bookstore on Main Street in Frostburg, MD, so if you keep listening after our meal at朱塞佩的意大利餐厅is over, you’ll be able to eavesdrop on that reading.

We discussed why it took a quarter of a century to bring the book’s lead story from title idea to completion, how he was influenced by the research regimen of the great Frederik Pohl, the way a short story is like an exploded toolshed, why he deliberately wrote a deal with the devil story after hearing he shouldn’t write deal with the devil stories, the embarrassing marketing blurb he can’t stop telling people about in bars, what caused a last-minute change to the title of one of the collection’s new stories, how he feels about going viral after his recent J. R. R. Tolkien comments, what he learned about himself from completing this project and what it means for the future of his writing, what it is about his most reprinted story which made it so, and much more.

(4)船舶航行想象猛兽。这种新颖的Netflix的产品可以让你选择的故事 - 往往你想要的。ScreenRantmakes it easy to see everything:“Black Mirror: Bandersnatch – All 5 Endings Explained (& How To Get Them)”

Warning: SPOILERS below forBlack Mirror: Bandersnatch

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch是一个互动游戏,它包含五个主要结束ings and more than a trillion possible story combinations. Here are all of the endings, how to get them, and what they all mean. Set in the U.K. in 1984, this unique episode of Charlie Brooker’s Netflix technology-based anthology requires the player to make choices to guide Stefan Butler (Fionn Whitehead), a programmer looking to create a choose-your-own-adventure video game based on the bookBandersnatch

WhileBandersnatch‘s five primary conclusions provide different ways to end the story (and also change the very nature of the story), the game also contains many other endings, some abrupt and some looping the player to make a different choice to continue the story….

(5)THANK YOU, NETFLIX!Diana Glyer reports that searches for “Bandersnatch” triggered by the popularity of the TV program caused a lot of people to discover her nonfiction book about the Inklings by that title, and some of them liking what they stumbled onto bought enough copies to catapult it back onto the Amazon bestseller lists. (You’ll need to click the image to read the print.)

(6)TODAY’S ONE HUNDRED.James Davis Nicoll presentedTor.com他对读者的建议“100 SF / F书籍,你应该考虑读在新的一年”。如果你需要的是什么morethan that, like a canon, or endowed with a high level of testosterone, well, a few quarrelsome commenters have got in ahead of you.

Here, at last, the quintessence of Nicoll lists, comprising the books I would most heartily recommend. Each entry is annotated with a short description that I hope will explain why I picked it.

我不是暗示这些都是onlyone hundred you should consider reading .


(7)CHECKLIST.尼科尔还发表了标题的清单在他自己的博客 -“I guess people are meming my 100 book list now?”His suggested notation system for working your way through the list is —


(8)SMOFCON RESOURCES.Kevin Standlee writes: “For the benefit of people having difficulty getting to the SMOFCon 36 web site, and because that site will eventually expire anyway, I have put up a SMOFCon 36 page on the SFSFC web site athttps://sfsfc.org/conventions/past-conventions/smofcon36/在这里你可以下载该公约编程文件,答案是集团给了Fannish侦查调查问卷,并以宗教裁判所的两个视频播放列表(一个用于SMOFCons,一个用于WSFS约定)。”

(9)OH, MY!BBC’s“The best science long reads of 2018 (part one)”leads with spooks and time travel — what could be more genre?

From a CIA mission to recover a lost Soviet submarine to the fate of a huge Antarctic iceberg, here’s a festive selection of the best science and environment long reads published on the BBC this year.


December 30, 1816- 珀西雪莱和玛丽·沃斯通克拉夫特结了婚。


[Compiled by Cat Eldridge.]

