By JJ:Enquiring Hugo voter minds want to know: When will we be able to vote online? When will the Hugo Voter Packet be available?

在类似的优良传统文件770posts on the subject in years past, and using my highly-refined statistical skills gained while acquiring my Master’s degree from Cattimothy U*, here is a comparison of the deadlines and availability dates of recent Worldcons.

Because what the hell, we’ve got time to kill. And a year from now, someone is going to ask about this again, the way they do every year.


  • In 2008 and 2009, the Hugo Voter Packet was put together by John Scalzi
  • In 2012, the Hugo Voter Packet was released in stages starting on May 18, becoming fully available on May 30
  • With the exception of 2009, 2016, 2017, 2019, and 2020, all Finalist Announcements were made on Easter weekend


  • Aussiecon 4在2010年曾在网上提名最早,1月1日。
  • Aussiecon 4 and Loncon 3 in 2014 had online nominations available the longest, at 82 days.
  • Chicon 7in 2012 and Renovation in 2011 were the Worldcons which had online voting up and running the fastest, at 2 and 5 days following the announcement of the Finalists.
  • Chicon 7had online voting available the longest, at 113 days.
  • Denvention 3in 2008 and Renovation were the Worldcons which had the Hugo Voter Packet available the most quickly, at 3 and 4 weeks following the Finalist announcement.

1 - 网上提名之间的天变得可用,并提名截止日期
2 - 提名截止日期和决赛之间公布天
3 - 决赛公告及网上投票变得可用天之间
4 – days between finalist announcement and Hugo Voter Packet becoming available
5 – days between online voting becoming available and voting deadline
6 – days between voting deadline and the start of Worldcon

While you’re waiting for the Hugo Voter Packet, here’s a链接列表阅读2020年雨果决赛这是网上免费提供。

*The Camestros Felapton University for Beating Statistical Horses Until They Are Thoroughly Dead

2020 Sir Julius Vogel Award Nominees

The2020 Sir Julius Vogel Awards nomineeshave been announced. The awards recognize excellence in science fiction, fantasy and horror by New Zealanders.

The winners will be decided by a vote of the members of SFFANZ, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand Inc. and of the national convention,CoNZealand, to be held online July 29 – August 2, 2020.





  • 从影墓由安迪C.布坎南,纸路新闻(excerpt)
  • We All Fall海伦Vivinne弗莱彻,HVF出版
  • Ventiforms由肖恩·莫纳汉,Asimov’s Science Fiction(Jan/Feb 2019)
  • 她会消失由梅拉妮·哈丁 - 肖,自助出版
  • 饥饿的真相by A.J. Fitzwater,Gigantosaurus, April 1, 2019

Best Short Story

Best Collected Work

Best Professional Artwork


Best Dramatic Presentation



Best Fan Production/ Publication

Best Fan Writing

  • “SITREP”亚历克斯·林赛,在每月列Phoenixine
  • “欢迎来到昆仑”由Grace桥梁,Geysercon Program Book



Services to Fandom

Grace Bridges




梅兰妮·哈丁 - 肖


Note: Nominees are presented in randomised order.

The SJV Voter Packet is currently being assembled. Members of SFFANZ or CoNZealand are able to access the works in the SJV Voter Packetby following the instructions here



The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are administered bySFFANZ, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand Inc。SFFANZsupports Science Fiction and Fantasy in New Zealand and can be contacted at enquiries@sffanz.org.nz .

Where To Find The 2020 Hugo Award Finalists For Free Online

By JJ:CoNZealand宣布日e 2020 Hugo Award Finalists。Since the Hugo Voter’s packet will take awhile to arrive, if you’d like to get a head start on your reading, you can use this handy guide to find material which is available for free online. Where available in their entirety, works are linked (most of the Novelettes and Short Stories are free, as are the Pro and Fan Artist images, and many of the Semiprozines and Fanzines).

If not available for free, an Amazon link is provided. If a free excerpt is available online, it has been linked.

If I’ve missed an excerpt, or a link doesn’t work, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll get it fixed.

