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(1)NETWORK ANALYSIS OF RWA/MILAN CONTROVERSY.米基·肯德尔did a breakdown forNBC新闻:“美国种族主义排演义作家很重要,因为看门人正在看”

…Let’s talk about the power of romance. There’s power in the written word, even in a genre that we tend to consider — because of sexism — less intellectual than some others. And it isn’t just about hearts and flowers and candy; this is cold hard cash: Romance as a literary genrerepresents a quarter of all fiction sales and more than half of all paperback sales, and it brings in over a billion dollars in sales annually

The impact of romance books on the culture is outsize because everyone is interested in romance, whether they admit it publicly or not.

......但是有不可避免谁根本无法处理被批评,不论是直接或间接的作家小然。批评人士硫酸反应可不仅限于知名作家;那些谁渴望成为家喻户晓的名字也同样容易给他们。让您的工作解剖,讨论,有时甚至贬低,但是,把它外面的世界的一部分。所有的作家知道这一点 - 或者至少他们应该 - 与写爱情小说也不例外。

(2)FOLLOW THE MONEY.杰森·桑福德继续他SFF杂志编辑在与他的精心研究报告进行了联合采访释放#SFF2020:体裁杂志的国家

Jason: You saidFireside支付它的编辑费用为印刷杂志的每个问题,基于炉边的字速率和收入来支付这种来自用户的完全到来的费用。在那里与用户所在今开始工作盈亏平衡点?你还依赖于任何筹款,支持杂志?

巴勃罗:我认为,使用像“募捐”是误导的词。炉边不是一个非营利性的,并且它不是一个慈善机构 - 所以我们不会“集资”的东西。使用的词汇链接到非营利组织和慈善机构意味着,谁支持我们的人都这样做了他们的心脏的善良,不图回报受到任何直接的价值。故事,艺术作品,以及出版物出版炉边具有价值,我们的客户认识到,并愿意支付钱。


杰森:根据今年的轨迹杂志的调查,逃生舱has an audience size of 37,000 people, making it one of the largest English-language SF magazines in the world. What percentage of your audience supports the magazine with donations? Any thoughts on how to convinces more genre readers and listeners to support the magazines they love?

墙:I believe we have the typical 1% rate of donation. We have no funding but our listeners, and the couple of times we’ve been in trouble, we’ve been honest with saying, hey, we can’t keep delivering the show to you if you don’t support us, and they’ve always stepped up. With Patreon it’s much easier to allow people to donate on a sustaining level and get rewards as well!

(3)玫瑰是人仍下落不明。[马丁·莫尔斯伍斯特项目。]在华盛顿岗位, Michael Cavna discusses the controversy over whether Kelly Marie Tran deserved more screen time inThe Rise of Skywalker, noting that screewnwriter Chris Terrio has withdrawn his explanation that Tran would have had many scenes with Carrie Fisher had Fisher lived to not much of an explanation at all:“Many Star Wars fans are upset the new movie sidelines Kelly Marie Tran’s character. The writer is trying to explain.”


He告诉秃鹰:“我非常说错如果在早些时候的发言我暗示,玫瑰和莱娅之间的任何过场动画是我们的特效团队的故障和ILM的向导。In that earlier interview, I was referring to a specific scene in which Leia’s emotional state in ‘Episode VII’ [‘The Force Awakens’] did not seem to match the scene we wrote for use in ‘Episode IX’ [‘Rise’] and so it was cut at the script stage before the VFX work was done.”

Terrio underscored tothe Hollywood Reporter on Mondaythat the issue did not involve “photorealism,” as he earlier stated. “I would sometimes come and sit at the VFX reviews and my jaw would drop at seeing Leia live again.”


(4)FAVES OF 2019.热了与新年块,SF²级联有团队为最佳SF书籍和上一年度的年度电影选择。亚博体育下载app他们已经提前发布“Best Science Fiction of the Year – Possibly?”的新闻和评论(这是定于一月中旬),他们的春天版的领先地位。

Every year, around Christmas and New Year a round-robin is sent to many members of theSF²级联team asking for their favourite SF/F/H books and films of the previous year. If just two or three nominate the same work then it gets added to a list of Best SF/F/H works of the previous year. This list appears in the Spring (northern hemisphere academic year) edition’s news page. It is simply a bit of fun and not meant to be taken too seriously but as a pointer for our regulars to perhaps check out some recent works. Yet over the years, each year sees a few from these lists go on to be short-listed, and even win, a number of SF awards.

Spooky, huh?

(5)BITES恰到好处。“Dracula: Critics applaud ‘energetic and fun’ revival of vampire classic”- BBC有一个综述。

The BBC’s new take on Dracula is a hit with critics, one of whom says it is “the meatiest, goriest, most energetic and fun version” she has ever seen.

“Previous versions now look anaemic,” writes The Times’ Carol Midgley.

The Mail’s reviewer hailed “a Dracula to delight horror movie fans of all stripes” in his five-star write-up.


