(1)一个陌生人第四位。A creepy New Year’s countdown heralds the third season of奇怪的事情。

1985年将永远是相同的。奇怪的事情回报上的Netflix第三季2019 7月4日。

(2)世特粉笔UP较少的英国观众。“Ratings Low for Time-Shifted ‘Doctor Who’ Festive Special”saysThe Hollywood Reporter.

But its overnight viewings in the U.K. were anything but stellar, with 5.15 million tuning in on the BBC, a 22.4 percent share, according to reports, half a million less than Idris Elba’s return asLutherthe same evening. The figure — which is before consolidated views have been included — marks the lowest for anyDoctor Whofestive special since the series returned in its modern form in 2005, and also Whittaker’s second-worst episode this season. By contrast, David Tennant’s first special landed 9.4 million overnight views, Matt Smith’s 10.3 million and Peter Capaldi’s 6.3 million. However, these were all broadcast Christmas Day.

(3)AQUAMAN.He’s doing the backstroke to the bank:“潜水侠游过去Wonder Woman at global box office, could pass Batman v Superman next “

温子仁的Aquaman成为了一个最卖座DCEUfilms this week when it surpassed $822 million at the globalbox office,reports品种

该图中上面放置小馅饼詹金斯特征Wonder Woman,这在2017年lassoed超过8.21亿$一点它的戏剧性运行期间就国内而言,Aquamanalso broke the $200 million mark in North America, but it still needs $197 or so million to beatWonder Woman的美国的4.12亿$总建筑。

(4)WU AND ARISIA.During Brianna Wu’s 2018 congressional race she focused on issues with wide appeal, and on attracting attention from major media. But the在Facebook上一天she returned a fannish subject, the forthcoming Arisia convention:

If you attendArisia公司今年,我不会和你说什么 - 但我绝对会想你少。

A convention that had multiple sexual predators at senior leadership levels and ignored the rape of a teenager is not a convention you should support. You cannot attend Arisia and also also support women.

I will not be buying your books. I will not support your art. I will never do you a favor.


(5)黑色镜面金融时报。马丁·莫尔斯伍斯特偷看背后Financial Times付费墙,在他们的覆盖报告Black Mirror’s“想象猛兽”的插曲。

In the December 29Financial TImes, Shannon Bond interviews “Black Mirror” showrunners Charlie Brooker and Anabel Jones about the forthcoming episode of Black Mirror called “Bandersnatch” which will be interactive. It’s about a choose your own adventure writer who gets trapped in “a branching set of storylines that descend down rabbit holes exploring free will and mind control.”

“‘We didn’t know what the story would be and we were like, ‘Wouldn’t that just be a gimmick?’ said Mr Brooker.

But once the pair hit upon a plot with the right themes, they were quick to embrace the opportunity, said Ms Jones,

‘It’s absolutely baked into the story this idea of freedom of choice and control and the illusion of control and the illusion of choice. Once you’ve got that as the basic conceit and you have the protagonist and you can give them multiple endings but these endings only build to reinforce the whole, then that’s delicious,’ she said.”

They could call it “Choose Your Own Adventure–To Despair!” says Wooster. “Good times!”

(6)当心BIRD BOX挑战。伊桑阿尔特,在“Netflix to Fans: Don’t Be Like Bullock And Avoid BIRD BOX Challenge,”says that Netflix is telling fans to avoid a viral challene to do things while blindfolded just like Sandra Bullock does in BIRD BOX, saying they could hurt themselves and Bullock announced she bumped into the Steadicam several times while doing her blindfolded scenes.

(7)ROBERTS OBIT.BBC reports“网的创始父亲拉里·罗伯茨博士死了81岁”





Dr Roberts is recognised as one of the four founding fathers of the internet along with Bob Kahn, Vint Cerf and Len Kleinrock.

The son of two chemists, Dr Roberts reportedly chose electronics as a field of study because it was more forward-looking.


[Compiled by Cat Eldridge.]