博览会的通知:所有亚马逊环节都参照网址,其好处粉丝网站Worlds Without End

2020 HUGO入围奖




Short Story

Best Series

Best Related Work

Best Graphic Story or Comic



Best Editor, Short Form



Best Semiprozine

  • Beneath Ceaseless Skies主编斯科特·H·安德鲁斯
  • Escape Pod,编辑穆尔拉弗蒂和S·B·迪夫亚,助理编辑本杰明·金尼下,音频生产商亚当Pracht和夏溪,主机蒂娜·康诺利和阿拉斯代尔·斯图尔特
  • Fireside Magazine, editor Julia Rios, managing editor Elsa Sjunneson, copyeditor Chelle Parker, social coordinator Meg Frank, publisher & art director Pablo Defendini, founding editor Brian White
  • 黑投机的小说的FIYAH杂志执行主编特洛伊L.威金斯,编辑Eboni邓巴,布伦特·兰伯特,L.D.刘易斯,丹尼绝杀,布兰登 - 奥布莱恩和卡莱布·罗素
  • 奇怪的地平线, edited by Vanessa Rose Phin, Catherine Krahe, AJ Odasso, Dan Hartland, Joyce Chng, Dante Luiz, and the奇怪的地平线员工
  • 离奇的杂志, editors-in-chief Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas, nonfiction/managing editor Michi Trota, managing editor Chimedum Ohaegbu, podcast producers Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky,残疾人销毁幻想Special Issue editors Katharine Duckett, Nicolette Barischoff, and Lisa M. Bradley

Best Fanzine

  • The Book Smugglers, editors Ana Grilo and Thea James
  • Galactic Journey创始人吉迪恩马库斯,编辑贾尼斯马库斯,资深作家迷迭香顿,马库斯罗蕾莱和维多利亚Silverwolf
  • Journey Planet(issues 45-48), editors James Bacon, Christopher J Garcia, Alissa McKersie, Ann Gry, Chuck Serface, John Coxon and Steven H Silver
  • 羽毛的书呆子,会聚,编辑A​​dri乔伊,乔雪利酒,万斯Kotrla,和G
  • Quick Sip Reviews主编查尔斯Payseur
  • The Rec Center, editors Elizabeth Minkel and Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Best Fancast

Best Fan Writer

Best Fan Artist

北极星奖for Best Young Adult Book

Astounding Award for Best New Writer

* [2nd year of eligibility]

2020 Recommended SF/F List


There will be没有tallying of recommendations done in this thread; its purpose is to provide a source of recommendations for people who want to find something to read which will be eligible for the Hugos or other awards (Nebula, Locus, Asimov’s, etc.) next year.

If you’re recommending for an award other than / in addition to the Hugo Awards which has different categories than the Hugos (such as Locus Awards’ First Novel), then be sure to specify the award and category.

You don’t have to stop recommending works in Pixel Scrolls, please don’t! But it would be nice if you also post here, to capture the information for other readers.

The Suggested Format for posts is:

  • Title, Author, Published by / Published in(文集,收集,网站或杂志+号)
  • 雨果或其它奖项类别:(Novel, Novella, Novelette, Short Story, Related Work, Graphic Novel, Lodestar, Astounding, etc)
  • link(如果可用来读取/查看在线)
  • optional“简单地说,故事的前提下自由扰流介绍:”
  • “我喜欢什么/不喜欢它:”
  • (Please腐-13any spoilers.)


Best Editor Short Form Hugo: Eligible Works from 2019

By JJ:为了帮助雨果提名,下面列出的编辑short form works published for the first time in 2019.

These credits have been accumulated from致谢sections and copyright pages in works, eligibility posts, and other sources on the internet.

Feel free to add missing 2019-original works and the name of their editors in the comments, and I will get them included in the main post. Self-published works may or may not be added to the list at my discretion.


If you are able to confirm credits from致谢段,版权页,或联系作者和/或编辑,然后继续前进,在注释中添加它们。如果您有任何疑问或更正,还请添加这些。

作者,编辑和出版商,欢迎在评论张贴在这里,或将他们的名单发送给jjfile770 [在]的Gmail [点] com。



3.3.10: Best Editor Short Form.The editor of至少四(4)诗集,集合或杂志的问题(或等效的其他媒体)主要开发oted to science fiction and / or fantasy, at least上e of which was published in the previous calendar year

(请注意,下面列出的短表编辑器可以或不可以,有资格 - 也就是说,有相当于至少4个选集和/或杂志的问题,他们的职业生涯,其中有至少1发表于2019年)


亚博体育下载app最佳职业艺术家Hugo: Eligible Works from 2019

By JJ:为了帮助雨果提名,这篇文章提供了关于艺术家和660余件作品这就出现了一个专业出版科幻小说或幻想的领域,第一次在2019年设计的信息。


You can see the full combined spreadsheet of Editor and Artist creditshere(I will be continuing to update this as I get more information).