“It might not have been faithful to the original, but it was a scream,” writes the paper’s Anita Singh.

The BBC One mini-series has been written and created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, the duo behind the award-winning Sherlock.


…Parisot remembers Colantoni’s audition inventiveness setting the tone for the Thermians. After a solid read, the direct says he could tell the actor was holding back on his way out the door.




(7)THE DAY OF THEIR RETURN.It might be this year.“Chandrayaan-3: India plans third Moon mission”

India has announced plans for a third lunar mission, months after its last one crash landed on the Moon’s surface.

The chairman of India’s space agency, K Sivan, said work was going “smoothly” on the Chandrayaan-3 unmanned mission.



(8)BUT WAIT — THERE’S MORE.“India Announces Plans For Its First Human Space Mission”

India’s space agency says that four astronaut candidates have been selected for its first human mission, targeted to launch by 2022, but they’ve not been publicly named or identified.

India hopes to join the United States, Russia and China as the world’s fourth nation capable of sending people to space. It has been developing its own crewed spacecraft, called Gaganyaan (or “sky vehicle” in Sanskrit), that would let two to three people orbit the Earth on a week-long spaceflight.

K Sivan, the chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization, held a press briefing on New Year’s Day and told reporters that the four astronauts would start their training in Russia in a few weeks.

(9)国家科学FICTION日。There’s even a维基百科条目- 不幸的是,一个使它听起来像一个大的商业。这种态度会更有意义,我,如果我见过一个标志卡的场合。


  • 1996年1月2日,The Demon Headmaster其播出三个赛季的首发。根据小朋友的系列同名的阿娇十字架,后来的书是基于关闭其跨写了一系列的电影剧本。塑像包括泰伦斯·哈迪曼,弗朗西斯Amey,贡纳尔·阿特利,Cauthery和托马斯Szekeres。续集系列已完成。



  • Born January 2, 1920艾萨克·阿西莫夫。I can’t possibly summarize him here so I won’t. My favorite novels by him are the originalFoundation小说非常紧随其后的是他的银河帝国series and我是机器人。I know I’ve reada lotof his short fiction but I’ll be damn if I can recall any of it specifically right now. (Died 1992.)
  • Born January 2, 1940苏珊·维蒂希阿尔伯特,80.她的作者The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter,一系列神秘特色的是作家。真。真正做到。没有看过他们,但他们承受这样愉快的标题为杜鹃眉木的故事。她有一个涉及草药和园艺俱乐部以及非流派系列。
  • Born January 2, 1948Deborah Watling, 72. Best known for her role as Victoria Waterfield, a companion of the Second Doctor. She was also inDowntime, playing the same character, a one-off sequel to a sequel to the Second Doctor stories,The Abominable Snowmen恐惧的网站。没有医生们待观察。如果你看过的英语配音版Viaje al centro de la Tierra(凡时候开始基于关凡尔纳的Journey to the Center of The Earth),她做Ivonne Sentis的线为Glauben。
  • Born January 2, 1952凯特琳马修斯,68小说作家。那么她肯定是奥丁的胡子是不是在任何意义上的学者。与她的丈夫约翰,她写了这样作品King Arthur’s Raid on the Underworld: The Oldest Grail Quest,Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures而她自己,Mabon and the Mysteries of Britain: An Exploration of the Mabinogion。只要你同意,他们真的很大部分是虚构他们娱乐。
  • Born January 2, 1959Patrick Nielsen Hayden61.维基在一个合适的繁荣名单他作为“主编,风扇,fanzine出版商,散文家,评论家,文选,老师和博客”。这是真的。他赢得了三个雨果奖最佳编辑长,他获得了世界奇幻奖编辑亚博体育下载app星光1选集。
  • Born January 2, 1967Tia Carrere, 53. Best remembered for her three-season run as Sydney Fox, rogue archeologist onRelic Hunter。She’s been in a lot of one-offs on genre series including量子飞跃,大力神,从该Cryp故事t,Airwolf,13号星期五和played Agent Katie Logan for two episodes onWarehouse 13
  • 生于1979年1月2日Tobias S. Buckell,41. I read and enjoyed a lot hisXenowealth他设法系列的收官相当好听。他编着的收集,在我们讲述的故事:科幻百慕大文集,幻想和恐怖, is well worth reading, as is his ownTides from a New Worldcollection.
  • 生于1983年1月2日Kate Bosworth, 37. She’s Barbara Barga in theSS-GB系列做了极好的伦·戴顿的小说。她既是生产者和表演上The I- LandNetflixseries where she’s KC, a decidedly not nice person. For a more positive character, she portrayed Lois Lane in超人归来

(12)太阳惹的祸。Mark Lawrence’s“星一个明星!”功能不好的评论,亚马逊的客户给了书籍,抱怨的东西并不在作家的控制。他的第一个例子 -


“1*: Can’t remember ordering these books. Not my type of subject. Unable to find a method of cancelling the transaction”

(13)LIGHT ‘EM UP.科拉Buhlert告诉她如何庆祝“新年快乐2020”in Germany, where fireworks are part of the tradition – but for how long?