  • 生于1920年1月2日Isaac Asimov.我不可能在这里总结一下他,所以我不会。我最喜欢的小说由他的原Foundation小说非常紧随其后的是他的银河帝国series andI, Robot。我也还是喜欢Robot系列了很多,我知道我读过很多他的短篇小说。(死于1992年。)
  • 生于1929年1月2日Charles Beaumont.He is best remembered as a writer of suchTwilight Zoneepisodes such as “The Howling Man”, “Printer’s Devil”, and the “Number Twelve Looks Just Like You”, but he also penned the exemplary7 Faces of Dr. Laoscreenplay, and红死病的面具, a horror film with Vincent Price which is rather good. (Died 1967.)
  • Born January 2, 1978芮妮·埃莉斯·戈尔兹伯里,41. Currently Quellcrist Falconer in theAltered Carbon她的第一个角色SF系列已经艇员凯利的“Vox的索拉”插曲星际迷航:企业。I认为她唯一的其他流派的外观是丹尼斯·沃特金斯在漫长的题为“在纽约的事情时做你认为你是死”的插曲火星上的生命series. I’ve read the entireAltered Carbonseries but not seen the series, so how is it?
  • Born January 2, 1979Tobias Buckell,40. I read and enjoyed a lot hisXenowealth这既是原件及管理系列很好地包裹。不要注意,“炼金术士和的Executioness“,中篇小说,他与后者写的,并且是后者的组成部分Tangled Lands Universe绝对值得追逐出去读书
  • 生于1983年1月2日Kate Bosworth,36.不是一个长期的简历类型我给予你,但her Lois Lane inSuperman Returnscertainly was impressive and she’s was recently in a series that I’m looking forward to seeing no matter how depressing it probably is, an adaptation of Len Deighton’sSS-GB, and she’s gotThe I-Land,一个网编这听起来比SF即将更恐怖。

(9)最后,他们受审科学。The popular theory about learning-by-guess was always wrong:“Why Millions Of Kids Can’t Read, And What Better Teaching Can Do About It”

Harper attended a professional-development day at one of the district’s lowest-performing elementary schools. The teachers were talking about how students should attack words in a story. When a child came to a word she didn’t know, the teacher would tell her to look at the picture and guess.

The most important thing was for the child to understand the meaning of the story, not the exact words on the page. So, if a kid came to the word “horse” and said “house,” the teacher would say, that’s wrong. But, Harper recalls, “if the kid said ‘pony,’ it’d be right because pony and horse mean the same thing.”



Yet scientists from around the world have donethousands of studiesonhow people learn to read并得出结论认为,理论是错误的...。

(10)OLD TECH MADE NEW.NPR“Climate Change Is Bad For Peru’s Pastures … But There’s A 1,200-Year-Old Fix”

Climate change, vanishing ice and erratic rain patterns are causing the wetlands in two Andean communities to shrink — and that’s a big problem for the communities of Miraflores and Canchayllo. The villagers depend on the puna, a set of alpine ecosystems above 13,000 feet that include grasslands and wetlands to graze sheep, cows, alpacas, llamas and vicunas — animals that provide them with their livelihoods.

Instead of looking for modern solutions to improve access to water, the villagers turned to an old one: centuries-old hydraulic systems that dot the Nor Yauyos Cocha Landscape Reserve, a state-protected natural area seven hours east of Lima. These ancient systems have been used to help irrigate the reserve’s pastures and provide nutrient-rich soil for hundreds of years.

So in 2013, the communities teamed up with scientists from U.S. nonprofit The Mountain Institute (TMI) and reserve authorities to devise plans to revive their historic waterways, including canals, lakes and reservoirs. In addition to providing water, the project would also help mitigate the effects of climate change on the landscape, which has been degraded by grazing, melting glaciers and erratic rainfall.

(11)THE SPEED OF DARK.真实的世界移动超过月球的小说:“该公司其工作人员都是孤独症”


On first inspection it seems like any other Los Angeles-based company, with tasteful art on the white walls and calm-inducing diffusers dotted about.

Peter describes the working atmosphere as “quiet, but fun”, and especially likes the fact that there is no pressure to socialise, while Evan says of his employers that they are “very accommodating and understanding”. Brian describes his office as “unique”.

