By John Hertz:Where I live it’s the first day of spring. ForBruce Gillespie, the New Zealand for 2020 Worldcon bid, and like that, it’s fall. Diversity again. Easier said than done, but worthy of both.

I like to think science fiction has to do with diversity. John Campbell and Larry Niven, among others, have said our essential element is头脑不如你,但不同的。Easier said than done, but worthy of both.

The other day I saw a hundred folks had报告他们的雨果提名here (nice photo of Hugo trophies, thanks). Someone said “I am struck by how very * different * all our tastes are”. I didn’t happen to think so. The reports looked very similar to me. Another said “if [people are finding] mostly works by [X], it would indicate to me that either 1) the sources they are using … are extremely insular, or 2) they are – consciously or unconsciously – self-selecting for things written by [X].” Of course that’s neither complete nor conclusive. But it’s an important indicator.

It often seems “What’s incorrectly included?” shows up more easily than “What’s incorrectly omitted?” To see that something’s been left out you have to get the big picture. You have to be bigger than your immediate adventure. I once said that to Jon Singer, who is no dope; he said “How?”


One of the sandboxes I play in is Fanzineland. People have been pouring in new sand. It’s fascinating. Not so long ago fanzines were on paper – mostly; according to legend there’ve been slices of bologna, or worse – don’t ask me what I saw in Bruce Pelz’ refrigerator – but then came electronic media, and we had to think it out again.

All of us. Not just the folks upon whom new stuff poured, but the folks who poured in with it. Diversity can’t just be你必须满足我,但我不需要交流commodate you.

好吧。这里有一些细微的爱好者杂志,fanwriters,fanartists,2017年,他们的名字跃上了我的脑海里,那些百人(当然既不完整,也没有确凿的)显着地省略。他们中的一些可以发现上线,如通过比尔·伯恩斯eFanzines; that doesn’t matter much to me, it may to you. I couldn’t begin to guess which, if any, will appear on the Hugo ballot; that’s not why I’m writing. Let’s say that next time you get to我如何爱你?你算的方式。或者说,没有到顶部,因为我不能,让我们考虑爱你的邻居,因为他们不喜欢你。Or let’s just say I like to share my toys with friends.


  • Alexiad
  • Askance
  • Askew
  • 香蕉翅膀
  • Beam
  • Chunga
  • Counterclock
  • 输入您自担风险
  • Flag
  • Inca
  • Iota
  • Littlebrook
  • Lofgeornost
  • The MT Void
  • 尼斯区别
  • 仙人掌
  • Purrsonal Mewsings
  • Raucous Caucus
  • 陷阱门
  • 白色笔记本电脑
  • 该杂志转储


  • 桑德拉·邦德
  • 威廉Breiding
  • Claire Brialey
  • Randy Byers
  • Graham Charnock
  • Pat Charnock
  • 利埃德蒙兹
  • 莉莲·爱德华兹
  • 尼克法里
  • Janice Gelb
  • Steve Green
  • Rob Hansen
  • Andy Hooper
  • 金·休特
  • Lucy Huntzinger
  • Jerry Kaufman
  • Steve Jeffery
  • 苏Jones
  • Christina Lake
  • 伊夫林·利珀
  • Mark Leeper
  • 弗雷德·勒纳
  • Robert Lichtman
  • 富证券
  • Joseph Major
  • Lisa Major
  • Mike Meara
  • 杰奎琳·莫纳汉
  • Murray Moore
  • Joseph Nicholas
  • Ulrika O’Brien
  • Roman Orszanski
  • Lloyd Penney
  • Mark Plummer
  • 约翰·赛尔
  • David Redd
  • 伊冯娜卢梭
  • Yvonne Rowse
  • Darrell Schweitzer
  • Paul Skelton
  • 弗雷德·史密斯
  • Ylva Spangberg(想象在第二环“A”)
  • Dale Speirs
  • 加思斯宾塞
  • Milt Stevens
  • Suzanne Tompkins
  • Philip Turner
  • R-Laurraine Tutihasi
  • Pete Young


  • Harry Bell
  • Sheryl Birkhead
  • Ditmar
  • 库尔特·埃里克森
  • Brad Foster
  • Alexis Gilliland
  • Jeanne Gomoll
  • Teddy Harvia
  • 苏Mason
  • 雷·纳尔逊
  • Ulrika O’Brien
  • 塔尔·韦恩
  • Alan White

Humpty Dumpty tells Alice (Through the Looking-Glass, ch. 6) “You’re so exactly like other people…. two eyes, so – nose in the middle, mouth under.“它总是一样的。”爱丽丝说任何其他方式可能不会好看。他回答 - 而这些是他的最后一句话 - “等到你已经试过。”当然,他属于同一描述自己下不会发生他。

Thanks, nothing

By John Hertz:Being one of the Rotsler Award judges, it was my happy task to call Teddy Harvia (“Hey, Teddy!” – no, wait, that’s a water-softener joke) and tell him他赢了.

Actually I asked him first whether he’d accept the Award if we gave it to him. We adopted that protocol a few years ago after a Learning Experience.