…However, this yearsome organisations are calling对于私人烟花完全禁止。The initial reasons given were environmental – fireworks release smoke and microparticles, but then other reasons like animal welfare and health and safety were also given. Plus, there is a call – echoed by various charities – that fireworks are a waste of money and that the people should rather donate the money spent on fireworks to charity. One figure that’s often bandied about is that in 2018, 130 million Euros were spent on fireworks in Germany. That sounds like a lot – until you do the calculations and realise that this figure means that every person in Germany spent 1,57 Euros per year on fireworks on average. And 1,57 Euros per person is not a lot of money, especially if you consider that the total figure of 130 million Euros also includes money spent on professional fireworks.

所以为什么烟花突然有争议,especially since they are limited to one night of the year – with the occasional firecracker going off a few days before or after? IMO, the underlying reason is just that some people find fireworks annoying, because they are noisy, frivolous and the wrong kind of people (teenagers, immigrants, poor people) are having fun. In recent times, there has been a resurgence of the kind of joyless moralism that dominated the 1980s. And not coincidentally, the “Give to charity rather than buying fireworks” campaign originally also dates from the 1980s.

(14)IN TIMES TO COME.[顺丰级联的乔纳森·考伊项目。]自然指出“The science events to watch for in 2020”。This includes… 2020 will see a veritable Mars invasion as several spacecraft, including three landers, head to the red planet. NASA will launch its Mars 2020 rover, which will stash rock samples that will be returned to Earth in a future mission and will also feature a small, detachable helicopter drone. China will send its first lander to Mars, Huoxing-1, which will deploy a small rover. A Russian spacecraft will deliver a European Space Agency (ESA) rover to the red planet — if issues with the landing parachute can be resolved. And the United Arab Emirates will send an orbiter, in the first Mars mission by an Arab country. Closer to home, China is planning to send the Chang’e-5 sample-return mission to the Moon.


(15)ONLY 3600-SOME-ODD SHOPPING DAYS ‘TIL.In“2030年最后一分钟的圣诞礼物指南”on副,蒂姆·莫恩什么预言:从现在起的十年热度假项目将包括巴伦特朗普的说唱专辑和奇迹Vs. Star Wars VI: The Final Conflict.


(16)RESOLUTIONS.At脑的挑选,Maria Popova selects“升降由一些人类的最伟大的头脑激发了新年决心”(2016). A long Ursula K. Le Guin excerpt crowns the middle of the list – but the Vonnegut is short enough to quote —

在2005年,库尔特·冯内古特(November 11, 1922–April 11, 2007) — aman of discipline, 一个sage of storytelling, 一个nd一个聪明的爸爸— penned a short and acutely beautiful remembrance of his friend Joseph Heller, who had died several years earlier. Originally published in theNew Yorker, it was later reprinted in John C. Bogle’s够了:金钱,商务与生活的真正措施(public library)。


True story, Word of Honor:
和I were at a party given by a billionaire

I said, “Joe, how does it make you feel
may have made more money
than your novel ‘Catch-22’
has earned in its entire history?”
And I said, “What on earth could that be, Joe?”

(17)ART LARP.“有一天晚上在爱德华·霍珀酒店房间?它的不那么孤独比你想象”

不难想象自己画里面的爱德华·霍珀 - 具有深夜晚餐一杯咖啡,或在明亮的早晨的阳光凝视着卧室的窗户。

Now, for $150 a night, you can sleep in one — or a reproduction of one — at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. Designers have constructed a 3D version of Hopper’s 1957 Western Motel, and invited Hopper fans to sleep over.

感觉有点滑稽脱掉衣服在床上in a museum. (There are plenty of nudes on the walls, but you don’t expect to be one yourself.) But suddenly there you are, in your jammies — a guard outside in the hallway — turning off the goose-neck lamp on the bedside table, tucking yourself under a deep burgundy bedspread, and looking out the big picture “window” at a green Buick parked outside.

(18)THE NEXT MARVEL第一。“Marvel to get first transgender superhero”。而这还不是全部。


“And very soon. In a movie that we’re shooting right now,” Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige said during a Q&A at the New York Film Academy.



There have been reports since 2019 that Phase 4 of the MCU – the films following the Avengers Infinity saga – would star a trans character.

奇迹has also said it will introduce its first deaf superhero in The Eternals and its first Asian-American superhero, in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.


(19)DIY.“入侵地球:科幻伯明翰拍过”— video, with clips and interviews.

Since being a teenager Simon Cox loved science fiction, especially Star Wars.

He wanted to make his own blockbuster, and he has finally realised his dream to write and direct his own film, which is called Invasion Planet Earth.

It’s taken 20 years, crowd funding and several campaigns to fund the small budget film.



