(1)OKORAFOR IS PERSON OF THE YEAR.内迪·奥科雷福在2018年非洲侨民奖评为年度风云人物介绍12月1日reports theAmsterdam News.

The Society for Africans in Diaspora held their eighth annual African Diaspora Awards at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture Dec. 2, 2018. The African Diaspora Awards celebrate prominent people in the Africa Diaspora around the world.


(2)ABOUT TOLKIEN.Pages Unbound Book Reviewsnames“10必读书籍关于J·R·R·托尔金”

J·R·R·托尔金:世纪的作者通过Tom Shippey

Tom Shippey’s work is perhapsTolkien criticism and, if you can only read one book about Tolkien, this should be it. Shippey explains how Tolkien was inspired by philological difficulties and missing information in old myths and legends to create his own mythology that explains those difficulties and fills in those gaps. Shippey’s own knowledge of philology gives him insight into Tolkien’s understanding that many other critics lack.

(3)THE ENVELOPE, PLEASE.Galactic Journeyhas revealed its picks for the best sff of 1963! Three books rated a callout for Best Novel – one of them,Cat’s Cradle通过Kurt Vonnegut.“[1963年12月11日]计数每颗星星(1963年的银河星)”。许多其他类别。

In any event, it’s now December, a time for reflection. Specifically, reflection on which book, stories, artists, creators, films and TV shows stood out from all the rest. Yes, folks — it’s time for the 1963 edition ofThe Galactic Stars

(4)继续观看天空。Ireland’sIndependent说这些数字是如何“Aliens are coming to Belgium as UFO sightings soar in 2018”


Belgium recorded 255 reports of UFOs in 2018, an increase on the 171 witnessed the previous year.

Sightings were up across the whole country, with increases in Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels.

(5)清楚MUDD。Io9测验“Rainn Wilson on the Many Layers of Harry Mudd, and the Lighter Side of星际迷航“。

星际迷航:短苦旅has so far been该perfect wayto while away the time untilDiscovery’sreturn在几周之内。今晚,“逃脱大师”的fourth and finalminisode in the series, shines a spotlight on the infamousHarcourt Fenton Mudd- 和了解更多,我们采访到马德自己,雷恩·威尔逊...。

io9: Can you tell us a bit about how you were approached for the chance to be a part of thisShort Treksventure?

Rainn Wilson:是啊,我真的很喜欢玩哈里穆德为星际迷航: Discovery,我们会始终有一种约,背部和反复讨论的“怎么办,我们有更多的哈利穆德?”而且,你知道,“你能不能做更多的情节?”并试图找出答案。然后,这种来自出蓝色。他们只是说,“嘿,我们正在做的这些短裤和我们有一个哈利马德短,我们很乐意为您指导它,以及行为在里面。”我认为,他们希望通过使我直接它甜甜的交易。这是伟大的。这对我来说是很好的机会。我有一个爆炸。

(6)THE EMERALD AISLE.[由麦克·肯尼迪项目。]OK,怎么经常干文件770运行一个美丽的文章?自从?演员杰基·伯恩斯,谁发挥ELPHABA在舞台上Wicked超过1300次,可能已为绿色比廉价的白酒味道的典型的大学兄弟会的家伙多小时。The Hollywood Reporterhas the story of how she gets green—and ungreen—without destroying her skin (“Elphaba from ‘Wicked’ on How to Keep Your Skin Glowing After All That Green”).

我比任何百老汇等女星扮演ELPHABA的作用时间。我已经超过1300次扮演的角色。随着每个星期八场的表演,这意味着我花费接近每30周时间“走向绿色”,正如我们在说Wickedbiz. If you do the math that adds up to being green over 4,000 hours of my life.




