Pixel Scroll 3/13/18"Use The Porgs,Luke!““

(1)不要花钱玩。Jason Sanford has a twitter thread about another dodgy publisher – start here:

(2)TERMS AND CONDITIONS.阿曼达S格林对消失的亚马逊评论混乱有着非常明智的看法:“On Reviews"“atMad Genius Club.

但是,before you start all this take a step back and then take a deep breath and ask yourself if you or the reader who left the review might have fallen afoul of the rules.I know how easy it is to tell your other writer friends that you'll review their work if they review yours.You might not even do it in so many words.The problem is,in this day and age of technology,Amazon's computers will start seeing patterns and will pull reviews that fit those patterns.Is it fair?Waggles hands.它是,however,in the rules and we agree to those rules when we open our Amazon accounts and when we then open our KDP accounts.This is why you need to be sure you read those ToS agreements before completing your account setup.

Reviews are the 亚博体育下载appbest advertising we have for our books.它们是一种告诉潜在读者的方式,我们推出的东西不仅值得他们花时间,也值得他们花金钱。Amazon recognizes that.It also recognizes the fact the system is easily gamed and that is what these rules are designed to prevent.规则并不完美,但它们是我们现在拥有的最好的。亚博体育下载appNone of us want to return to the days of rampant sock puppet reviews — or at least we shouldn't.After all,most readers will look askance at a book by an indie author with hundreds of reviews and not a one under 4-star.You need those lower level reviews to give legitimacy to your work.

所以,if you are one of those authors who found reviews suddenly missing,联系亚马逊询问发生了什么。Review the ToS about reviews and move forward.是的,很难丢掉评论,但是你写下一本书会比花几个小时在互联网上抱怨亚马逊有多邪恶更好。

(3)蒸汽朋克世界博览会的消亡。飞艇大使reports“蒸汽朋克世界博览会–取消”“.The former management was deposed after sexual abuse allegations,但试图展开救援的小组认为这项任务是不可能的

After several weeks of discussions,and publicized business changes,在1月底公布性虐待指控后,,


Time to Name Drop and Protect Newbies

the Silver Phoenix Society announced On February 20,2018,it was taking over the production of Steampunk World's Fair.

然而…it was announced tonight,March 13,2018,on the Steampunk World's Fair Facebook page that Silver Phoenix Society's involvement in the event was ending,effectively cancelling the May 2018 festival.

相关facebook帖子的屏幕截图和背景文章链接可在Airship Ambassador.

(4)THOR FX.A BBC video about“The visual effects behind Thor 3"“relates the fun of having to be able to redo everything at the last minute,还有CGI和真人秀的结合——有时候只是保持面部,这样身体就可以与闪电互动。


(5)HAWKING OBIT.博士。斯蒂芬霍金于3月14日去世。The New YorkTimesreports:“史蒂芬·霍金,他研究了宇宙并解释了黑洞,76岁死亡“.

…"Not since Albert Einstein has a scientist so captured the public imagination and endeared himself to tens of millions of people around the world,“Michio Kaku,a professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York,在采访中说。

博士。Hawking did that largely through his book“A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes,““1988年出版。It has sold more than 10 million copies and inspired埃罗尔·莫里斯的纪录片.The 2014 film about his life,“The Theory of Everything,“was nominated for several Academy Awards and Eddie Redmayne,谁扮演博士Hawking,won the 亚博体育下载appbest-actor Oscar.

Scientifically,博士。霍金最为人铭记的是一个如此奇怪的亚博体育下载app发现,它可以用禅宗的形式表达:什么时候黑洞不是黑色的?When it explodes.

What is equally amazing is that he had a career at all.作为1963年的研究生,he learned he hadamyotrophic lateral sclerosis,a neuromuscular wasting disease also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.他只能活几年。

The disease reduced his bodily control to the flexing of a finger and voluntary eye movements but left his mental faculties untouched.

(6)DOWN TO THE WIRE.With the Hugo nominating deadline upon us,Doctor Science shares a longlist:“Brainstorming my Hugo nominations: 亚博体育下载appBest Novel and Best Series"“.