(20)展望未来。听起来像他们不会与犹八Harshawsolution. BBC covers“Writing a ‘national anthem’ for Mars”— video, with performance.


奥斯卡卡斯特里诺委托给这颗红色星球由英国的火星协会自己的国歌 - 促进的想法,如果人类曾经生活有那么他们将需要自己的音乐身份。

(21)THESE ARE THE DROIDS I’M LOOKING FOR.Philadelphia channel 17 captured the highly stfnal“Fralinger弦乐队于2020年化装大游行”视频。

Fralinger String Band? Then you came to the right place. We’ve gotFralinger’s2020化装游行表演的视频“Lunar Effect”主题和下面的一些照片。

[Thanks to JJ, Cat Eldridge, Michael J. Walsh, Mike Kennedy, Andrew Porter, John King Tarpinian, Michael Toman, Martin Morse Wooster, SF Concatenation’s Jonathan Cowie, and Chip Hitchcock for some of these stories. Title credit goes to File 770 contributing editor of the day Ingvar.]

像素滚动1/1/20 Old Pixel’s File Of Practical Scrolls

(1)后四分之一世纪,GOMOLL STEPS DOWN.否则奖昨天宣布:“珍妮·戈莫尔将退出主板”

Jeanne Gomoll, whose art, design, and organizing energy has propelled and sustained the Award for the last 25 years, is retiring from the Otherwise Motherboard at the end of 2019. The remaining members of the Motherboard are incredibly grateful for Jeanne’s tireless, brilliant work and look forward to celebrating her contributions at WisCon in 2020.


Up until 1991 it felt to me as though the efforts of the Madison SF Group,JanusAurora球迷杂志和WISCON,鼓励和庆祝女权主义科幻小说在很大程度上局限于单一的地方,那些谁来到这个地方,并出席WISCON。事实上,上世纪80年代末,它觉得对我来说,就好像我们促进女权SF努力越来越多地在特定的强势上扬会见了反对派和有可能会一直在闪烁出危险,因为反冲女权主义一般和女权SF。帕特·墨菲1991年的公告蒂普特里奖的激动我,给了我新的力量。这是因为如果一小群人来说,下面的狭窄,曲折的路径用了一个更广泛的,良好的旅行路线合并。之后,蒂普特里奖开始发放年度大奖,并筹集资金,并已引发了社区活动的一个巨大的剑圣,我不再担心运动的活力。

我将永远感谢蒂普特里奖,还有我的工作感到骄傲。我主持2蒂普特里陪审团,一个于1993年,选择尼古拉·格里菲斯的Ammonite为获胜者;另在2016年,其颁发奖项给When the Moon Was Ours由安娜 - 玛丽·McLemore。我的主板提供了25年,2094至19年,并在这些年的工作幕后的上大部分的拍卖,并作为一个艺术家创造的标志,出版物和蒂普特里商品。我将永远感谢主板我们没有在一起工作,我们前进的道路上创造的友谊。我感到非常自豪的作家和读者的社区谁支持和奖励进行培育,即使他们一起走向更大的多样性和范围的路径进一步引导裁决感到敬畏。

该蒂普特里奖,现在否则奖会一直有我的衷心拥护。但现在是时候让我退后一步,腾出空间为新一代活动家。我要感谢我的同胞主板创始母亲和成员,过去和现在的格伦·乔伊·福勒,帕特·墨菲,杰夫·史密斯,亚历克西斯洛锡安,Sumana Harihareswara,格雷琴诚实信用,黛比Notkin,埃伦·克拉格斯,迪莉娅谢尔曼 - 所有他们所做的和他们的友谊,我将永远珍惜。

(2)THIS IS HORROR.公开提名正在通过1月8日接受了这是恐怖片奖




(3)深州。杰森·桑福德has been posting interviews he conducted with sff magazine editors in conjunction with his fantastic report#SFF2020:体裁杂志的国家


Scott:Estimating using a salary of $15/hour for the work our staff does, we would need a $45,000 increase in our annual budget to pay all staff a living wage. That’s double what our annual budget is to pay for the stories we publish. To cover that, our monthly donations through Patreon would have to increase by 7000%….

Jason: Neil Clarke of Clarkesworld has said some of the problems experienced by genre magazines come about because “we’ve devalued short fiction” through reader expectations that they shouldn’t have to pay for short stories. Do you agree with this? Any thoughts on how to change this situation?

LDL:…I think the issue is one of exhaustion on the part of volunteer staff and a strained supporter base. In my observation, the people who contribute to zine crowdfunds also contribute to crowdfunds for individuals in emergency situations. There are a lot of emergencies or people in general need, just within the SFF community and funds are finite. If you’re supporting your four favorite zines every year, donating to three medical funds, two Kickstarters, a moving fund, and also taking on costs associated with at least one fandom-related convention every year, it’s not sustainable for a lot of readers, especially the marginalized ones….