  • Born January 4, 1785-Jacob Grimm.Here solely for two reasons, the first being the he and his brother were the first to systematically collect folktales from the peasantry and write them down. Second is that the number of genre novels and short stories that used theGrimms’ Fairy Tales作为其思想来源是,好吧,如果不是肯定无限真的大量。我敢打赌,服用只是任何的那些故事年度最佳奇幻和恐怖亚博体育下载app会得到相当基于这些故事的一个数字。(死于1863年。)
  • Born January 4, 1890-马尔科姆·惠勒·尼科尔森。A magazine merchant who createda lotof pulp fiction and is important as the founder of the company, National Comics Publications, which would become DC Comics. Wheeler-Nicholson’s premiere comic – New Fun #1 which was published in in February 1935 became the first comic book containing all-original material. He was a 2008 Judges’ Choice inductee into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame. (Died 1968.)
  • Born January 4, 1946-Ramsey Campbell,73. My favorite novel by him is without doubt伍兹的最暗的部分which has a quietly building horror to it. I know he’s better-known for his sprawling (pun full intended) Cthulhu mythology writings but I never got into those preferring his other novels such as his Solomon Kane movie novelization which is quite superb.
  • Born January 4, 1958-Matt Frewer,61. His greatest role has to be as Max Headroom on the short-lived series of the same name. Amazingly I think it still stands thirty five years later as SF well crafted. Just a taste of his later series SF appearances include playing Jim Taggart, scientist and dog catcher onEureka,Pestilence inSupernatural,克氏针博士12 Monkeys而在大屠杀改变碳。他的电影风格外观名单同样令人印象深刻,但我会挑出Supergirl亲爱的,我缩小了儿童展台Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life(哦,做猜测,他是在它),最后Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb,a series of films that I really like.
  • Born January 4, 1962-格雷厄姆·麦克塔维什,57.He has played Thangbrand in埃里克海盗,voicedin The Wind in The Willows,Dwalin在霍比特人trilogy, Dougal Mackenzie in theOutlander系列,潜艇艇长在劳拉:古墓丽影 - 生命之匙(I like those films a lot) and theSaint of Killersin the Preacher series.
  • 生于1982年1月4日-凯瑞·康顿37.她提供F.R.I.D.A.Y.的声音在奇迹宇宙的电影。更令人印象深刻,她是最年轻的女演员曾在皇家莎士比亚公司生产的发挥绿萍村庄。She also played Clara on three episodes of行尸走肉,and I see she was Dr. Zoe Boyle InBelieve,那些许多系列前作的人知道他们存在的那个消失的一个。
  • Born January 4, 1985 – Lenora Crichlow,34.她扮演安妮·索耶上的BBC版本作为人类from 2009 to 2012. She has made an appearence in神秘博士作为Cheen在“困局”的插曲,她出现了维多利亚Skillane在“白熊”的Black Mirror


  • Who’s Frankenstein? ThisTom the Dancing Bughas the answer. Well, two answers. Both wrong. If we’re being pedantic about it.
  • In this最后的吻,we find out how to achieve real stability. (Pssst, the secret is comics.)

(9)SKIFFY CHANGES THE WORLD.VICE Newshas published a 7-part video series on, “如何科幻改变了你的生活,即使你没有意识到这一点“。(这听起来前途,但我没有看过它。)

VICE News recently spoke with noted science-fiction authors and scholars, including “The Martian“ author Andy Weir and “The Expanse” co-authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Frank, for a series exploring the often inspiring, occasionally terrifying, and always thought-provoking ways science and sci-fi have overlapped and shape the world around us.

(10)YOU CAN’T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!Comcast’s Xfinity X1 Voice Remote just won’t countenance that kind of language, says好莱坞记者。

Two users have confirmed toTHRthat the remote gets snippy when asked to play episodes of迪克·范·戴克展。“对不起,我不能处理命令的类型of language,” it responds. Commands for “Dick Van Dyke” are now able to be completed after the problem was discovered, according to an Xfinity spokesperson: “We want to provide our customers with a best-in-class voice control experience that is also safe and appropriate for every member of the family. Last month alone, our customers issued 700 million voice commands, and when issues like this arise, we work to address them quickly.”

(11)像你需要少许即成铁杆品牌推广蚂蚁。BBC presents a photogallery about“The business of eating bugs”。And just so you’re warned, the landing page has a great big photo of someone chomping a grasshopper.

Tiny critters are becoming big business in the food and agriculture sector, and for good reason.


但它不只是营养。吃虫的做法 - 昆虫养殖提出了一个令人信服的理由,怀抱entomophagy的环境可持续性。当一个足够大的规模生产昆虫能尽可能多的蛋白质的动物提供,但需要比牛肉,猪肉和家禽生产的自然资源少得多,并且还发出温室气体的一小部分。

This is big news for the agriculture sector, which is not only the world’s biggest land and water user but also one of the most significant greenhouse gas producers.