Hugo nominations have to be in by Friday,所以我要列出我的长单子,希望写作的过程能帮助我下定决心。I'm resurrectinggoodreads账户to better keep track of what I've read (and what I started butdid not finish,为什么呢?

我以为我已经写了很多评论,but apparently I wrote many only in my head….

(7)ISHER AND TRANTOR.与此同时,Edmonton'sHugo Award Book Club铲球“Retro Hugos 1943 — Short Stories"“and tries to put the contenders in the context of the time.

如果没有其他的故事发表在《基金会宇宙》杂志上,,The Encyclopedistswould

独立存在——它基本上囊括了该系列的所有大思想:历史数学,the decline and fall of an empire,以及对人类改变命运能力的崇高实证主义观点。While later stories built on this foundational story,everything that makes the Foundation series great was right there in this initial blueprint.

在这个故事里,阿西莫夫为我们提供了系列“最令人难忘的——并且可以引证的——主角Salvor Hardin,the mayor of Trantor.在这个故事出版的背景下,just five months after Pearl Harbor,his famous quote"violence is the last refuge of the incompetent,“might be seen as an surprising anti-war exhortation.

(8)当没有人追求的时候。Just to make sure there'd be some drama,在他去福贡之前,Jon Del Arroz ran this twitter poll:

Broadcasting what,you might ask?你不是唯一一个。Jon gives his version in:“Someone Tried To Get Me Kicked Out Of A Sci-Fi Convention… And You'll Never Believe What Happened Next!““[互联网档案]

…那人开始烤我,rattling off questions in a challenging manner.“What are you doing here?为什么?Are you intending on broadcasting here?你会打扰任何人吗?“They came in rapid succession,challenging….I finally told him"这种语气变得相当敌意,“因为我根本不知道他到底得到了什么。

This is where things changed.他的眼睛有点睁大,他说,“哦!“那人跪下笑了。“I'm 6'8?我想这可能有点吓人。Is this better?“他的语气变得有点幽默了。几乎很熟练,这个人分散了局势,不断升级的紧张气氛消失了。

We started talking at length,and I learned this man was from the convention security,and that someone had complained about my presence there…

JDA was allowed to stay,and even buy a membership the next day after being vetted by the chair:

第二天早上我出现了,migrated down stairs and asked to buy a ticket for the day.…我正要付钱,会议主席史蒂芬·施瓦茨让我站到一边和他聊天。

又很可怕了。会发生什么?这是“you need to vacate the premises"I was afraid of??

就像前天晚上的保安一样,Schwartz asked a couple of questions,他的语气很悦耳,he had genuine concern — not only for the safety of others,but what blew me away was he was concerned for my safety as well.他根据《世界新闻报》所散布的关于我是个乡巴佬的荒谬谣言提出了一些问题,I let him know I never intended anything of the sort at any con nor even implied it — for FOGCon or Worldcon,施瓦茨把我当作信守诺言的人,告诉我如果有人想攻击或伤害我,he would defend me as surely as anyone else.


(10)当天的视频。在“为动画师设计的错误步态”关于Vimeo,Stephen Cunnane provides tips animators need to make sure bugs crawl properly.

[Thanks to JJ,Chip Hitchcock,猫埃尔德里奇Carl Slaughter马丁·莫尔斯·伍斯特,还有安德鲁·波特的一些故事。标题信用转到文件770当天的特约编辑Daniel Dern。]

65 thoughts on"“Pixel Scroll 3/13/18"Use The Porgs,Luke!““““

  1. Related to an earlier scroll wherein Mike mentioned"Different Kinds of Darkness"by David Langford being onLeVar Burton Reads:我正在赶播客,我不得不说这是一个非常棒的短篇小说。Well worth a listen if you have a spare ~40 minutes.(事实上,他很少错误地选择故事,so the whole podcast is worth checking out if you haven't gotten around to it)

    Also: people still use Periscope?I don't really get it at all,当它第一次出现时,我完全被突然的潜望镜狂热所迷惑。

  2. @Mike —

    There's nothing to be gained by prodding JDA about this.世界委员会正忙着组织这次骗局。

    非常,VERY little danger of Worldcon actually having to deal with any lawsuit from JDA,因为我们都知道他申请的可能性微乎其微。除此之外,he is not a person to put his own money where his mouth is — he's only up for putting OTHER people's money there — and he isn't going to raise the full $10,000 he thinks he needs for attorney fees.