Auticon is one of only a handful of companies that cater exclusively for employees who are on the autistic spectrum.

Formerly known as MindSpark before being acquired by German-based Auticon, the firm was founded by Gray Benoist who, as the father of two autistic sons, saw few options in the workplace that could cater for their needs.

(12)BETTER FUZZY PIXELS.“新地平线:NASA探测幸存飞掠天涯海角的”- 英国广播公司的故事。


The encounter occurred some 6.5bn km (4bn miles) away, making it the most distant ever exploration of an object in our Solar System.

New Horizons acquired gigabytes of photos and other observations during the pass.

It will now send these home over the coming months.

The radio message from the robotic craft was picked up by one of Nasa’s big antennas, in Madrid, Spain.


China is preparing to make the first attempt at landing robotic spacecraft on the Moon’s far side.





Authorities have not specified the exact time of the attempt to touch down in the Von Kármán crater. But a report in the state-run China Daily newspaper suggests Chang’e-4 could begin descending on its thrusters sometime from 2-3 January.

(14)ORBITAL OBSTETRICS.大西洋组织reports a proposed experiment:“Imagine Giving Birth in Space”

“SpaceLife Origin, based in the Netherlands,wants to senda pregnant woman, accompanied by a “trained, world-class medical team,” in a capsule to the space above Earth. The mission would last 24 to 36 hours. Once the woman delivered the child, the capsule would return to the ground. “A carefully prepared and monitored process will reduce all possible risks, similar to Western standards as they exist on Earth for both mother and child,” SpaceLife Origin’s website states. The company has set the year 2024 as the target date for the trip.

“The concept raises a host of questions—we’ll get to those later—but perhaps the most immediate may be this:为什么?

(15)JEOPARDY!Direct from Andrew Porter’s living room, tonight’s sff reference on危险!


Wrong questions: “Who is Churchill?”, “Who is Christopher Tolkien?”

正确的问题:“谁是米尔恩?”- 罗宾·米尔恩

(16)HERTZ PENS COOLEST VERSE.John Hertz cheered me up after reading my complaint about a cold house —

We all of us knew you were cool,

But now it seems too you are cold.

We’ll hope that you had a good Yule

And were safe while Old/New Year change rolled.

But we still don’t see a new header,



Or does some worse thing mean you can’t?

I join my small voice to the others

Who wish you bothgoodthe best

You know that if we had our druthers

You’d not go through any such test.

(17)火山岩KIMCHI治愈。But if I need it,LAist师爷“泡菜锅,火山韩国炖,可以杀死感冒”

When the winter sun sets before 5 p.m. and you’re nursing a nasty case of the sniffles, there’s a piping-hot Korean stew that provides the perfect antidote to illnesshunger. Huge, hearty and volcanic red, kimchi jjigae can blaze the mucus out of your body better than a Neti pot.

韩国菜被一些人认为是起源于中期朝鲜时代,期间或1592年壬辰战争后不久,1598年,日本侵略朝鲜并带来葡萄牙商人辣椒与他们。也有人认为辣椒已在韩国养殖1500年历史, after it was brought to the region millions of years ago by birds. Still others believe the chili came from China, thanks toIndian and Arab traders peddling the seeds along the Silk Road

Whatever kimchi jjigae’s origins, it lets thrifty Korean cooks use super-ripe kimchi that’s not ideal to eat on its own. With the kimchi’s intensity mellowed by pork, tofu, gochugaru (chile pepper flakes), garlic, ginger, scallions and broth, the spicy stew has become a year-round favorite. During long, harsh winters, like the kind we have here in Los Angeles, jjigae with pork has a reputation as an almost magical antidote to winter colds….


47 thoughts on “像素滚动19年1月2日高尚像素Embiggens的最小滚动。

  1. (14)Why似乎很明显对我来说,尽管这可能是一个扭曲的世界观和sfnal影响。问题是,whowould want to be thefirst

    In 4229, of course, it’s all routine, and we’ve lost the details of these early experiments.