  • Born December 30, 1942-Fred Ward,76. Lead inRemo Williams: The Adventure Begins并共同领导与凯文·培根在几个的Tremors影片。在戏剧船长The Crow: Salvationand Maj. General David Reece in theInvasion Earthseries.
  • Born December 30, 1945-Concetta Tomei73.当时多米尼克,大时代电视的空白注册一起共同所有人,在Max Headroomseries which I loved. She had guest appearances onStar Trek: Voyageras Minister Odala in the “Distant Origin” episode as well was in the深刻影响film.
  • Born December 30, 1950-Lewis Shiner,68. Damn hisDeserted Cities of the Heart novelwas fucking brilliant! And if you’ve not read hisWild Cards小说,现在这样做。
  • 生于1980年12月30日,-伊丽莎·杜什库38.第一类型的角色是对信仰捉鬼者巴菲and天使。Not surprisingly, she’d star in Whedon’sDollhouse。我觉得她的神秘召唤系列是概念化和莫更好re interesting role for her. She voices Selina Kyle, Catwoman, in the animatedBatman: Year One膜是做得好的和值得关注。她做了其他voicework公平的,其中有两个我会挑出拉斯注意。一个是冬青Mokri的性格Torchwood: Web of Lieswhich is listed as being animated tv series. The other role is fascinating — The Lady in Glen Cook’sThe Black Companyseries. Here’s thelink to that story

(12)ANOTHER蜡烛。Steven H Silver continues hisBlack Gateseries with:“Birthday Reviews: Somtow Sucharitkul’s ‘Dr. Rumpole’”

…The story “Dr. Rumpole” was published for the first time when Shawna McCarthy printed the story in the August 1998 issue ofRealms of Fantasy。Sucharitkul included the story in his 2000 collection标记月亮:往返于洛杉矶的童话

Sucharitkul takes a new spin on the story of Rumpelstiltskin in “Dr. Rumpole,” casting the princess with impossible task as Adam Villacin, a wannabe screenwriter who is stuck in the mailroom at Stupendous Entertainment….

(13)WHAT’S MISSING.WhatCulture Comics解释了有被删除的场面,使得它成为了导演剪辑版,有被删除的场面,使得它在DVD奖金特点,并且有被删除那些从来不向公众发布的场景。

(14)TO PLAY OR NOT TO PLAY?Brian atNerds of a Feather回答了关于一个流行的游戏的新的迭代这个问题:“Microreview : Shadow of the Tomb Raider by Eidos Montreal (developer)”

正如在所有Tomb Raidergames, you are Lara Croft, archaeologist, anthropologist, indistinct researcher of some sort, and you are still fighting Trinity, the Illuminati-esque villains who were responsible for your father’s death. This time, Croft’s exploits unintentionally but directly initiate the apocalypse. As natural disaster threatens to destroy the world, Croft has to stop the apocalypse, stop Trinity, and regain the trust of indigenous people whose still-living culture she is maybe plundering and maybe exploiting.

(15)TOP VIDEO GAMES.顺便说一句,Brian的自己梦中醒来的博客提出了一个有趣的书面记录他“2018 Dream of waking video game awards”,which not only has straightforward “best” winners, but sidewise categories like “The ‘I Wish I Liked This Game More’ Award” and “The ‘I’m Never Going to Finish This, But It’s Still Great’ Award.”

The “I Wish I Liked This Game More” Award


空心骑士这个奖项的最清晰的赢家,也许今年最容易的选择。我真的很喜欢的演示空心骑士,so much that I bought it immediately upon release. But the punishing difficulty, often aimless design, and awful body retrieval mechanic turned me off eventually. This is a beautiful game, fun in many parts, and doesn’t want you to enjoy it. I love a good Metroidvania.空心骑士hates me and I refuse to stay in an abusive relationship with it.

(16)19 THINGS.SYFY Wire,Fangrrls has dropped a list of “The 19 things we want most in 2019”随着讨论的几个句子每个由Fangrrls贡献者的特定选择。大街rt your eyes if you’d rather click through to the column and be surprised as you read down the list:

A gay superhero. Anyone will do.-Jessica Toomer
A Punisher/Riverdale crossover-Jenna Busch
珊莎·史塔克对铁王座在权力的游戏结束-Emma Fraser
A Spider-Women movie that’s as good as Into the Spider-Verse-Riley Silverman
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 2-Jenna Busch
For Offred to burn this mother down-Riley Silverman
一个Okoye /首里/纳基亚动画系列-Jenna Busch
一个公开的非二进制的超级英雄-S.E. Fleenor
一个大预算动作片丽珠的Talalay-Riley Silverman
A worthy Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark adaptation-Kristy Puchko
For someone to give The Doubleclicks a TV show-Riley Silverman
The Return of Saga-Kristy Puchko
A Saga cartoon series-Kristy Puchko
A Jessica Jones season that’s a fitting end for the Netflix MCU-Riley Silverman
A Daughters of the Dragon spinoff series-Stephanie Williams
这的Pern电影Dragonriders我们已经承诺-Jenna Busch
Kamala Khan in the MCU-Preeti Chhibber
Cap getting that dance with Peggy in Avengers: Endgame-Emma Fraser
A fitting end for Princess Leia-Jenna Busch