Jason: In addition to paying your writers,Asimov’s还支付所有员工,有些地方是不常见在许多今天的新流派杂志。是否有可能像发布阿西莫夫的一本杂志不支持较大的公司,在这种情况下竹篙出版物?

希拉:美国市场的传闻审查并没有真正证实了这一点。F&SFis published by a small company.AnalogAsimov’sare published by a larger (though not huge) publishing company. Being published by a larger company does have its advantages, though. While only one and a half people are dedicated to each of the genre magazines, we do benefit from a support staff of art, production, tech, contracts, web, advertising, circulation, and subsidiary rights departments. I’m probably leaving some people out of this list. While the support of this infrastructure cannot be underestimated,Asimov’s收入包括我们的编辑薪水,我们的制作和编辑成本。我们帮助公司的一般管理费用为好。



(4)NEBULA会议晨鸟率。速度一直延续一个星期 -

(5)更多米兰。卫报在RWA /考特尼米兰争议的报道,“一个浪漫小说家说出了关于种族主义。引起一片哗然”, starts with the now-familiar origin story, then adds dimension with background history like this:

HelenKay Dimon, a past RWA president,previously told The Guardianthat she regularly received letters from white RWA members expressing concern that “now nobody wants books by white Christian women”.

There is “a group of people who are white and who are privileged, who have always had 90% of everything available, and now all of a sudden, they have 80%. Instead of saying: ‘Ooh, look, I have 80%,’ they say: ‘Oh, I lost 10! Who do I blame for losing 10?’” Dimon said.


(6)ARRAKIS AGAIN.Just before the calendar clicked over to 1965,银河之旅的吉迪恩马库斯强迫自己读的第一批沙丘世界sequel:“[1964年12月31日]迷失在沙漠(1965年1月模拟)”

The…next installment of Frank Herbert’s沙丘世界saga has been staring me in the face for weeks, ever since I bought的1965年1月发行Analog。I found I really didn’t want to read more of it, having found the first installment dreary, though who am I to argue with all the Hugo voters?


But the bleak desert sands of Arrakis were unavoidable. So this week, I plunged headfirst into Campbell’s slick, hoping to make the trek to the end in fewer than two score years. Or at least before 1965. Join me; let’s see if we can make it.

(7)RINGS TWICE.Tor.com再版“武器与自己的遗嘱:如何托尔金写了一圈的字符”, Megan N. Fontenot’s engrossing manuscript study about how Bilbo’s trinket became the key to the LOTR trilogy.



From humble beginnings as a mere trinket bartered in a game of riddles (see the originalHobbit), the Ring grew in power and influence until it did indeed include all of Middle-earth in its simple band of gold. “One Ring to rule them all” wasn’t just meant to sound intimidating—it was hard truth. Even Sauron couldn’t escape the confines of its powers. It was his greatest weakness.


(8)1月2日。准备好 - 明天“全国科幻日”。它必须是合法的 - “全国科幻日由霍尔马克频道和士林公司的认可。”

National Science Fiction Day promotes the celebration of science fiction as a genre, its creators, history, and various media, too. Recognized on January 2nd annually, millions of science fiction fans across the United States read and watch their favorites in science fiction.

庆祝会的日期是为了纪念著名的科幻作家艾萨克·阿西莫夫的诞生。美国作家和生物化学的波士顿大学教授,艾萨克·阿西莫夫出生伊萨克Yudovich Ozimov 1月2日,1920年他是最适合他的科幻作品和他的科普读物闻名。亚博体育下载app


  • January 1, 2007— TheSarah Jane Adventures首播主演伊丽莎白·斯莱登谁曾在试点K-9 and Companywhich the Beeb didn’t take to series. The program, which as you well know was a spin-off ofDoctor Who, lasted five series and fifty-four episodes. It did not make the final Hugo ballot for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form in either 2007 or 2008.



