1985 will never be the same. Stranger Things returns for a third season July 4, 2019 on Netflix.

(2)世特粉笔UP较少的英国观众。“Ratings Low for Time-Shifted ‘Doctor Who’ Festive Special”好莱坞记者。

但在英国隔夜收看是什么,但恒星,在对英国广播公司,22.4%的市场份额515万调整,据报道,五十万比伊德里斯厄尔巴的回报少路德the same evening. The figure — which is before consolidated views have been included — marks the lowest for any神秘博士festive special since the series returned in its modern form in 2005, and also Whittaker’s second-worst episode this season. By contrast, David Tennant’s first special landed 9.4 million overnight views, Matt Smith’s 10.3 million and Peter Capaldi’s 6.3 million. However, these were all broadcast Christmas Day.

(3)了Aquaman。He’s doing the backstroke to the bank:“游了Aquaman过去神奇女侠在全球票房,可以传递蝙蝠侠v超人未来“

James Wan’sAquamanbecame one of the highest-grossingDCEUfilms this week when it surpassed $822 million at the global票房报告品种

该图中上面放置小馅饼詹金斯特征神奇女侠,这在2017年lassoed超过8.21亿$一点它的戏剧性运行期间就国内而言,Aquaman也打破了在北美200亿$大关,但它仍然需要$ 197或使百万拍神奇女侠的美国的4.12亿$总建筑。

(4)吴,ARISIA。During Brianna Wu’s 2018 congressional race she focused on issues with wide appeal, and on attracting attention from major media. But the在Facebook上一天她返回fannish主题,即将Arisia约定:

If you attendArisia, Inc.今年,我不会和你说什么 - 但我绝对会想你少。


I will not be buying your books. I will not support your art. I will never do you a favor.

You are the choices the [sic] make.

(5)黑色镜面金融时报。马丁·莫尔斯伍斯特偷看背后金融时报paywall to report on their coverage of黑色镜面的“想象猛兽”的插曲。

In the December 29Financial TImes,香农•邦德采访“黑镜” showrunners查理·布鲁克和安贝尔·琼斯对黑镜即将插曲叫“想象猛兽”,这将是互动的。这是关于一个选择谁得到被困在自己的冒险作家“分支组向下降落兔子洞探索的自由意志和精神控制的故事情节。”


But once the pair hit upon a plot with the right themes, they were quick to embrace the opportunity, said Ms Jones,

‘It’s absolutely baked into the story this idea of freedom of choice and control and the illusion of control and the illusion of choice. Once you’ve got that as the basic conceit and you have the protagonist and you can give them multiple endings but these endings only build to reinforce the whole, then that’s delicious,’ she said.”

他们可以把它称为“选择自己的冒险 - 绝望!”伍斯特说。“美好的时光!”

(6)当心BIRD BOX挑战。伊桑阿尔特,在“Netflix的球迷:不要像布洛克和避免BIRD BOX挑战”说,Netflix的告诉球迷,以避免病毒challene做的事情,而蒙住眼睛就像桑德拉·布洛克确实在BIRD BOX,说他们可能会伤害自己和布洛克宣布她撞到了斯坦尼康几次,同时做她蒙着眼睛的场面。

(7)ROBERTS讣告。BBC reports“网的创始父亲拉里·罗伯茨博士死了81岁”




Arpanet pioneered technologies underpinning the internet that are still used today.


The son of two chemists, Dr Roberts reportedly chose electronics as a field of study because it was more forward-looking.



  • Born January 2, 1920-艾萨克·阿西莫夫。我不可能在这里总结一下他,所以我不会。我最喜欢的小说由他的原基础小说非常紧随其后的是他的Galactic Empireseries and我是机器人。I also still like the机器人series a lot and I know I’ve reada lot他的短篇小说。(死于1992年。)
  • 生于1929年1月2日-查尔斯·博蒙特。他最好的怀念亚博体育下载app作为这样的作家模糊地带episodes such as “The Howling Man”, “Printer’s Devil”, and the “Number Twelve Looks Just Like You”, but he also penned the exemplary7 Faces of Dr. Lao剧本,和红死病的面具,a horror film with Vincent Price which is rather good. (Died 1967.)
  • 生于1978年1月2日-Renée Elise Goldsberry,41.目前Quellcrist福尔克纳在Altered Carbon她的第一个角色SF系列已经艇员凯利的“Vox的索拉”插曲星际迷航:企业。Ithink她唯一的其他流派的外观是丹尼斯·沃特金斯在漫长的题为“在纽约的事情时做你认为你是死”的插曲火星上的生命series. I’ve read the entireAltered Carbonseries but not seen the series, so how is it?
  • 生于1979年1月2日-托比亚斯Buckell,40.我阅读和欣赏他的很多Xenowealth系列既原始和管理wrap nicely. Do note that “The Alchemist and The Executioness “ novella he wrote with the latter and is which is part of the latter’s纠结地政宇宙is definitely worth chasing down out for reading
  • 生于1983年1月2日-Kate Bosworth,36.不长的简历我同意你,但她路易丝莱恩在体裁Superman Returns当然是令人印象深刻,她的最近在一系列我期待着看到无论怎么可能踩下它的伦·戴顿的改编SS-GB和她有在I-土地,一个网编这听起来比SF即将更恐怖。