请注意carefully根据资格标准日e WSFS Constitution:

Professional Artist

3.3.12: Best Professional Artist.An illustrator whose work has appeared in a professional publication in the field of science fiction or fantasy during the previous calendar year.

(1) it provided at least a quarter the income of any one person or,
(2) was owned or published by any entity which provided at least a quarter the income of any of its staff and/or owner.


根据现行规定,对于艺术品和semiprozines是球迷杂志没有这一类资格。您可以检查出版物是否是prozine或semiprozinein this directory(该semiprozine列表是在页面的顶部,prozine目录是在底部)。

Please be sure to check the spreadsheet first; but then, if you are able to confirm credits missing 2019-original works and the names of their artists from致谢段,版权页,或联系作者和/或艺术家,继续前进,在注释添加它们,我会得到他们纳入电子表格,如果艺术家是记入与至少4部作品,在这个岗位。如果您有任何疑问或更正,还请添加这些。请注意,作品可能会或可能不会在我的自由裁量权添加到列表中。


Artists, Authors, Editors and Publishers are welcome to post in comments here, or to send their lists to jjfile770 [at] gmail [dot] com.

(警告:这个职位heavilyimage-intensive, and will probably not work well on mobile devices: flee now, or prepare to meet your厄运extremely slow page download)

Only those bying stoute of heyrte and riche in bandwydthe shouldst click hither to proce’d…

Best Editor Long Form Hugo: Eligible Works from 2019

By JJ:为了帮助雨果提名,下面列出的编辑long-form作品发表于2019年第一次。

这些信用已经累计超过年从护封的过程中,致谢节和作品的著作权的网页,以及互联网上的其他来源。This year, Filer Goobergunch also collected this information, and though we had a lot of overlap, his extra entries have almost doubled the information we are able to provide you. My profound thanks go to Goobergunch for all of his hard work.

You can see the full combined spreadsheet of Editor and Artist creditshere(I will be continuing to update this as I get more information).

Feel free to add missing 2019-original works and the name of their editors in the comments, and I will get them included in the main post. Self-published works may or may not be added to the list at my discretion.(Short form works will be in a different post. Please do not add them here.)


If you are able to confirm credits from致谢段,版权页,或联系作者和/或编辑,然后继续前进,在注释中添加它们。如果您有任何疑问或更正,还请添加这些。

作者,编辑和出版商,欢迎在评论张贴在这里,或将他们的名单发送给jjfile770 [在]的Gmail [点] com。

Long Form Editors

3.3.11: Best Editor Long Form.The editor of至少四(4)新颖的长度作品primarily devoted to science fiction and / or fantasypublished in the previous calendar year日at do not qualify as works under 3.3.10.

(Note that the Long Form Editors listed below may, or may not, be eligible — that is, have 4 qualifying works published in 2019. Editors whose eligibility has been confirmed are listed first.)


2019 Novellapalooza

[Editor’s note: be sure to read the comments on this post for more novellas and more Filer reviews.]

By JJ:

TL;DR:Here’s what I thought of the 2019 Novellas. What did you think?


  • 31 of the novellas published in 2015,
  • 35 of the novellas published in 2016,
  • 46of the novellas published in 2017,
  • and 38 of the 2018 novellas.
  • (今年我在等待访问一些中篇小说,所以我读别人,所以我最后的总攀升至55!)



The success and popularity of novellas in the last 5 years seems to have sparked a Golden Age for SFF novellas – so there are a批量这一年多的中篇小说覆盖。根据需要,我已经得到了的是更好地选择哪些我读的基础上,大纲是我感兴趣的点。

这是不是在所有少见让我选择,尽管没有感觉的夹克副本,使书声,就好像它是我想读一本书 - 并发现我真的很喜欢或者热爱工作反正。在另一方面,它是不是在所有少见,我选择阅读一本书,这听起来好像这将是我熟悉的,并发现,实际上,这本书并没有真正为我做很多。

因此,我在下面的意见中篇小说差异很大:故事,我想我会喜欢,但没有,故事,我没想到爱情,但,和故事与我的期望一致 - 无论是高要么low.

请记住,虽然我很喜欢这两个,我倾向于更喜欢科幻过幻想 - 这而我则喜欢悬疑和惊悚片,我有恐怖很少升值(并说实话,我觉得是洛夫克拉夫特方式overrated). What’s more, I apparently had a defective childhood, and do not share a lot of peoples’ appreciation for fairytale retellings and portal fantasies. My personal assessments are therefore not intended to be the final word on these stories, but merely a jumping-off point for Filer discussion.