希腊诗人赫西奥德说:“只有傻瓜要经受学”(Works and Daysline 217). But you already know what kind of fool I am.

Harvia said, more or less (with this equipment I can’t find how to do Jack Speer’s quasi-quotes – which reminds me, Sandra Bond, thanks for all the fish), “Certainly, I’d be honored.” So I said, more or less, “That’s good. You are.”

Then this thank-you note came in the mail.

Harvia Postcard CLEAN 2我没告诉你“请看着星星”?

Shakespeare fans, and maybe others, will know that in Shakespeare’s time “nothing” rhymed with “voting”.Much Ado about Nothing, to the Elizabethan-Jacobean ear, rang the chime of taking note (and of music: Act II, sc. iii, “Come, Balthasar, we’ll hear that song again…. Nay, pray thee come, / Or if thou wilt hold longer argument, / Do it in notes.” “Note this before my notes: / There’s not a note of mine that’s worth the noting.” “Why, these are very crotchets [whimsies, quarter-notes] that he speaks! Note notes, forsooth, and nothing!”).

Shakespeare was a punster of almost Japanese dimension – or, for that matter, the 14th Chorp Dimension – but I digress.

HARVIA已经有一段时间了一直是 - 好 - 探索一无所获。我们有些人在Lonestarcon III计划书(第71 Worldcon,圣安东尼奥,德克萨斯州,2013年)看到这个。

Harvia Wingnuts LSC3 PR CROP


The Recent History of the Hugo Artist Awards

Editor’s Note: Reblogged from雨果合格的2015年艺术at the suggestion of the author.

所学专业博士:直到最近,提名为两个Best ProBest FanArtist Hugos were done by the “round up the usual suspects!” method. Artists generally first appeared on the ballots after a few years of being nominated but not making the cut, and then they tended to stay there for a l-o-o-o-n-g time. Winners frequently repeated.

This pattern has been broken recently, in different ways for the two categories.

Best Professional Artist

朱莉·狄龙赢得了一些嫌疑犯的选票2014 Pro的艺术家雨果。在2015年,虽然狄龙又是在选票上,所有其他的名字是新的。所有的新名字是从由该slating活动悲伤和狂暴小狗; the artists are all friends of the slate creators.

Dillon won by a landslide, getting 63% of all first-place votes. None of the others finished above “No Award”. (Detailed results are inthis PDF.) The artists who would have gotten on the ballot absent the slate were John Picacio, Galen Dara, Stephan Martinière, and Chris McGrath – all Usual Suspects who’ve been nominated before.

Best Fan Artist

Fan Artist was a Usual Suspects category until2013. That year,盖伦达拉勉强使其到选票她的第一次,在提名5位。她轻而易举地赢了,随着张第一名选票27%,40%,超过了亚军。


Last year,Elizabeth Leggettgot onto the ballot for the first time, in 5th place. She won with 41% of the first-place votes.

换句话说,通常的嫌疑人系统有潜艇tantially broken down for Best Fan Artist. That’s 3 years in a row where an artist has essentially come out of nowhere to dominate the voting – where by “nowhere” I mean the Internet. All of them are technically skilled and at least semi-pro (Webb is still an art student): they are fans, but they aren’t amateurs.

I have a Cunning Plan

主要的原因我开始这个博客[雨果合格的2015年艺术]is to make it easier for Hugo nominators to survey eligible artists for both Pro and Fan Artist, to break the Usual Suspects habit for both categories. I also think we maybe ought to discuss whetherthe categories as they’re currently definedare really what we want.


saarahonourrole36许多著名的艺术家fanzine已经联合起来,在他们最好的工作目前展品The Zine Artists, where they hope others soon will join them.

Here are high-resolution scans of great cover art unimpaired by cheap paper repro, faneds’ peculiar choices of colored paper, or massive blots of zine title typography. Pristine! At last, no barriers between the artist and the audience.

Already available are dozens and dozens of examples of the funny and beautiful work by —

塔尔·韦恩forestalls the obvious question —

The first thing you will notice is how terribly incomplete the list of artists is. “Where are Jeanne Gomoll,” you may ask, or “Jack Wiedenbeck, Randy Bathurst, or David Vereschagin?” The answer is that it will take time to track these artists down and contact them.

Taral has also penned a detailed history of the evolution of fanzine art – including his lament about the current state of affairs:

Then, of course, came the digital age, which changed everything. No longer was it necessary to print anything at all to publish a fanzine. Fan editors could manipulate words and images directly on the screen, and distribute them in whatever file format was convenient. It was no longer necessary to limit illustrations in any way. Colour became almost mandatory. Photographs were a breeze. Any image that was already digitized was fair game to import into your document. You could search the entire globe, through the Internet, for the exact image you wanted. In effect, fanartists became redundant.

The golden age of fanzine art represented here never really seems to have been accompanied by a golden age of appreciation for the artists. In every era there have been justifiable complaints that the artists did not receive enough egoboo to “sustain life as we know it.” So take advantage of this chance to leave an appreciative comment inThe Zine Artists聊天节!