(9)FINALLY THEY TRIED SCIENCE。关于学边猜测流行的理论是永远是错的:“为什么数百万孩子看不懂,有什么更好的教学能做些什么”

Harper attended a professional-development day at one of the district’s lowest-performing elementary schools. The teachers were talking about how students should attack words in a story. When a child came to a word she didn’t know, the teacher would tell her to look at the picture and guess.

The most important thing was for the child to understand the meaning of the story, not the exact words on the page. So, if a kid came to the word “horse” and said “house,” the teacher would say, that’s wrong. But, Harper recalls, “if the kid said ‘pony,’ it’d be right because pony and horse mean the same thing.”



Yet scientists from around the world have donethousands of studies人们如何学习阅读并得出结论认为,理论是错误的...。

(10)OLD TECH取得了新的。美国国家公共电台“Climate Change Is Bad For Peru’s Pastures … But There’s A 1,200-Year-Old Fix”

气候变化,消失冰和不稳定的降雨模式是造成湿地两个安第斯共同体萎缩 - 这是对米拉弗洛雷斯和Canchayllo的社区的一个大问题。村民们依靠普纳,上述13000英尺包括草原和湿地吃草的羊,牛,羊驼,美洲驼和小羊驼一套高寒生态系统 - 这为他们提供了生计的动物。

Instead of looking for modern solutions to improve access to water, the villagers turned to an old one: centuries-old hydraulic systems that dot the Nor Yauyos Cocha Landscape Reserve, a state-protected natural area seven hours east of Lima. These ancient systems have been used to help irrigate the reserve’s pastures and provide nutrient-rich soil for hundreds of years.


(11)THE SPEED OF DARK.The real world moves past Moon’s novel:“The firm whose staff are all autistic”




Auticon is one of only a handful of companies that cater exclusively for employees who are on the autistic spectrum.


(12)BETTER FUZZY PIXELS.“New Horizons: Nasa probe survives flyby of Ultima Thule”-BBC has the story.

The US space agency’s New Horizons probe has made contact with Earth to confirm its successful flyby of the icy world known as Ultima Thule.



It will now send these home over the coming months.

The radio message from the robotic craft was picked up by one of Nasa’s big antennas, in Madrid, Spain.


China is preparing to make the first attempt at landing robotic spacecraft on the Moon’s far side.

A static lander and rover are expected to be deployed to the surface in the next day, state media reports.


In recent days, the Chang’e-4 spacecraft had lowered its orbit in preparation for landing.



(14)ORBITAL OBSTETRICS.The Atlantic报告a proposed experiment:“想象一下,在太空难产”

“SpaceLife Origin, based in the Netherlands,想送孕妇,伴随着“受过训练的,世界一流的医疗团队,”胶囊上面地球的空间。该任务将持续24至36小时。女人一旦这个孩子接生,胶囊会返回地面。“一个精心准备和监控过程中会减少所有可能的风险,类似于西方的标准,因为他们在地球上存在母亲和孩子,” SpaceLife Origin的网站状态。本公司已成立年份2024作为目标日期的行程。

“的概念,提出了一个主持人提问 - 我们获取到这些后,但也许是最直接的可能是这样的:为什么?

(15)JEOPARDY!Direct from Andrew Porter’s living room, tonight’s sff reference on危险!



Correct question: “Who is Milne?” — Christopher Robin Milne

(16)HERTZ PENS COOLEST VERSE.约翰·赫兹​​欢呼我阅读我的约宫寒投诉后 -

We all of us knew you were cool,



And were safe while Old/New Year change rolled.