(12)致电PARATIME警察!It’s right here in the news —“Edinburgh scientists discover mammoth secret in ivory DNA”

…But in the work on Cambodian ivory samples the researchers have uncovered something even more exotic: DNA from woolly mammoths.

Mammoths are not covered by international agreements on endangered species for the unfortunate but unavoidable reason that they have already been extinct for around 10,000 years.

It is relatively easy to spot the difference between elephant and mammoth tusks.

But once the ivory has been carved into trinkets it is far harder.


“So this has basically come from the Arctic tundra, dug out the ground.

“And the shop owners are calling it elephant ivory but we’ve found out it’s actually mammoth.”

(13)GEORGE MACDONALD COMIC.InNational Review Online,Kathryn Jean Lopez, in“Light in the Comic World”,interviews Mark Rodgers, head of Cave Pictures Publishing, about why he is about to publish a comic based on George MacDonald’sThe Light Princess

凯瑟琳·吉恩·洛佩兹:有什么特别之处The Light Princess?Rodgers: George MacDonald was a pioneer in modern fairy tales, and his work ultimately shaped writers such as C. S. Lewis and J. R. Tolkien. In fact, Lewis said that MacDonald’s bookPhantastes“baptized his imagination” and considered him his “master.” Chris Mitchell, the former director of the Wade Center at Wheaton College, the depository of Lewis and the other Inklings works, consideredThe Light Princess该most profound of MacDonald’s works, and the one which parallels the gospel most closely.

(14)FOUR-LEGGED THESPIANS.The New YorkTimesasks“Are Animals Getting Better at Acting?”

…By these modern standards, Toto is an amateur. Mister Ed? A hack. A year of buzzy pet performances raises the question: Are animals getting better at acting?

Daniel Dern sent the link with a small grump: “No mention of (the movie)哈利和托恩托(主演艺术卡尼哈利)。”显然,这是一个严重的疏忽。

(15)SHERLOCK SUMMARY.Lyndsay Faye, in“The Year in Sherlockiana”onCrimereads,summarizes events of 2018 of interest to Sherlock Holmes fans, including the HBO Asia seriesMiss Sherlock Takes Tokyo,该auctioning of a Sherlock Holmes short story for $361,000, and the Sherlock Holmes parody onFamily Guywhere Stewie says, “I rathboned someone’s cumberbatch.”

Miss Sherlock Takes Tokyo

As much as we enjoy the strong female characters bountifully scattered throughout the canon, there are no limitations when it comes to reimagining our heroes, and I was particularly thrilled by HBO Asia and Hulu Japan’s decision to produce a new series starring Yuko Takeuchi as Sherlock Holmes (Sara Shelly Fubata), and Shihori Kanjiya as Dr. Watson (Dr. Wato Tachibana). The sleek production design is a post-BBC Sherlockthing of beauty, and modern-day Tokyo looks as gorgeous as Victorian London ever did. All things Sherlockian are popular in Japan (I have very fond memories of名侦探福尔摩斯,for example), and it’s a particular joy to see the passion they put into this sharp, funny, clever series.

(16)FAMILY GUY REFERENCE.“The Drunken Clam Bar From ‘Family Guy’ Exists, and It’s in Dallas”-Food & Winehas pictures to prove it.

诺克斯 - 亨德森区自以为是的年轻人吧(1806麦克米兰大道)正在进行大规模整修内部。但是,大检修前,该空间被暂时转化成卡通世界的水坑。“我们有鞭子一些令人兴奋的计划向前推进,但我们认为我们会首先有一点乐趣通过将醉酒的蛤蜊,到达拉斯,”合伙人布兰登·海斯在一份声明中说。“无论你的节目的忠实与否,我们认为你会喜欢通过删除和检查出有特色饮品,照片的机会多沿弹出吧!”

(多亏了约翰国王Tarpinian保罗•Weimer猫Eldridge, Andrew Porter, Carl Slaughter, Martin Morse Wooster, Mike Kennedy, JJ, Nicholas Whyte, and Chip Hitchcock for some of these stories. Title credit belongs to File 770 contributing editor of the day Robert Whitaker Sirignano.]


  1. 11
    I’m still not willing to try them.

