Carl Slaughter Interview List

Carl Slaughter (1958-2019)

File 770'sCarl Slaughterdied August 11,2019ina car accident.The Murray,Kentucky fan had just moved back to the Marchafter years spent teaching English in China.

Carl made his mark in fandom as aninterviewer and his prolific efforts are commemorated with this list

Carl's began contributing to online sff sites in 2009,writing eviewsforTangent.He soon moved over toDiabolical Plotsas a reviewerand later an interviewer,becoming known for his thorough preparation whileconducting 50-plus interviews there.

When David Steffen,editor ofDiabolicalPlots,transferred his attention toTheSubmissions Grinder,which became an institution virtually overnight,he put Carl together with John DeNardo atSF Signal. Carl had done almost three dozen interviewsfor them when DeNardo shut down his site in 2016.I was delighted when Carl agreedto start contributing toFile 770.He immediately shared his creativity,contacts,and terrific work ethic.In addition to all kinds of other features,some ofwhich are indexed below,he did another 55 interviews in his time with us.Thelast of them,with Charlie Jane Anders,was completed posthumously.

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