Or does some worse thing mean you can’t?


Who wish you bothgood最好的亚博体育下载app

You know that if we had our druthers


(17)THE VOLCANIC KIMCHI CURE.But if I need it,LAist师爷“泡菜锅,火山韩国炖,可以杀死感冒”


韩国菜被一些人认为是起源于中期朝鲜时代,期间或1592年壬辰战争后不久,1598年,日本侵略朝鲜并带来葡萄牙商人辣椒与他们。也有人认为chili has been farmed in Korea for 1,500 years,它是由禽鸟带来该地区数百万年后前。还有一些人认为,辣椒来自中国,感谢Indian and Arab traders peddling the seeds along the Silk Road

Whatever kimchi jjigae’s origins, it lets thrifty Korean cooks use super-ripe kimchi that’s not ideal to eat on its own. With the kimchi’s intensity mellowed by pork, tofu, gochugaru (chile pepper flakes), garlic, ginger, scallions and broth, the spicy stew has become a year-round favorite. During long, harsh winters, like the kind we have here in Los Angeles, jjigae with pork has a reputation as an almost magical antidote to winter colds….

[Thanks to John Hertz, JJ, John King Tarpinian, Cat Eldridge, Chip Hitchcock, Mike Kennedy, Martin Morse Wooster, Carl Slaughter, and Andrew Porter. Title credit goes to File 770 contributing editor of the day Andrew.]

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  1. (14)Why似乎很明显对我来说,尽管这可能是一个扭曲的世界观和sfnal影响。问题是,who想成为first


  2. 2)



  3. 14),他们打算跳过尝试一下与动物的阶段?我不知道婴儿是如何脆弱的高G力,只是迪士尼不允许女性对火箭模拟器乘坐怀孕的后期阶段。


  4. bookworm1398指出,我真的很喜欢阿撒兹勒短篇小说也。更幽默的SFF!

    I forgot about that those stories. Yes, they were really fun, showing his lighter side very nicely. I don’t think been collected into a single volume have they?

  5. 8) - 我刚刚看完蚀变炭系列前几天,和喜欢它颇有几分;我会很好奇,想看看S2。

    此外,生日相关的梅雷迪思时刻:阿西莫夫的银河帝国书都是目前2.99 $。嗯,有点 - 星,象尘土目前呈现出以下信息:



    The other two are available for purchase, however.

  6. Here in 3128, we still remember the good Doctor Asimov.

    12-13) When the story of spaceflight is written from a far perspective, it seems clear that the early age of space is going to be written up as a prelude to setting up an age of robots and remote control. I do wonder if the entirety of manned spaceflight post Apollo will be elided in such histories, focusing on Viking as the true herald of what space exploration would become.

  7. 14) Years ago I read a book where the boy protagonist had absolute direction, to the point where he’d spend time at the end of the day unwinding every turn he’d made during the day–with a trampoline in there for the earth’s rotation. It turned out he was the first baby born in space and was tuned into an alien broadcast signal. In the book scientists put him in a zero g airplane where he could align with that signal and they used that direction in their SETI work. I can’t for the life of me remember either the title or the author. Is this ringing bells with anyone else?


  8. 14)@ bookworm1398:“难道他们打算跳过尝试一下与动物阶段”


  9. 我有点想知道他们是如何将有一个孕妇提供完全按计划进行。而不是,比方说,在(或之前),她在地球上的回来后推出,或一个星期...


  10. 11)非常酷!


  11. 9)因此,教育工作者被重新发现一个拼音为基础的阅读教学。迟早会好些,但现在后甘拜下风。

    14) From almost personal experience, I know there are drugs that can be given to goose things along a little bit. But I thought doctors generally preferred to avoid using them.


    When I was 14, I thought, ‘How wonderful to be a science fiction writer. I’d like to do that.’ I have never lost touch with that ambitious 14-year-old, and I can’t help chuckling and thinking, ‘You did it, and you did it right.’ – Robert Silverberg

  12. @ 4:我不是它是如何有效惩罚公约对过去的不良行为,它已经否定了明确。

    @8: IIRC, Beaumont is also known for one of the most … vigorous … similes concerning achievement in Hollywood — a small thing compared to his lengthy career, but notable.