小说我读过出现在订单根据μch I liked them (best to least), followed by the novellas I haven’t read in alphabetical order.

I’ve included plot summaries, and where I could find them, links to either excerpts or the full stories which can be read online for free. Short novels which fall between 40,000 and 48,000 words (within the Hugo Novella category tolerance) have been included.


(Please be sure to腐-13any spoilers.)

(公平通知:亚马逊的所有环节都参照网址,其好处非营利SFF风扇网站Worlds Without End)


Best Series Hugo:

SJW Credential Reading SFF Books (c) Can Stock Photo / Lazarenka

By JJ:To assist Hugo nominators, listed below are the series believed to be eligible as of this writing for the 2020 Best Series Hugo next year *†.


Feel free to add missing series and the name of the 2019-eligible work in the comments, and I will get them included in the main post.

我只是问suggesters(1)首先做的作者姓一找到这个页面上,检查组是否已经在名单上,和(2)然后作出努力,以验证一系列确实有3卷,即它具有2019出版的工作,它可能已经遇到了24万字的阈值;in the past I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to verify suggested series, only to discover that they had fewer than 3 volumes, or nothing published in the current year, or weren’t anything close to 240,000 words (e.g., children’s books). Self-published works may or may not be added to the list at my discretion.

Note that the 2017 Hugo Administrator ruled that nominations for a series and one of its subseries will not be combined.Therefore, when nominating a subseries work, think carefully under which series name it should be nominated. If the subseries does not yet meet the 3-volume, 240,000 word count threshold, then the main series name should be nominated. If the subseries does meet that threshold, then the subseries name should probably be nominated. This will ensure that another subseries in the same universe, or the main series itself, would still be eligible next year if this subseries is a finalist this year.

The 2018 and 2019 Hugo Administrators ruled that the 2017 Best Series Finalists, although the result of a one-time category, were subject to the same re-qualification requirements as the 2018 Best Series Finalists, and it is likely this will be the rule going forward; bear that in mind when making your nominations.

* ineligible series are preceded by an asterisk


What’s In The 2019 Hugo Voter Packet?

By JJ:On May 11,2019年雨果奖选民包面世for download by Attending, Supporting, First Worldcon, Young Adult, and Child members of Dublin 2019. The packet is an electronic collection which helps voters become better informed about the works and creators on the ballot. Works which are included have been made available through the generosity of finalists and their publishers.

选民包包含网上找到了一些入围的作品很多雨果奖提名作品的完整文本,一些作品的预览版本,和方向。一些小说已提供通过NetGalley, which requires a user account for access (registration is free).

该数据包是可以从都柏林2019网站下载membership节by clicking “Vote for the 2019 Hugo Awards”. You must have a valid Membership login link to download the packet. If you have recently joined Dublin 2019, you will be sent a Membership login link shortly after joining. You can request that your Membership login link be re-sent to you by entering the e-mail address you used when you registered with Dublin 2019 on日e Membership page。如果您没有收到电子邮件,或者您的会员登录链接失败时进行身份验证,您可以通过电子邮件hugohelp@dublin2019寻求帮助。

If you haven’t yet downloaded this year’s Hugo Voter Packet and wish to download only selected parts, or if you’re still trying to decide whether to purchase a membership, a breakdown of its contents is presented below.

The Hugo Voter Packet will be available for download until the voting deadline at 11:59 pm Pacific Daylight Time on Wednesday July 31st, 2019 (7.59 am, Irish time, on 1 August 2019). Voters can make as many changes as they wish to their ballot until the deadline. Changes are automatically saved, and a copy of the voter’s current ballot will be emailed to them 30 minutes after they finish modifying it.


都柏林2019的成员才可以访问2019年雨果奖2019年雨果奖选民包和表决。要成为都柏林2019中的一员,see the membership page

If you don’t have access to the Hugo Voter Packet, here is链接列表读取2019雨果决赛这是网上免费提供。入围作品的一些详细的讨论可以发现上日e 2019 Hugo Award Finalists announcement日read, as well as in other posts on文件770

都柏林2019and WSFS are deeply appreciative of the publishers, authors, artists, editors, and other creators who have generously provided their works to this year’s Hugo Voter Packet, and ask that voters who feel the same way consider posting on social media to thank the publishers, editors, and creators who have participated in the packet.