    I don't want to let him delude himself that anyone is forgetting about his unfulfilled lawsuit bluster,但你可能是对的,他现在已经被提醒得够多了。所以我会让它至少休息几周,and see what does (or does not) develop!!

  3. 为什么不让它停下来直到世界新闻网结束?对每个人都好。

  4. Periscope isn't a strictly righty thing.Their tendency to glom onto places where they're not banned might play into it,but far as I know it's nothing like gab.

  5. @JJ: Yay,more novel mini-reviews!I skimmed the sample of冲头托管它让我有点恼火(我忘了怎么做;the voice?),but I'll give it another shot at some point.It was still on my list,尽管有精神上的标志。但是,glad to hear it was good.

  6. Kendall:I skimmed the sample of The Punch Escrow and it irritated me a little (I forget how;the voice?),but I'll give it another shot at some point.It was still on my list,尽管有精神上的标志。但是,glad to hear it was good.

    I remember being irritated at first,同样,but it's been several months.Maybe because the"big reveal"early on was actually a"好,“不”?我真的记不起来了。我很喜欢,but it wasn't in the category of OMG YOU HAVE TO READ THIS,it was more of a"yay,一种写得很好的东西,我可以不费吹灰之力就读懂并享受它。”.

  7. The only times I've seen Periscope used has been at concerts,both concerts I was at and concerts I caught snippets from at home.I suspect all our personal experiences about Periscope add up to something resembling how its used,but don't consider any of them,including mine,孤立无援。

  8. 谢谢,y'all,关于潜望镜的更多信息。I'm frequently not hip to the latest sites or apps (I only started actually reading Twitter regularly a couple months ago).

  9. Judging from the two books I've read in JJ's post,our tastes may be somewhat scarily aligned (Kameron Hurley & Charles Stross).

    Like with Camestros,我们都是JJ。

  10. Chris S.:Like with Camestros,我们都是JJ。

    是的,好,since according to JDA,我现在是个作家,我急切地等待着我的版税支票和雨果奖——而我不会be sharing them with you lot.😉

  11. JJ: Yes,好,since according to JDA,我现在是个作家,I am eagerly awaiting my royalty check and my Hugo Award — and I won't be sharing them with you lot

    No problem,I've got extras you can have!!

  12. 我真的很喜欢帝国运动会(除了它停在绘图流中间,an excellent example of a first in series that does not stand alone) and enjoyed暗态almost as much.我发现斯特罗斯对他在不同国家和时间流中的政治和警察/官僚行为的描述非常引人入胜,and the characters interesting enough.Obviously a matter of personal taste,but it really works for me.

    JJthanks for these reviews.

  13. 是啊,I really enjoyed Empire Games and Dark State too – I'm just frustrated because I'd like more of it sooner;我喜欢看到我们的世界在一个令人震惊的新威胁的十年半里发生了怎样的变化(仅仅看到对一个问题的立即反应太普遍了,and now the aftermath – but here we see the immediate effects,the response to those effects,and so on).在接近暗态结束时,我注意到了一个连续性故障,which I'm hoping Charlie can work around in the next book
    (黑暗状态的扰流器:CNhyrggr Zragvbaf ryvmnorgu unabire,rkcrpgvat ure gb or jvgu Uhyvhf.Ohg Ubj Pbhyq CNhyrggr Xabj Guvf公司,NAQ Jul Qbrfa'g gur H.F.公司frrz gb xabj nalguvat nobhg Ryvmnorgu?Cnhyrggr jbhyqa'g or gbyq nobhg Ryvmnorgu ol ure ANE pbagebyyre (fur unf ab arrq-gb-xabj),naq naljnl,vs fur xarj nobhg Ryvmnorgu orsber fur jnf pncgherq,Gur Yratgul Vagreebtngvba ol Gur H.F.jbhyq unir hapbirrq vg.)

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