    @ 14:在回答“为什么呢?”is obvious to anyone who grew up with the promises of the early space age — but we’re getting older and perhaps more realistic, or at least more cautious and more aware of difficulties (cf the note about problems for rat pups born in orbit). I don’t think “The Chinese will try it if we don’t” (per a late paragraph) is much of a reason; nor is the fact that “preppers” are interested (doesn’t it seem like the opposite of what they’re prepping for?).


    @John A Arkansawyer:我不知道为什么它是重要的直来直去零吉并跳过尝试一下在月球或火星重力阶段。由于没有保证,我们会永远有这样的阶段?是的,中国是在谈论一个永久殖民地大,但是这取决于很多因素。这并不是说我认为在长期的可用性很重要;如果我们不减少不足以让殖民地可能发射的成本,我怀疑会有生活在零重力关心交付是否足够安全的人。

    @Cassy B: Wikipediaconfirmsmy recollection that oxytocin is still used to induce labor — not timed to the minute like a Caesarian, but possibly close enough; note the range of possible return times. Not that I’d consider that appropriate for a real science experiment rather than a stunt; they ought to be looking at whether an absolutely routine birth can be safe before testing what happens when one is forced. I also wonder how risky it will be to stay in orbit longer, e.g. if the landing site is weathered over.

  13. 8)1月2日是阿西莫夫官方生日;他自己说,这是不可能的肯定。

    8bis) Netflix alteredAltered Carbon在几个方面也惹恼了我很大,我很期待下个赛季。

    14) It’s still early, but I am confident that this is the worst idea I will hear about all day. ‘Routine delivery’ can change to ‘they both would have died if they hadn’t been in the hospital already’ at any moment.

    17) Kimchi jjigae is seriously good stuff. At Tuscon I found a Korean place in walking distance of the con, and did half my dining there for the duration.

  14. Patrick Morris Miller: 8) January 2 is Asimov’s official birthday; he himself said it was impossible to be sure

    So what’s the best way to handle that? Keep using January 2? Or drop him til he presents the appropriate verification of his real birthday?

  15. 17)在DC / MD / VA区域,有一个称为灯塔豆腐链,专门在泡菜soondobu(软豆腐)jigae,它们只是呼叫soondobu。我吃了有常,直到我参加了一个素食主义者转,火山大约是正确的字。我想知道的热辣和热量热常发的组合,如果我有任何鼻窦留下!

  16. 9) Phonetic vs look-say approaches to teaching reading have been seesawing in the ed world for as long as I can remember. I’d hoped that look-say had cycled out of fashion in the ed schools, but apparently not. My wife (a college English teacher) has plenty of students (and not just first-year, and not just non-English majors) who can’t sound out words–who seem to guess when they hit an unfamiliar word. And since their reading skills are low (often not even middle-school level), their reading experience is limited, and that makes dealing with everything else in a course that much harder.

    我没有看书学习,我上幼儿园之前在四岁读取存储器。I suspect it had to do with sitting on my mother’s lap while she read to me, but I don’t know whether she sounded out the words, and I can’t ask her now. Nor do I have any memories of my reading instruction in elementary school, though in 1950 it was probably phonetic.

  17. @OGH:他观察它在1月2日,所以没有人会做错事被效仿。我只是认为这是个很好的附着位点旁注(尤其是我目前读Nevala-Lee的Astounding)。

  18. 帕特里克·莫里斯米勒说他观察到它在1月2日,所以没有人会做错事被效仿。我只是觉得它的旁注(尤其是我目前读Nevala-Lee的惊人)一个很好的结合位点。


  19. @Cat:从在内存然而,绿色,上e of his memoirs:


  20. 帕特里克·莫里斯米勒重新伊萨克的生日权利要求中的他的传记:

    Ok it’s either a true story or a really interesting piece of metabiographical writing. It was rural Russia in 1920s, he was a Jew and record keeping wasn’t great but that many months deviation? Is that even possible that the calendars would for that being possible?

  21. @Cat:我不知道在我自己。也许阿西莫夫一直在寻找办法,使日期传播一样宽,逻辑上可能,并认为“如果当地民众忘了几个闰月[1]”和类似leniences。


    [1]希伯来历主要是月球——每个星期一th is a lunar month, which is why I will always be lighting my mother’s Yahrzeit candle a few days after the new moon – with a leap month added every few years to avoid the calendar as a whole sliding around with respect to the seasons and other forms of calendrical rot.