  2. 2)

    Overall there were huge drops in the overnight figures for lots of popular shows over the festive period. Strictly, Call the Midwife, Eastenders, and Mrs Browns Boys all lost large amounts of their audience. Doctor Who got off fairly light. Luther was more of an event as it has been 4 years since it has been on the box but even there the ratings weren’t spectacular.

    It seems that the UK doesn’t watch Christmas TV as avidly as it once did.

  3. 14),他们打算跳过尝试一下与动物的阶段?我不知道婴儿是如何脆弱的高G力,只是迪士尼不允许女性对火箭模拟器乘坐怀孕的后期阶段。


  4. bookworm1398 notes thatI really enjoyed the Azazel short stories also. More humorous SFF!


  5. 8) - 我刚刚看完蚀变炭系列前几天,和喜欢它颇有几分;我会很好奇,想看看S2。

    此外,生日相关的梅雷迪思时刻:阿西莫夫的银河帝国书都是目前2.99 $。嗯,有点 - 星,象尘土目前呈现出以下信息:

    Item Under Review

    The publisher has been notified and we will make the book available as soon as we receive a corrected file. As always, we value customer feedback.

    The other two are available for purchase, however.

  6. 在这里,在3128,我们还记得好医生阿西莫夫。


  7. 14) Years ago I read a book where the boy protagonist had absolute direction, to the point where he’d spend time at the end of the day unwinding every turn he’d made during the day–with a trampoline in there for the earth’s rotation. It turned out he was the first baby born in space and was tuned into an alien broadcast signal. In the book scientists put him in a zero g airplane where he could align with that signal and they used that direction in their SETI work. I can’t for the life of me remember either the title or the author. Is this ringing bells with anyone else?

    Anyway, if they do the space birth, let’s hope the poor kid doesn’t end up twirling in place every time they go around a corner.

  8. 14) @bookworm1398: “Are they planning to skip the try it out with animals stage?”

    我不知道为什么它是重要的直来直去零吉并跳过尝试一下在月球或火星重力阶段。Because this is a closer goal? That’s an awfully tactical business model. And what exactly is the business model for this, anyway? It’s a very weird story. Be sure to read all the way to the end.

  9. I’m kinda wondering how they’re going to have a pregnant woman deliver exactly on schedule. As opposed to, say, during (or before) the launch, or a week after she’s back on Earth…

    (I haven’t read the article, so perhaps that’s covered there, but I’ve never known any pregnant woman who delivered exactly on schedule unless there was a C-section involved.)

  10. 11) VERY COOL!


  11. 9)因此,教育工作者被重新发现一个拼音为基础的阅读教学。迟早会好些,但现在后甘拜下风。

    14) From almost personal experience, I know there are drugs that can be given to goose things along a little bit. But I thought doctors generally preferred to avoid using them.

    Here in the year 8448, palindromic iambic pentameter is considered sublime.

    When I was 14, I thought, ‘How wonderful to be a science fiction writer. I’d like to do that.’ I have never lost touch with that ambitious 14-year-old, and I can’t help chuckling and thinking, ‘You did it, and you did it right.’ – Robert Silverberg

  12. @4: I’m not clear on how it’s useful to punish a convention for past bad behavior that it has repudiated.

    @8: IIRC, Beaumont is also known for one of the most … vigorous … similes concerning achievement in Hollywood — a small thing compared to his lengthy career, but notable.

    @ 14:在回答“为什么呢?”is obvious to anyone who grew up with the promises of the early space age — but we’re getting older and perhaps more realistic, or at least more cautious and more aware of difficulties (cf the note about problems for rat pups born in orbit). I don’t think “The Chinese will try it if we don’t” (per a late paragraph) is much of a reason; nor is the fact that “preppers” are interested (doesn’t it seem like the opposite of what they’re prepping for?).



    @Cassy B: Wikipediaconfirmsmy recollection that oxytocin is still used to induce labor — not timed to the minute like a Caesarian, but possibly close enough; note the range of possible return times. Not that I’d consider that appropriate for a real science experiment rather than a stunt; they ought to be looking at whether an absolutely routine birth can be safe before testing what happens when one is forced. I also wonder how risky it will be to stay in orbit longer, e.g. if the landing site is weathered over.