  • Born January 1, 1854James George Frazer。作者The Golden Bough, the pioneering if deeply flawed look at similarities among magical and religious beliefs globally. He’s genre adjacent at a minimum, and his ideas have certainly been used by SFF writers a lot both affirming and (mostly) critiquing his ideas. (Died 1952.)
  • 生于1889年1月1日Seabury集团奎因。纸浆作家现在大多记住他的朱日格兰丁,神秘侦探,被刊登在了的故事古怪的传说通过从五十年代三十年代。(死于1969年。)
  • Born January 1, 1926泽娜·马歇尔。她的小姐太郎在没有博士,第一个Bondfilm.该Terrornautsin which she’s Sandy Lund would be her last film. (该Terrornautsis based off Murray Leinster‘s哭小行星screenplay apparently by John Brunner.) She had one-offs inDanger Man,隐形人幽灵小队。She played Giselle inHelter Skelter,1949年的电影中,第三位医生,乔恩·珀特维,起到查理二世。(死于2009年)
  • Born January 1, 1933Joe Orton。In his very brief writing career, there is but one SFF work,Head to Toewhich the current publisher says “is a dream-vision allegory of a journey on the body of a great giant or ‘afreet’ (a figure from Arabic mythology) from head to toe and back, both on the body and in the body.” Like his other novels, it’s not available digitally. (Died 1967.)
  • 生于1954年1月1日绿斯奈德66.我印象最深刻迈克尔·麦克布莱德的飞行, the Old West meets Irish myth novel of hers and hannah’s garden, 一个creepy tale of the fey and folk music. She won the Mythopoeic Award forThe Innamoratiwhich I’ve not read. With Yolen, Snyder co-authored the novel除了女王我倒建议。(海洋生物区是我的黑巧克力的受援国之一。)她现在似乎已经不活跃了十年。任何人都知道为什么吗?
  • 生于1957年1月1日Christopher Moore,63.一个由他早期的小说,蓝狼,是我的最爱,但他什么始终是一个古怪的娱乐读物。我听到好东西比诺, his newest work which I’m planning on listening to soon. Has anyone read it?
  • 生于1971年1月1日Navin Chowdhry49.他的因陀罗Ganesh神在第九位医生故事,“伦敦的外籍人。”我还发现他打沃森先生Skellig,这听起来非常有趣的电影。哦,我差点忘了提,他是Nodin Chavdri在星球大战:绝地武士最后
  • 生于1976年1月1日肖恩·华莱士, 44. Anthologist, editor, and publisher known for his work on Prime Books and for co-editing three magazines,Clarkesworld杂志这是我的爱,黑暗这是我从来没有遇到过,和幻想杂志which is another fav read of mine. He has won a very, very impressive three Hugo Awards and two World Fantasy Awards. HisPeople of the Book: A Decade of Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasyco-edited with Rachel Swirsky is highly recommended by me. He’s not well represented digitally speaking which surprised me.
  • Born January 1, 1984Amara Karan, 36. Though she’s Tita in an Eleventh Doctor story, “The God Complex”, she’s really here for being involved in a Stan Lee project. She was DS Suri Chohan inStan Lee’s Lucky Man, 一个British crime drama series which is definitely SFF. Oh, and she shows up as Princess Shaista in “Cat Among Pigeons” episode of大侦探波洛but even I would be hard put to call that even close to genre adjacent.


(12)躲过子弹。[Item by Mike Kennedy.]In an alternate universe, it seems that original director Harold Ramis would’ve made a very different银河追缉令。FromComicBookResources.com:银河追缉令:Tim Allen Equates Harold Ramis’ Version to Spaceballs”

前院长瑞索签署了直接银河追缉令, Harold Ramis was supposed to helm the movie, which was initially titled船长星雅轩。不过,据蒂姆·艾伦,如果雷米斯执导的电影,也不会刚刚题为不同 - 它会看起来也完全不同。


[...]有趣的是,西格妮·韦弗也将不会得到她的格温德马科作用银河追缉令if Ramis had directed the film, despite their relationship fromGhostbusters。“我听说哈罗德正在指挥一部科幻电影,但他不想让任何人谁曾在电影中做了科幻,”她说。“坦白地说,这是我们这些谁做了科幻电影中那些知道什么是有趣的关于流派。”

(13)JUST CHUCK IT.Is this April 1 or January 1? TodayTor.composted Leah Schnelbach’s“Excellent Writing Advice from Erotica Author Chuck Tingle”

......我会开始this reddit AMAfrom a few years back, and an interview with Tingle on在没有规则手册。他的回答揭示了一致的方法来写作的生活,反映的作者是谁,可能,甚至超过了我们最喜欢的色情作家知名的习惯。

Asked about a typical writing day, Tingle replies:

yes average day is getting up and having two BIG PLATES of spaghetti then washing them down with some chocolate milk then i get out of bed and meditate to be a healthy man. so when i am meditating i think ‘what kind of tingler would prove love today?’. if nothing comes then i will maybe trot around the house or go to the park or maybe walk to the coffee shop with my son jon before he goes to work. if i have a good idea i will just write and write until it is all done and then I will have son jon edit it and then post it online.


(14)风驰电掣。[由Daniel邓恩项目。]From one of the CES 2020 press releases I got today…

Subject: [CES NEWS] Experience a Roomba-Like Device that Navigates the Home Charging ALL Devices



即使扣除远程MAL-黑客,这听起来像为任何一个滑稽的电视情节配方,或的东西去可怕的错误。(火灾,炒齿轮,tased / defibrilated宠物和睡觉的人,等等)

(15)鱼龙混杂。[Item by Chip Hitchcock.]我希望大家会发现,在BBC的一些有趣的或奇怪“Alternative end-of-the-year awards”



Spare a thought for the poor fat rat of Bensheim, which became stuck in a German manhole in February. She was eventually freed, but not before passers-by took embarrassing photos of her plight. “She had a lot of winter flab,” one rescuer said, compounding the humiliation.

…Runner-up (2)

In this case, the animals were the rescuers rather than the rescued (sort of).


And so, when fires did strike in October, the library was saved because of the fire break the goats had created by eating the flammable scrub. Nice one, goats.