  2. Tolkien is great and all, but TEN must-read books? Ten? And I must?

    I’m sure there’s somebody, living or dead, that I would be willing to read ten biographies of, but I’m struggling to think of who that might be.

  3. 看到蜘蛛侠动画电影今晚这是非常不可思议的。强烈推荐。我最喜欢的漫画书“音效”,从电影:“面包圈”(它出现时,有人用扔面包圈打)。

  4. I just posted this on yesterday’s scroll, but:

    Meredith Moment: Gardner Dozois’ Book of Swords anthology (which has some great stuff in it) is $1.99.

  5. @6: Burns may be the greenest, but I suspect that some members of Blue Man Group have spent more time under heavy color. OTOH, they probably don’t have to worry as much about being castable as themselves.

    @Becca: that’s a polite form of my reaction.

  6. 4) Belgium has a lot of UFO sightings for some reason. I remember there was a flurry of them in the 1990s, involving triangular flying objects.



    7) Not quite genre, but Jacob and Willhelm Grimm were also pioneering dictionary compilers. They never finished their ultimate dictionary of the German language, but encyclopaedists have been trying to complete their work for almost two centuries.

    And even though we know that SFF was completely apolitical until the SJWs took over in approx. 1985, the Grimms were definitely SJWs. They were members of the so-called Göttingen Seven, a group of seven professors of Göttingen university who protested the suspension of the constitution of the Kingdom of Hannover by King Ernest August I, newly shipped in from Britain, who wanted to get rid of him, because they feared revolution would break out if he ever became king of England, in 1837. For their troubles, Ernest August I had them kicked out of the university and the Kingdom of Hannover. Our loss (sort of, since I actually live in what used to be the neighbouring Kingdom of Oldenburg) was Hesse’s gain.

  7. 科拉Buhlert于2019 1月4日下午10时06说:


    They are intelligent lifeforms after all

  8. Camestros Felapton:...比利时巧克力,啤酒和华夫饼。


  9. PJ Evans mentioned the yumminess of locusts, which got me to wondering if anyone here lives in an area where locusts occasionally swarm? There are no swarming locusts anywhere in North America anymore (so, they’re just grasshoppers here) — I’m not sure where they do swarm. Not that I’m wishing it on anyone, just curious.


  10. @Cora: nice try to blame us for King Ernest August I but not really fair. British succession law was less sexist than Hanover’s Salic Law so we got Victoria and you got Ernest August purely because of the rules of the hereditary monarchy game. I think that Hanover got the short end of the stick.


  11. 7)拉姆齐·坎贝尔的神话东西是很轻微的早期作品,无论以什么方式它邪神补充的每Englland相关呼叫弹出。它一直以来我读到了他很长一段时间,但我想化身是我最喜欢的小说和海滩的声音是我最喜欢的故事。

  12. (5) Nothing much to add, except I dont think you can watch the shorts outside the US, can you?

    Mr. Gorn, tear down this suit!

  13. 索菲简说Ramsey Campbell’s Mythos stuff is very minor early work, notwithstanding the way it pops up in every Englland-related Call of Cthulhu supplement. It’s been a long time since I read him, but I think Incarnate is my favourite novel and Voice of the Beach is my favourite story.

    Errrr his 2018 novelWay of the Wormwas explicitly part of his Mythos stuff so how is it just his very minor early work?

  14. 4. Those are not UFOs. They are interdimensional craft. Turns out Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo is a major branching point. Had he won, not only would we all be speaking French, but we’d be doing so as the first world of a galactic empire.

  15. @Cat埃尔德里奇

    因为我停止阅读坎贝尔在1990s and wasn’t aware of what he’s doing now, basically. (And because I never really liked the Severn Valley/Goatswood stuff that made its way into the Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green RPGs.) Any recommendations for his more recent work? I liked his atmosphere of creeping menace but got tired of the depressing mundane life stuff he juxtaposed it with.

  16. Sophie Jane asks因为我停止阅读坎贝尔在1990s and wasn’t aware of what he’s doing now, basically. (And because I never really liked the Severn Valley/Goatswood stuff that made its way into the Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green RPGs.) Any recommendations for his more recent work? I liked his atmosphere of creeping menace but got tired of the depressing mundane life stuff he juxtaposed it with.