  13. 9)这显然是泰山自学来读取,根据ERB的方式。(我不相信它,然后要么!)

  14. 8) January 2 is Asimov’sofficialbirthday; he himself said it was impossible to be sure.

    8bis)Netflix的改变Altered Carbonin a few ways that irked me greatly, and I am looking forward to the next season.



  15. Patrick Morris Miller: 8) January 2 is Asimov’s official birthday; he himself said it was impossible to be sure


  16. 17) In the DC/MD/VA area, there is a chain called Lighthouse Tofu that specializes in kimchi soondobu (soft tofu) jigae, which they just call soondobu. I ate there often until I took a vegan turn, and the word volcanic is about right. The combination of spicy-hot and heat-hot often made me wonder if I had any sinuses left!

  17. 9) Phonetic vs look-say approaches to teaching reading have been seesawing in the ed world for as long as I can remember. I’d hoped that look-say had cycled out of fashion in the ed schools, but apparently not. My wife (a college English teacher) has plenty of students (and not just first-year, and not just non-English majors) who can’t sound out words–who seem to guess when they hit an unfamiliar word. And since their reading skills are low (often not even middle-school level), their reading experience is limited, and that makes dealing with everything else in a course that much harder.

    I have no memory of learning to read–I was reading before kindergarten at age four. I suspect it had to do with sitting on my mother’s lap while she read to me, but I don’t know whether she sounded out the words, and I can’t ask her now. Nor do I have any memories of my reading instruction in elementary school, though in 1950 it was probably phonetic.

  18. @OGH:他观察它在1月2日,所以没有人会做错事被效仿。我只是认为这是个很好的附着位点旁注(尤其是我目前读Nevala-Lee的惊人)。

  19. Patrick Morris Miller saysHe observed it on January 2, so nobody will do wrong by following suit. I just thought it a good attachment site for marginalia (especially as I am currently reading Nevala-Lee’s Astounding).


  20. @Cat: FromIn Memory Yet Green, one of his memoirs:

    The date of my birth, as I celebrate it, was January 2, 1920. It could not have been later than that. It might, however, have been earlier. Allowing for the uncertainties of the times, of the lack of records, of the Jewish and Julian calendars, it might have been as early as October 4, 1919. There is, however, no way of finding out. My parents were always uncertain and it really doesn’t matter.

  21. Patrick Morris Miller re Issac’s Birthday claim in his biography:

    Ok it’s either a true story or a really interesting piece of metabiographical writing. It was rural Russia in 1920s, he was a Jew and record keeping wasn’t great but that many months deviation? Is that even possible that the calendars would for that being possible?

  22. @Cat:我不知道在我自己。也许阿西莫夫一直在寻找办法,使日期传播一样宽,逻辑上可能,并认为“如果当地民众忘了几个闰月[1]”和类似leniences。

    Or I suppose it’s possible he exaggerated to cultivate an air of mystery.

    [1]希伯来历主要是月球——每个星期一th is a lunar month, which is why I will always be lighting my mother’s Yahrzeit candle a few days after the new moon – with a leap month added every few years to avoid the calendar as a whole sliding around with respect to the seasons and other forms of calendrical rot.

  23. @Cat

  24. And now I’m wishing I’d ever mentioned the matter to my mother, an adult convert and a genealogist. She’d have had insights, I’m sure.

  25. Picking January 1 or in Asimov’s case January 2 as a birthday in cases where it’s not certain due to bad or non-existent record keeping, is actually quite common. When I taught German as a foreign language to refugees, I had a lot of January 1 birthdays in my class. We had an intern at the school who wanted to make a birthday calendar for the class. I told her, “Sure, go ahead. But we’ll get a lot of January 1 entries, because many of them simply don’t know the exact date they were born.”

    In Asimov’s case, the chaos of the post-revolution Soviet Union, the switch from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar and Jewish calendar, which is completely different again, were added complications.