(16)MAKING TRACKS.“SpaceX satellites spotted over Derbyshire”——BBC照片和短片。

Stargazers across Derbyshire were startled when they saw what appeared to be a new “constellation” in the night sky.

The near-perfect line was in fact formed by the Starlink, satellites launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company earlier this year.

They were spotted across Derbyshire and the Peak District.


The Bradford University archaeology researcher caught the orbital pass by chance on a time-lapse video in the Peak District.

(17)BEYOND BINARY。The Hollywood Reporter’s罗宾·巴尔,在“评论家的笔记本电脑:婴儿尤达,‘黑水晶’和CGI时代的极品流芳“,非数字效果的欢呼声。

As always, the existential wisdom of Werner Herzog prevails. “你是懦夫,” the director castigated on set of曼达洛, upon realizing the producers intended to shoot some scenes without the Baby Yoda puppet in case they decided to go full CGI with the character. “Leave it.”

赫尔佐格,在迪斯尼+几集谁客串Star Warsspinoff series, was one of Baby Yoda’s earliest champions. And indeed, Baby Yoda — a colloquial epithet referring to the mysterious alien toddler merely known as “The Child” in the script — was designed for maximum neoteny. The gigantic saucer-like dilated eyes; the tiny button nose; a head that takes up nearly half his body mass; the hilariously oversized brown coat; the peach fuzzy hairs tufted around his head; and the pièce de résistance of his custardy little green face: that minuscule line of a mouth that could curve or stiffen in an instant and erupt a thousand ancient nurturing instincts in any viewer. (He’s the only thing my normally stoic husband has ever sincerely described as “cute.”) Heck, there may very well be a micro generation ofBaby Yoda babies大约从现在八个月了,感谢这个青蛙nomming,杠杆拉动,骨高汤喝着小流氓。

都是因为乔恩法夫罗和公司终于认识到橡胶布材料的实际效果也就差不多总是have a greater emotional impact than plasticky digital ones.

The recent success of曼达洛,感谢可爱的脸上那推出了千元模因和Netflix的奇幻冒险史诗黑暗Crystal: Age of Resistance最近提名为WGA奖和影评人选择奖,证明我们仍然需要木偶和CGI的年龄机械效应...。

(18)PERRY MASON.My fellow geezers may enjoy this quick quiz.




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2019 Cybils关注清单

The2019 finalists for the Cybils(Children’s and Young Adults Bloggers’ Literary Awards) were announced on January 1.

Cybils奖旨在认识到儿童和young adult authors and illustrators whose books combine the highest literary merit and popular appeal. If some la-di-dah awards can be compared to brussels sprouts, and other, more populist ones to gummy bears, we’re thinking more like organic chicken nuggets. We’re yummy and nutritious.


Elementary/Middle-Grade Speculative Fiction

Cog通过Greg van Eekhout, illustrated by Beatrice Blue


家rooms and Hall Passes由汤姆·奥唐奈

家work and Hallpasses is a classic “fish out of water” story about a group of kids who get trapped in a game they’re playing. There’s a twist- the group of kids are from a medieval realm and include a wizard, an assassin, a paladin, a Barbarian, and thief. The game they are trapped in is called Homework and Hallpasses, a role playing game set in a modern day middle school. The laugh out loud dialogue and situations that develop as the dangers of middle school are coupled with a demonic curse, will keep all readers turning the pages to the final, hilarious solution.

Love Sugar Magic: A Sprinkle of Spirits通过Anna Meriano,通过Mirelle特加说明

Leo’s family runs a magical bakery in a small Texas town, and she longs to learn all she can about magic, even though her family doesn’t trust her with it. When she wakes up to find her abuela, dead for years, visiting her in very corporal form, she’s sure that this time it isn’t her fault. Other spirits pop up around town, and if it isn’t Leo’s magic at work, whose is it? Leo calls on her friends to help, and a wild ghost chase ensues. Honoring and balancing obligations to family, friends, and the community is just as important to the story as the magical shenanigans are, and these threads combined make an unforgettably fun, warm, story full of Mexican and Costa Rican culture.

Sal and Gabi Break the Universe (A Sal and Gabi Novel, Book 1)由卡洛斯·埃尔南德斯


黑暗Lord Clementine通过Sarah Jean Horwitz


Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky通过Kwame Mbalia


We’re Not from Here通过Geoff Rodkey

我们不是从这里把我们所有的难民和新的孩子时,兰和他们的家庭必须代表在一个陌生的星球上所有人类的地方。这个星球的居民Choom改变了主意关于采取难民,而人的船在它的途中有 - 现在如果兰的家人无法说服他们,人类文明,都在他们的船的人类将在太空中死去。尽管形势严峻和Choom政府已经将其设置为失败,在这本书中的幽默保持与读者一起岚笑,学习如何理解真正的外国人的观点。

Young Adult Speculative Fiction

Aurora Rising (The Aurora Cycle)通过Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Six cadets are brought together by circumstance. A rescued girl joins their crew; she’s powerful, mysterious, and over 200 years old. When the group uncovers a massive conspiracy, it takes all of their skills to survive. The chapters alternate between the seven crew members, each with distinct voices, including one who seems to be on the autism spectrum, and another who is both disabled and queer. The world is impressively fully built, including a unified religion and complex alien cultures.