    Oh not at all. I’m just speaking as a Birthday compiler who checks to see what a writer has done that I’m notthatfamiliar with. Someone like Seanan McGuire or Neal Asher who I read avidly is easy to write up but he required a deep dive and that meant a scan of what he’d been writing. He’s not on my reading list by a really long shot.

  17. 拉姆齐·坎贝尔1946年出生,1956年没有(我想知道什么时间扭曲使他出生2年早于马特·弗鲁尔,但有12岁的年龄差......)。

  18. cmm says拉姆齐·坎贝尔1946年出生,1956年没有(我想知道什么时间扭曲使他出生2年早于马特·弗鲁尔,但有12岁的年龄差......)。

    My bad. Mike, please fix.

  19. @Cora Buhlert:Belgium has busy skies even without UFOsA change from the claims of David Gunnison’s “What Goes Up Might come Down”, in which traffic is routed through Belgium during a French controllers’ strike because “Belgium gets about two gliders a year.”

    @Mike Hall: according to a Windsor tour guide from 4 decades ago, there’s an earlier timeslip possibility: the chapel has the tomb ofPrincess Charlotte of Wales,dead in childbirth, whose child (had he lived) would both have been King of Belgium (following Charlotte’s husband) and had a claim to the UK crown (the guide said). Could have given pause to the militarists who thought they could just walk over Belgium on the way to Paris.


  20. So I’ve just finished谎言睡眠,该latest of Aaronovitch’s “Rivers of London” series, per a note here some weeks ago that it was out. Has anybody counted the sly references he’s stuck into this? I suspect the bit about rats taking over after snakes were eliminated (ascribed to ~”a comic fantasy”) pointed to Pratchett (maybeThe Amazing Maurice),但什么哽咽我是邪恶的律师事务所“博克,放大镜,和鹿”
    juvpu V’z fher vf n cbvagre gb gur Ohsslirefr ivyynvafJbysenz & Uneg,fvapr jr’er gbyq “Jbysenz” vf n pbzcbhaq; “obpx” vf n znyr tbng va Trezna, naq “ybhc” vf Serapu sbe “jbys”. Lrf, V xabj “ybhcr” vf n zntavsvre; V qba’g xabj jurgure gung’f uvz orvat zber pbireg, be n fybccl QNJ glcrfrggvat wbo — gurer’f n pbzcynvag ryfrjurer nobhg Novtnvy hfvat *vmr vafgrnq bs *vmr, vzzrqvngryl sbyybjrq ol n hfr bs *vmr.

  21. So basically Jackie Burns is telling us “it’s not that easy being green”.
    Matt Frewer’s meaty role as the “is he a villain or not?” Dr. Aldous Leekie in the inimitableOrphan Blacksurely deserves an honorable mention. (I admit I was quite addicted to that show, and raved about it to anyone who’d listen for a while there.)

  22. Xtifr:所以基本上成龙伯恩斯告诉我们“这不是那么容易被绿色”

    I really think that’s the best headline for the item, however, as I am convinced I have overused the line this past year I went with the one suggested. I’m glad it occurred to you, too.

  23. It’s too easy venting spleen.

    (11) Just don’t eat Tom. He can dance!

  24. @约翰A. Arkansawyer

    3) Sheri Tepper is a good poet. Does she still write poetry, do you know?

    Unlike, since she died in 2016.

  25. steve davidson on January 5, 2019 at 4:46 am said:

    4. Those are not UFOs. They are interdimensional craft. Turns out Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo is a major branching point. Had he won, not only would we all be speaking French, but we’d be doing so as the first world of a galactic empire.

    The advertising jingle for the tourist company goes:

    At Waterloo, Napoleon had surrendered?
    And you can visit this destiny the easy way
    The history book on the shelf

    Waterloo who was defeated, who won the war?
    Waterloo couldn’t escape if you wanted to
    Waterloo knowing the fate of a timeline or two

    (With apologies to ABBA, who in the mirror dimension are known as ABBA)

  26. @Sophie Jane: I haven’t read his last couple of books yet, where he has apparently returned to Lovecraftian themes, but I recently caught up with some of his 21st-century stuff after having left off around the same time you did (btw, I agree about体现). I thinkThe Grin of the Darkis probably my favorite but I also very much liked (in no particular order)The OvernightThe Seven Days of CainThe Kind Folk,andThink Yourself Lucky。There are a lot more—he’s been busy.

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