Harry Bell Classic Fan Art Collection Free Online

BellissimoCoverBellissimo! The Harry Bell Art Anthology, a 122-page retrospective portfolio of Harry Bell’s fan art edited by Rob Jackson and originally published on paper in 2006 is now available for the first time as afree download ateFanzines.

Harry Bell is Rotsler Award recipient (2004) for lifetime work by a fanartist. He has won two Fan Activity Achievement Awards, in 2014 for the cover ofInca #9并于1977年作为最佳幽默风扇亚博体育下载app的艺术家。他还于1979年提名为球迷艺术家雨果。


Harry has been known for years for his cartooning skills, his fannish wit and sense of humour, and his eye for line and detail, among many other qualities. He started with his own fanzine,Grimwab在六十年代,但真正来到了通知,七十年代为纽卡斯尔/桑德兰组,塘鹅,影迷,谁是的fanzine球迷最旺盛的群体之一然后周围的一部分。(我知道,我绕到我们的餐桌多次整理相当多的爱好者杂志的。)与美国影迷当时日趋密切的联系,以及更好的fanzine再现,他帮助建立的布局和视觉幽默的新标准英国球迷杂志。我们玩得很开心,该死。

Quite a lot of these pieces count as rarities – they are from some obscure fanzines, some fairly exclusive ones and there are also some previously unpublished pieces.

(由于Bill Burns for the story.]




Furry artist Doug Winger passed away June 23. He had been hospitalized for COPD according to the news siteFlayrah.

Winger’s best-known fan art involved hyper-endowed hermaphrodite characters.

Winger formerly worked as an engineer for Republic Aviation Corporation on the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II AN/AAS-35(V) Pave Penny laser spot tracker, and in many other technical jobs.


Update 06/24/2015:在存在后Flayrah审核上市美术学分的下降段劝他们是错误的。

科林·卡梅隆Passes Away

“Just learned the sad news that my longtime friend and former fan artist, Colin Cameron passed away from cancer a few days ago,” writes Steve Stiles. “I heard about it in Facebook. Judging from the outpouring there, he had many, many friends in the music industry there, and seldom lacked for playing gigs.”


[Colin’s] fluency as a player, bolstered by his [sight] reading ability, led to recording dates with Quincy Jones and Henry Mancini, and such movie soundtracks as “Every Which Way but Loose,” “Moonraker,” “Honky-Tonk Man,” “Smokey and the Bandit II,” “Phantom of the Paradise” and “The Muppet Movie.”

与之卡梅伦担任贝司手无论是在舞台上或记录的艺术家范围从Judy Collins的雪儿。卡梅伦在艾美奖获奖电视喜剧特别莉莉·汤姆林进行,并在70年代初记录蒂娜·特纳一个乡村专辑。


Colin was an active west coast fan artist in the 1960s and I always liked his cartoon style. We met, by a miraculous coincidence, at Ft. Eustis Virginia, in 1966, when we wound up stationed in the same barracks; another GI spotted me doing a cartoon on my bunk and told me that there was “another guy on the second floor who does stuff just like that.” What are the odds?

The chain of coincidences didn’t stop there, said Stiles in“Habakkuk Remembered”

不仅如此,但科林也领受了新的多彩色哈巴谷的第一个问题。The material and Bill’s “Meanderings” –Donaho’s reportage of doings in Barea fandom– were just as fascinating, but that run has a special significance to me as Colin and I were fannishly ignited by the zine and flooded the next two issues with our fan art and articles on life in the army. (Unfortunately, in the third issue, Colin’s article was about life in Vietnam, having been nabbed in another MP raid with some more of our friends.

After taking a mortar shell fragment in the leg while he was at Cam Ranh Bay, Colin was eventually discharged and went on to play bass in John Hartford’s and Paul Williams’ bands, and was blown up good on the big screen as one of the Juicy Fruits in天堂的幻影[1974].



Kirk Spock


This is a huge step forwards in recognising that everyone should have the right to love, and marry, the partner of their choice, and it is particularly important that this has been signified via the people of Ireland….


A fannish manifestation of the Yes campaign were James Brophy’s comics-inspired icons for James Shields’Mammies和老爹物质Facebook页面。(护盾Shamrokon 2014联合主席,是过去废话赢家。)


They were intended as a parody of the no campaign logo. Showing that it’s not just mums and dads that make up families, sometimes it’s two dads sometimes its two mums. Then I added in some super hero people and they got slowly stranger and stranger as the month wound on.


Kirk Spock heartAlien and DalekSuper familyAnother Super family哈雷奎恩和绿色的女孩

(由于埃丝特麦卡勒姆 - 斯图尔特的故事。]

Rotsler Award Display at Loscon

Rotsler奖赏显示在Loscon 41  - 过去的获奖者。由肯·贝茨照片。

Rotsler奖赏显示在Loscon 41 - 过去的获奖者。由肯·贝茨照片。

在Loscon 41在感恩节周末在十一月出现了由Rotsler奖得主卡通illos艺术展上展示。其中面板是由它的2014冠军萨·梅森专门奖项的历史,和其他工作。