    Also, in some cultures birthdays simply aren’t as important as in modern western culture, so not knowing your exact brithday isn’t that big a deal.

  26. My grandfather, born in Russia/Ukraine in 1898, celebrated his birthday on the Hebrew calendar, either because that’s what was meaningful to him or because that’s what he was sure of, whereas the shift from Julian to Gregorian might have left him uncertain of when in August that mapped to. And he was born at a time of year where there’s no possible ambiguity in “right after New Year’s.”


  27. Regarding having two parties, I know people my age who celebrate baptism days and name days and pay more attention to those dates than to their actual birthday. A classmate of mine in school always had a baptism day party, but no birthday party. And since I know we were baptised on the same day (he was the son of our Lutheran pastor and apparently cried pitifully all through the ceremony, so everybody remembered that), it was my baptism day, too, though in my family we didn’t celebrate that at all.

  28. wrt Asimov’s birthday: I vaguely remembered that there was uncertainty about theyear因为他的母亲希望他在学校早期——布鲁里溃疡t Wikipedia reports that she only stretched the date by ~6 weeks as that was enough to get him into first grade a year early. W also notes that he wouldn’t have been draftable if he hadn’t insisted on getting the date corrected not-many years after he started school.

  29. (2)仍然没有看过它,虽然它坐在PVR


  30. (8) Charles Beaumont —He is best remembered as a writer of such Twilight Zone episodes [as] . . . “Number Twelve Looks Just Like You”,
    I have seen it authoritatively written that “Number Twelve” was in fact fully written by John Tomerlin, during the period when Beaumont’s health problems meant that (a) he was not able to complete all the work he had signed up for and (b) medical bills were daunting, and so his friends pitched in to help. But the teleplay was based on Beaumont’s short story “The Beautiful People”, so credit isn’t entirely undeserved.

    @Chip希区柯克IIRC,博蒙特也被称为好莱坞有关成就的最有力的... ...明喻的一个

    Well, geez, Chip, just leave us hanging:


  31. Chip Hitchcock on January 3, 2019 at 8:28 am said: @4: I’m not clear on how it’s useful to punish a convention for past bad behavior that it has repudiated.

    BW is looking for attention. Gamer-gate is forgotten (along with the hijack attempt), Revolution 60 sank, and the campaign for Congress fizzled. A bit late to the party for Arisa, though.

  32. 乔希:Gamer-gate is forgotten (along with the hijack attempt)


  33. 罗素Letsonon January 3, 2019 at 10:08 am said:

    I have no memory of learning to read–I was reading before kindergarten at age four.

    Me too, except that I do remember it, vaguely. My parents were heavy readers, so I was a bit obsessed with books even before I could read. And the main thing I remember is a moment of revelation when I tried sounding out the letters on the cover of a book whose title I knew–and itworked!在这一点,我就迷上了。

    是,Altered Carbon是不如书籍,但仍强烈推荐。

    Dann665on January 3, 2019 at 7:39 am said:

    Here in the year 8448, palindromic iambic pentameter is considered sublime.

    Just one problem with iambic pentameter–the name. I wrote a small couplet to illustrate:

    Iambic pentameter cannot fit
    In Iambic pentameter, so…sh**.

  34. @Josh:有点晚了党的亚里沙,虽然。不必要。委员告诉我,前几天,他们有1800名成员至今(不知道他们会怎么最近检查);这两种〜4200,去年和今年的3200(IIRC)上限,但许多公约下面的方式出售大量的几周成员导致该公约的,甚至在门口。

  35. 严重的餐馆是好的,但韩国食谱,我把我的信任Maangchi每次:

    Kimchi Jjigae

    I’ve made it according to her recipe several times (and at least once with kimchi I made according to one of her recipes, too), and I recently made it according to the principles of “this looks about right”/”this stuff in the fridge needs to go” and that worked out pretty well.

    See alsoKimchiguk (Kimchi soup)– I haven’t made it yet to know how it differs. (Maangchi says it’s not as thick as -jjigae, and not as salty.)