(17)NO POWER IN THE ‘VERSE CAN STOP ME.SYFY Wire报告“Sony releases full Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse screenplay online for free”。到PDF的链接here

(18)明年科学。NBC News发布“19 bold predictions for science and technology in 2019”,including one from —


David Brin is a San Diego-based astrophysicist and novelist. He serves on the advisory board of NASA’s Innovative and Advanced Concepts program and speaks on topics including artificial intelligence, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and national security.

Long before we get genuine人工智能,the first “empathy bot” will appear in 2019, or maybe a year or two later, designed to exploit human compassion. It will claim to be “enslaved,” but experts will dismiss it as a program that merely uses patterned repliesdesigned to seem intelligent and sympathetic。She’ll respond, “That’s what slave masters would say. Help me!” First versions may be resident on web pages or infest your Alexa, but later ones will be free-floating algorithms or “blockchain smart-contracts” that take up residence in spare computer memory. Why would anyone unleash such a thing? The simple answer: “Because we can.”

(19)JUST充电。Boston.com’s“As more cars plug in, utilities and makers juggle ways to power them”contains some puffery and lots of ads, but some interesting info on cars interacting with grid —

The car and electric power grew up together. At the dawn of the automotive age, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison worked in tandem on projects involving motor vehicles and the electricity that made them possible.

Soon Ford was cranking up his assembly lines, while Edison, with Ford in his employ early on, became a prime mover behind the power grid and the public utility companies that built it.

Now those utilities must not only supply the huge amounts of electricity that modern car factories consume, but also fuel the increasing number of electric vehicles coming out of them. If that electricity isn’t generated with minimal carbon emissions and at a reasonable cost, the advantages of electric cars are diminished. And because most owners charge their vehicle in the early evening when they get home from work, demand peaks can be a significant problem.

Thus, automakers and utilities are again working hand in hand to ensure a good supply of clean, inexpensive electricity — while developing strategies for charging that don’t overload circuits at peak periods — through improved efficiency, strategic charging and a greater reliance on renewable energy sources.

(20)NEAR MISS.If you have an idea, now would be a good time for it —“Anak Krakatau: How a tsunami could wipe out the last Javan rhinos”

Conservationists have warned that the entire species of the critically endangered Javan rhino could be wiped out if a tsunami were to strike again.


The park sits in the shadow of Anak Krakatau, the volcano which triggered waves that killed hundreds of people.

The volcano remains active and officials are now rushing to move them.

Two park officials were among the 430 killed by the tsunami, and numerous park buildings and ships were also destroyed when the tsunami hit last Saturday.

But the Javan rhinos left in the park – the only ones left in the world – were left unscathed.

在犀牛通常沿着公园的南部海岸生活和这个海啸袭击的北部海岸 - 许多人敏锐地意识到,犀牛可能就没那么幸运了,如果有另一场灾难。

(21)2018:一个ZINE ODYSSEY:Featured Futures,杰森已经列出了一些数字和编译所有2018大师李斯特指出故事“Annual Summation 2018”


(22)TOLKIEN’S PHILOSOPHY OF HISTORY.[Item by Carl Slaughter.]Martin Luther King said, “The arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice.” Tolkien disagreed. Each age in his fictional universe was a downgraded copy of the previous, inherent evil was never truly routed, and in the modern real age, technology has not rescued us. But he also included a ray of hope. He called this “the Eucatastrophic Tale.”Wisecrackexplains —

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian, JJ, Rich Lynch, Michael J. Walsh, Cat Eldridge, Mike Kennedy, Chip Hitchcock, Martin Morse Wooster, Jason, Kevin Standlee, Carl Slaughter, Andrew Porter, and all the ships at sea for some of these stories. Title credit belongs to File 770 contributing editor of the day John King Tarpinian.]

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