  22. @Cat

  23. 而现在我希望我所提到的事情我的母亲,一个成年人转换和家谱。她有见解,我敢肯定。

  24. 1月1日或在阿西莫夫的情况下,1月2日作为采摘的情况下生日在那里它不是坏的或不存在的记录保持一定的原因,其实是相当普遍的。当我教德语作为外语的难民,我有很多1月1日的生日在我的课。我们曾在谁想让该类的生日日历学校的实习生。我告诉她,“当然,请便。但我们会得到很多年1月1项,因为很多人根本不知道他们出生的确切日期。”


    Also, in some cultures birthdays simply aren’t as important as in modern western culture, so not knowing your exact brithday isn’t that big a deal.

  25. My grandfather, born in Russia/Ukraine in 1898, celebrated his birthday on the Hebrew calendar, either because that’s what was meaningful to him or because that’s what he was sure of, whereas the shift from Julian to Gregorian might have left him uncertain of when in August that mapped to. And he was born at a time of year where there’s no possible ambiguity in “right after New Year’s.”

    I also know someone, born in this century in Virginia, whose parents give her two birthday parties every year, one for the Hebrew calendar and one for the Gregorian. But they have good records, and know what day it is by both calendars.

  26. 至于有两方,我知道我的同龄人谁庆祝洗礼天,名天,更注重这些日期比他们的实际生日。在学校里我的一个同学一直有一个洗礼天方,但没有生日派对。And since I know we were baptised on the same day (he was the son of our Lutheran pastor and apparently cried pitifully all through the ceremony, so everybody remembered that), it was my baptism day, too, though in my family we didn’t celebrate that at all.

  27. WRT阿西莫夫的生日:我依稀记得,有不确定性的因为他妈妈要他在学校的早 - 维基百科却报道,她只拉伸了〜之日起6周为这足以让他进入一年级提前一年。W¯¯还指出,他不会一直牵伸如果他没有在得到的日期坚持纠正未多年后,他开始上学。

  28. (2)仍然没有看过它,虽然它坐在PVR

    We would have watched it en famile had it been on in the traditional Christmas Day slot, but we were travelling back from a party on NYD and then there have been other things that needed doing. Tonight perhaps.

  29. (8) Charles Beaumont —他最好的怀念亚博体育下载app作为这样的作家模糊地带episodes [as] . . . “Number Twelve Looks Just Like You”,
    I have seen it authoritatively written that “Number Twelve” was in fact fully written by John Tomerlin, during the period when Beaumont’s health problems meant that (a) he was not able to complete all the work he had signed up for and (b) medical bills were daunting, and so his friends pitched in to help. But the teleplay was based on Beaumont’s short story “The Beautiful People”, so credit isn’t entirely undeserved.

    @Chip希区柯克IIRC,博蒙特也被称为好莱坞有关成就的最有力的... ...明喻的一个

    Well, geez, Chip, just leave us hanging:

    “Achieving success in Hollywood is like climbing an enormous a mountain of cow shit so that you can pluck that one perfect rose from the top. And you find after you’ve made that hideous ascent, you’ve lost the sense of smell.”

  30. 芯片希区柯克在2019年1月3,上午8:28说:@ 4:我不是它是如何有效惩罚公约对过去的不良行为,它已经否定了明确。

    BW is looking for attention. Gamer-gate is forgotten (along with the hijack attempt), Revolution 60 sank, and the campaign for Congress fizzled. A bit late to the party for Arisa, though.

  31. 乔希:玩家所栅极(连同劫持尝试)遗忘


  32. 罗素Letson于2019 1月3日10:08说:


    Yes,Altered Carbon是不如书籍,但仍强烈推荐。



    在五步抑扬格,所以...... SH **。

  33. @Josh:有点晚了党的亚里沙,虽然。Not necessarily. A committee member told me a few days ago that they had 1800 members so far (don’t know how recently they’d checked); that’s way below both ~4200 last year and the 3200 (IIRC) cap for this year, but many conventions sell lots of memberships in the weeks leading up to the convention, and even at the door.

  34. Serious Eats is good, but for Korean recipes, I put my trust inMaangchievery time:


    I’ve made it according to her recipe several times (and at least once with kimchi I made according to one of her recipes, too), and I recently made it according to the principles of “this looks about right”/”this stuff in the fridge needs to go” and that worked out pretty well.

    See alsoKimchiguk(泡菜汤)- 我还没有做它尚未知道它是如何不同。(Maangchi说,这是不一样粗-jjigae,而不是咸。)