Fireborne (THE AURELIAN CYCLE)通过Rosaria Munda

What happens after the revolution, and how do you build the society you’ve fought to create? In Munda’s fiery debut, inspired by Plato’s Republic and set in a fantasy world a few years after a people’s revolution, two teenage dragonriders face these questions head-on as they compete to become First Rider. Munda has written a rousing story full of twists and turns that places her multi-layered characters in impossible situations where all choices seem like the wrong ones. The dragons and their relationships with their riders are fresh and exciting, adding new life to an old and beloved fantasy trope. Expertly balancing a thrilling plot with literary depth, Fireborne soars.

拘留通过Samira Ahmed


Sorcery of Thorns通过Margaret Rogerson


Mixing high fantasy, romance, and gothic elements, Sorcery of Thorns is an engaging story that presents a fascinating world, a breathtaking plot, and deep themes on morality and family. Our panel also enjoyed the representation of bisexuality in a fantasy setting, the lore of the demons, and the quick pace.

The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air)通过Holly Black


War Girls通过Tochi Onyebuchi

Set in a far-future Nigeria and based on the real Nigerian Civil War of the 1960s, War Girls alternates chapters between two sisters who believe the other to be dead. Separated by the war, the two girls – one a warrior who pilots giants mechs, the other a young technological whiz – slowly and inorexably move toward a reunion that will be like neither of them expects. Each sister has a distinct personality and unique voice, and the world is detailed and fully fleshed out. This book both requires and inspires deep thought.



The Hidden Witch莫莉诺克斯奥斯特塔格



While gathering herbs in the forest, villager Rinn discovers Aedhan, a dragon who has been in an enchanted sleep for nearly a century. With the help of Rinn’s uncle Erik and his partner Hesekiel, they set off to discover the source of the enchantment. O’Neill includes characters of multiple genders and races as well as disabled characters; she makes a point at the beginning to explain the use of ESL in the course of the story. From the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning author of Princess Princess Ever After and Aquicorn Cove, this all-ages companion story set in the world of The Tea Dragon Society is magical and heartwarming.


Find the unlikeliest of friendships and an unbeatable nightmare-fighting team in this empowering graphic novel about wrestling with growing pains and anxieties. Tetri’s dynamic and colorful imagery is full of emotional expressions of bravery, fear, joy, and determination, and there’s an inherent movement to the watercolor media that carries readers curiously but safely through Tiger’s story. Tiger vs. Nightmare is the perfect choice for children aging out of picture books or looking to explore their anxieties more deeply through the comfortable lens of someone else’s life.

Young Adult Graphic Novels

魔典比诺通过Vera Greentea and Yana Bogatch

Spooky and ethereal, Grimoire Noir creates a mystery within a unique paranormal world in which all the females are witches. When Bucky Orson’s younger sister goes missing, he has to search the whole town to find her. In the process, he discovers a forgotten and sinister history. Bogatch complements Greentea’s unique world building with moody illustrations that are sure to capture the imaginations of readers everywhere.

Mooncakes通过Suzanne Walker and Wendy Xu



This graphic novel is easily one of the most important that I have read this year. It vividly displays the hardships of Japanese-Americans during World War II while they were forced into concentration camps. The book is a graphic memoir and follows George Takei’s family as they lived in one of the camps.

Top 10 Posts for December 2019


The RWA’s compelling problems eclipsed the month’s second top story, “The Meaning of It All,” about another row over protecting the Hugo Award trademark provoked by a poorly-drafted official statement telling Archive of Our Own participants how they should identify with the group’s Best Related Work Hugo.

Here are the ten most-read posts from the past month according to Google Analytics.

  1. Courtney Milan Controversy Decimates RWA Leadership
  2. The Meaning of It All
  3. Courtney Milan Suspended by RWA, Banned from Leadership
  4. 像素滚动12/20/19 Return of the Judi: The Force And The Furry-est
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  8. 像素滚动19年12月26日通俗空间歌剧
  9. 像素滚动12/14/19 Gort Pixel Barada Nikscroll
  10. 至于批评雪球,RWA一直在努力证明康特尼米兰的治疗

Scroll-Free Top 10

  1. Courtney Milan Controversy Decimates RWA Leadership
  2. The Meaning of It All
  3. Courtney Milan Suspended by RWA, Banned from Leadership
  4. 至于批评雪球,RWA一直在努力证明康特尼米兰的治疗
  5. 洛伊丝麦克马斯特布约德命名SFWA达蒙·奈特大师
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  10. 神秘的银河书店易手,将保持打开